Bone-head: Tory Brexiteer humiliates himself in Newsnight interview

Peter Bone made a name for himself as an annoyance to David Cameron during Prime Minister’s Questions, back between 2010 and 2016. Now it seems he is embarking on a new career as an embarrassment to the whole Conservative Party. That was certainly the effect of his Newsnight interview on September 11. Watch it for yourself: “We will get a deal, which is in the interest of both the UK and the EU, probably before this Bill becomes an Act of Parliament.” Tory MP @PeterBoneUK tells #Newsnight he believes the Internal…

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Emily Maitlis: enemy of the State?

The BBC has apologised to the government after Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis delivered a highly-critical account of the Dominic Cummings affair at the start of an edition of the late-night news show. The problem is that her monologue was accurate: Maitlis destroys Cummings in 20 seconds #ClassicDomExcuses #Newsnight — The Agitator (@UKDemockery) May 26, 2020 ‘Lefty’ columnist Owen Jones was quick to make the logical connection: My understanding is Downing Street complained directly to BBC bosses, and within hours, this happened. Newsnight staff are furious. — Owen Jones 🌹 (@OwenJones84) May…

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Coronavirus: Maitlis praised for pointing out nobody is saved by fortitude and character

This is an extraordinary speech: Emily Maitlis with powerful words that needed saying tonight. — Huw (@ed_son) April 8, 2020 It’s a spot-on speech; the coronavirus doesn’t affect us all equally. She accurately states that: “Bus drivers and shelf-stackers, nurses, care home workers, hospital staff and shopkeepers are disproportionately the lower-paid members of our workforce. “They are more likely to catch the disease because they are more exposed.” When was the last time you heard of a member of the so-called “one per cent” – society’s highest earners – falling…

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Johnson’s crime crackdown busted: ‘This is just bluster to get headlines and get votes’

All it takes to destroy Boris Johnson’s bluster is a little in-depth questioning – as Emma Barnett proved when she destroyed Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, the deputy chair of the Commons public accounts committee on the BBC’s Newsnight yesterday (August 12). The big question is: Why don’t the mainstream news media do this more often? The public would be better-informed – so these news outlets would be carrying out their duty. And, as far as the BBC is concerned, it would look good to Ofcom, which is currently investigating the corporation for…

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BBC defends decision to put Islamophobic white-nationalists on discussion of Christchurch massacre

Who can keep up with the proliferation of racist, far-right political organisations since the Conservatives slithered back into office in 2010 and started spreading divisive propaganda everywhere? Political austerity tends to give fascism an opportunity to take root in a society and the UK may well become a textbook example of the phenomenon for historians of the future. The Tories themselves have encouraged this rise, with their acts of hate against people who are sick and/or disabled, job seekers, immigrants – and descendants of immigrants, and foreigners in general. Now…

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The strange tale of the ‘Vicar of Brexit’ (Why the BBC shouldn’t host the Brexit debate part 1)

The BBC is working hard to be the channel that hosts a debate on Brexit between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn. There’s just one problem – the BBC appears to be a pro-Tory fake news outlet. It seems that, on Monday (November 26), the BBC’s Newsnight show featured a Brexit-supporting priest named “Lynn” in an apparently-genuine debate on Theresa May’s Brexit deal: "The reason they are sitting there is that they know far more about what's going on then we do. I've been a Conservative all my life and I back…

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Corbyn’s rating falls in ComRes poll – due to bad propaganda?

Needless to say, the Corbyn-haters were on This Writer’s back as soon as the Independent published the results of the ComRes poll that claimed Jeremy Corbyn was extremely unpopular with UK voters. The first thought that occurs is how interesting it is that an anti-Corbyn poll result should become available so soon after one that was very much pro-Corbyn. Now why would that happen..? The second refers to the claim that he would not adequately defend the UK against terrorism, which seems to come from a Newsnight interview with Laura Kuenssberg mentioned…

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Corbyn’s TV popularity terrifies Tories

Read between the lines of the Telegraph‘s article and you can see that Conservatives are terrified of Jeremy Corbyn’s popularity. Corbyn was an instant hit with voters during the Newsnight-hosted televised leadership hustings in Nuneaton, and his policies were more popular than anything suggested by his colleagues on the Labour leadership ballot paper. So the Torygraph strapline suggests that this has stoked the “fears of centrist Labour MPs and aides”. Reporter Ben Riley-Smith described his as “far left” and a “veteran socialist” in an attempt to pigeonhole him as something…

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Tories run from welfare debate after Cameron’s Marr Show disaster

Tonight’s edition of the BBC’s Newsnight did not feature Conservative or Labour Parliamentary candidates in a debate on welfare – because the Conservative Party pulled out at the last minute, according to a tweet from Labour’s shadow Work and Pensions secretary, Rachel Reeves. Fellow tweeter Anita Bellows immediately asked: “What have they got to hide?” including this image as an attachment: The reference is obvious – David Clapson is the benefit claimant whose case was raised by Andrew Marr in his interview with David Cameron on Sunday. Cameron’s responses indicate…

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Is the Coalition progressive or are the spin doctors out again?

“In these days it is hard to differentiate between reality and the work of spin doctors, and no more so evident in these days with 6 months to go before we go to the polls to elect a new government,” according to a blog new to Vox Political called Through a Carer’s Eyes. “Especially evident is the fact that a spin doctor or Public Relations Specialist is in residence at 10 Downing Street as Prime Minister. “A spin doctor is defined as: ‘a spokesperson employed to give a favorable interpretation…

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