Is this Boris Johnson’s latest plan to kill the NHS – make doctors so sick of it that they quit?

A survey of NHS doctors has shown two-thirds want to quit within three years due to Covid-19 burnout and low pay. Is this what Boris Johnson wants? He would be able to speed privatisation, claiming that the NHS has failed due to lack of staff – while (obviously) neglecting to admit that this is due to his own underfunding of the service. However: it seems this is the worst possible time for it to happen as Johnson’s daft-headed response to the Covid crisis appears to have triggered a massive increase…

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Which homicidal Tory idiot doesn’t understand why you CAN’T book a place in Accident & Emergency?

Yes, you read the headline right: the Tories want to make hospital A&E departments ‘booking only’ by December. According to The Times (it’s behind a paywall but you can get the sense of it from the preview: Plans for patients to “call first” and book into A&E via NHS 111 will be implemented before December, NHS bosses were told yesterday. A joint board meeting of NHS England and NHS Improvement was told that new emergency care standards designed to replace the four-hour waiting time target would also be in place before…

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This man will die of cancer because the Tories weakened the NHS. They might as well have killed him themselves

Back in March, This Site quoted oncologist Karol Sikora, writing in Mail Online, of all places, about fears that the diversion of NHS resources to Covid-19 would lead to the preventable death of cancer patients. The expert wrote: “Capacity within the healthcare system – in both the public and independent sectors – is going to be tested to the limit and perhaps beyond. “We are already seeing decisions in place to stop or reduce chemotherapy treatments. “It would be sad if young men with fully curable testicular cancer or adolescents with…

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Lower than sewage: liar Johnson is still making poorest NHS workers pay ‘immigrant surcharge’

Could there be a better demonstration of what a detestable liar Boris Johnson is? He said his government would end a £624 “surcharge” it demanded from immigrant NHS workers for their own healthcare treatment. He lied. In fact, the charge has continued to be applied – to the poorest workers; those least able to afford it. The fee is still levied on staff who take a different job within six months – lower-paid cleaners, porters and carers, especially those on the zero-hours contracts the Tories have been keen to force into the workplace.…

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Advisor who got Tories to buy useless PPE loses his unpaid position. Is that really enough?

Some might say it’s poetic justice that Andrew Mills, the man who advised Liz Truss to buy unusable face masks for the NHS, has lost his position as an advisor to the Board of Trade. But what’s happened to all the money that she paid the firm he also (as it happens) advises, Ayanda Capital? Was that repaid? If not, then it seems the loss of his unpaid position – as part of a wider reshuffle and not even connected to the PPE scandal – is no punishment at all.…

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Ministers demand investigation of Covid-19 NHS and care worker deaths. What result are they after?

When you read that Tory ministers have asked medical examiners to investigate whether the Covid-19 that killed NHS and care home staff was contracted as a consequence of their work, what do you think? Call me superstitious but it makes This Writer think Boris Johnson is trying to find an excuse to say his government’s failures aren’t responsible. Bear in mind that Johnson has been heavily criticised for failing to order the personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary to protect NHS staff. And the Tory government’s decision to ship care home…

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Does failure of SERCO test-and-trace mean EVERY privatised Covid-19 project has failed?

Can you think of any Covid-19-related contracts the Johnson government has handed to private firms, that have actually succeeded? I can’t. They’ve all been spectacular failures, and this is just the latest: Everyone, I'm getting sick to death of saying this. Stop saying it's f***ing NHS Test and Trace. It's a private firm. It's Serco. Failing private firms hide behind the NHS logo and our f***ing media help them. So the NHS can be blamed for private failure. — Marcus Chown (@marcuschown) August 10, 2020 Marcus is right about…

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Nurses excluded from public sector pay rise – because of impending NHS sell-off?

The Tories have denied nurses a pay rise that they have granted to other public sector workers including teachers and doctors. It seems that, while these other professions are to get a raise “recognising their efforts on the frontline during the battle against COVID-19”, nurses – after many of their colleagues died on the Covid-19 “frontline” – are to be ignored. The Tories say nurses are already benefiting from a series of pay hikes imposed in 2017 – but nursing representatives say this is blurring the line between professional progression and…

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Here’s how the Tories reneged on their promises to protect ‘our’ NHS

This Site has already mentioned the Tory NHS betrayal so let’s go over the details. First thing to bear in mind is that when a Tory refers to “our” NHS, they mean their NHS. They consider it to be their property, to dispose of it as they please. And yesterday evening it became clear that despite all protestations to the contrary, they intend to hand it over to US corporations as part of a post-Brexit trade deal that will kill free healthcare in the United Kingdom. In response to a Trade…

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