Coronavirus: the Tories are trying to blackmail other UK countries into lifting lockdown early

Never underestimate a Tory minister who apparently has mass murder in mind: No10 threatens Scottish gov with cutting off furlough payments is they don't follow No10 on lifting the shutdown I wonder if similar threats have been made to Wales and NI ? — Cirian75 #YNWA 62.5% 🇬🇧 25% 🇳🇱 12.5% 🇦🇺 (@cirian75) May 17, 2020 It seems Rishi Sunak is upset that the Scottish Parliament is more concerned with saving people’s lives than getting the economy back up and running for the benefit of a cadre of lazy billionaires,…

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Johnson is pressing ahead with money-wasting Scotland-Ireland bridge plan

Remember the Garden Bridge: Boris Johnson spaffed nearly £60 million on this while he was Mayor of London – and not a single minute’s work was spent trying to build it. The NI-Scotland bridge is just his latest pie-in-the-sky project.This is arrogant lunacy and it will cost a fortune. I’m not even talking about the price of building a bridge from Northern Ireland to Scotland; the consultants will bleed the public purse brutally before it can ever get that far. In fact, we already know it can’t be done –…

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No new money earmarked for NI in UK’s first post-Brexit budget

Is this a good enough reason to quit the UK? It will, at the very least, be something to talk about after the devolved government of Northern Ireland returns to duty this weekend. Sajid Javid – and Boris Johnson – may have reason to regret promising the Earth in September and leaving themselves with nothing to offer after the December election. Or will they say the Northern Irish should be glad they haven’t reneged on their September promises? And £290 million remains unspent out of the ‘bribe’ that Theresa May…

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New power-sharing deal restores NI devolution – in order to quit Johnson’s UK?

At long last – three years since the ‘Cash for Ash’ scandal that ended the last Northern Ireland power-sharing deal, it seems MLAs are returning to Stormont. The new power-sharing deal means devolved government in Northern Ireland will resume. According to Boris Johnson: This is a great step forwards for the people of Northern Ireland and for restoring public confidence in stable devolved Government and delivering much needed reforms to public services. — Boris Johnson (@BorisJohnson) January 10, 2020 Do you think he hasn’t realised that they’re all getting back…

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Bid to halt NI abortion law change fails. How will Boris Johnson get the DUP on-side for his Brexit now?

How interesting – last week we were told Boris Johnson’s government was working hard to get the devolved government in Northern Ireland working again, to bribe the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) into supporting his Brexit deal. The idea was that, as the DUP is firmly opposed to the legalisation of abortion in Northern Ireland – which will happen by law after the Westminster government supported it and could only be stopped if the Stormont assembly voted to do so, then the Stormont assembly must be restored. It seems clear that…

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Johnson’s Brexit proposal is a win – for the EU

It seems Boris Johnson has caved in to the EU again over Northern Ireland’s border controls. According to leaked information, the deal he has accepted with Leo Varadkar would take the whole of the UK out of the EU’s customs union – in name alone. In fact, Northern Ireland would remain subject to the EU’s tariffs regime, in order to ensure that border checks do not become necessary. Businesses in NI would then be able to negate the difference between UK and EU tariffs by offering a rebate on goods sold…

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Johnson humiliated as EU’s point-by-point rejection of NI proposals is leaked

How sad for Boris Johnson – and how amusing for the rest of us (and let’s face it, with Brexit, we have to get our giggles where we can). A copy of the European Union’s rejection of Boris Johnson’s proposals for the Irish border after Brexit has been leaked to The Guardian. It is humiliating for BoJob as it confirms that he is in the top flight in only one respect: that he is a nincompoop. Would you like to read them? Of course you would: The European Union’s full devastating…

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Court rules that current NI abortion law breaches human rights in blow to anti-abortionists targeting Stella Creasy

This is important: the High Court in Northern Ireland has ruled that current laws that criminalise abortion are in breach of the UK’s human rights commitments. It comes after an amendment sponsored by Labour MP Stella Creasy was passed by MPs, decriminalising abortion if there is no deal to re-establish the devolved government in Northern Ireland by October 21. Ms Creasy, who is pregnant herself, has since been targeted by an anti-abortion organisation calling itself the Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR) with a series of posters in her Walthamstow constituency.…

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WATCH: ‘Vile, unconscionable and despicable’ – MPs respond to targeting of Stella Creasy by anti-abortionists

An anti-abortion group that targeted pregnant Walthamstow MP Stella Creasy has been labelled “vile, unconscionable and despicable” by Commons speaker John Bercow as MPs vowed to help her take action. Ms Creasy raised the issue after an organisation called the Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR) put a poster of her alongside a picture of what it claimed was “a 24-week-old aborted baby girl”, with the claim “Your MP is working hard … to make this a human right” and the address of a website established against the MP. The abuse…

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Did the EU just reject TWO Boris Johnson requests – only one of which involved Ireland?

The European Union has refused to entertain a call by Boris Johnson for a Brexit deal without the so-called Northern Irish border “backstop”. In so doing, one may conclude that the EU has also rejected Mr Johnson’s call for Brexit negotiations to be carried out in secret. And quite right too. The man This Site calls BoJob has been trying to hoodwink the British people left, right and centre since he was hired as Tory leader (and PM by default) back in July. His latest gambit was for negotiations on…

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