Corrupted morals: men who allegedly toppled Colston statue to be punished but Priti Patel goes free

People who toppled – and then sank – a statue glorifying slavery during the Black Lives Matter demonstrations in the summer are to be offered a bizarre punishment. The five, who pulled down the statue of slaver Edward Colston in Bristol, will have to pay a fine that would go to a charity supporting people from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities in Bristol – which is more than Colston ever did. They will also have to complete a questionnaire by Bristol City Council’s history commission, explaining their reasons…

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Johnson lies again: he said ‘huge numbers’ were returning to work to make a news headline

How does Boris know ‘huge numbers’ of people are returning to their workplaces and offices? He doesn’t. But that’s what he said at a cabinet meeting yesterday (Tuesday) – and the only reason This Writer can find for it is that he wanted to get some optimistic words on the TV news so badly that he made them up. It worked, too. Here‘s the BBC: Mr Johnson was addressing ministerial colleagues at the start of the first Cabinet meeting since the Parliamentary summer break. He said people were going back to…

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Did Boris Johnson axe international development department so he could misuse its cash?

Boris Johnson is being urged to forget his plan to scrap the Department for International Development on the grounds that money would go to the wrong nations. The DfID is being merged with the Foreign Office but whereas the DfID has spent a majority of its budget in the poorest countries and has a reputation for transparency, the same cannot be said for the FO – especially under Boris Johnson. When he was Foreign Secretary (between 2016-2018), it was in the middle of spending £84 million on China – which…

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‘Loudmouthed lawyers’ jibe shows it’s the Home Office that doesn’t know when to shut up

What unbelievable arrogance from “a government source” – as quoted, we’re told, in The Times. After the Home Office was forced to withdraw a video tweet referring to “activist lawyers”, that was posted in retaliation after solicitors prevented Priti Patel’s thugs from illegally – mark that word – deporting 23 asylum-seekers without appeal, what did the Tory government have to say for itself? Here: The day after Home Office had to remove offensive tweet they went from "activist lawyers" to "loudmouthed lawyers and barristers who seem to spend more time on social…

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Did ‘activist lawyers’ tell Home Office its Windrush compensation scheme was a disaster, too?

How unfortunate for the Home Office that it should fall foul of the lawyers twice in one day. Or is it perhaps a sign of the Johnson government’s disregard for the law? The Tory government’s much-maligned Windrush Compensation Scheme has been trashed by – one would expect – activist lawyers from no fewer than nine separate firms. They say it is failing to provide access to justice – a claim that can only have gained validity after it was revealed that the HO tried to rush-deport 23 people illegally, because…

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Home Office deletes “fascist Dad’s Army” ‘migrants’ clip released after it was forced to abandon deportation flight

It seems there was more to the Home Office’s video clip about “activist lawyers” than met the eye – and that was already pretty bad. Apparently the government had been forced to abandon a deportation flight to Spain after last-minute legal challenges meant all 23 passengers had to be allowed off the plane. It seems that HO had tried to rush through the deportations fast, in order to deny these asylum-seekers the right to appeal; that would be breaking the law. All the lawyers did was insist that these people…

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Home Office ‘migrants’ clip: “It’s like Dad’s Army but WE’RE the fascists”

[Note: The Home Office has taken down the offending tweet. However, that’s no reason not to know what was in it. Let’s discuss:] Priti Patel’s Home Office has taken a (goose) step too far with it’s latest anti-migrant video. It says – well, see for yourself: It’s like the opening to Dad’s Army but we’re the fascists. — Pete Redfern (@fatpete_86) August 27, 2020 Wow. The graphic really is like the opening titles of Dad’s Army, but the message is perverse. Behind graphics reminiscent of the old TV sit-com, that…

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Home Office probe into refugee death is welcome – unless the Home SECRETARY is involved

This Writer welcomes the Home Office announcement that it is to investigate the death of Mercy Baguma. I wrote yesterday that there were unanswered questions and it is to be hoped that this inquiry will provide those answers. But I hope the Home Secretary can be kept away from it. Priti Patel, by her actions, has shown herself up, time and time again, to be a racist. I would not expect any justice for a refugee from Uganda if she involves herself. And when the Home Office makes its report on…

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Leaked report warns of Covid-Brexit “horror show” – remember THIS IS WHAT BORIS JOHNSON WANTS

A Cabinet Office “reasonable worst-case” report on the effects of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit combining with another wave of Covid-19 has laid out exactly what Boris Johnson wanted for the UK when he became PM. Johnson, you’ll remember, did not want any trade deals with the European Union after the UK leaves that bloc. It was widely believed that this is because the hedge fund managers who supported his bid to be Tory leader have bet heavily on the UK going into recession, with many big-name firms going out of business.…

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Tories knew about Elphicke’s sex crimes before he was charged – and did nothing. Why weren’t they arrested as accessories?

Former Conservative MP Charlie Elphicke has been found guilty of three counts of sexual assault this week, after being charged nearly three years ago. But did you know that the Conservative Party’s Parliamentary whips had been well aware of his crimes before he was charged? Their so-called “dirty dossier” of MPs (during the 2017-19 Parliament) who were known for their inappropriate behaviour included this line: “Charlie Elphicke: inappropriate with female researchers.” Indeed. We now learn that in 2007 he kissed and groped a woman at his home, while his wife…

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