Cameron Has Killed at 2,200 People’ : Frankie Boyle at the 2014 Television Festival – Beastrabban\’s Weblog

This follows on from the question Mike raised in the previous post Class divide in the arts – are they just for the toffs? writes the Beast, so it seems logical to post a pointer to his article here. He writes: The controversial Scots comedian Frankie Boyle was interviewed last year at the Guardian’s International Television Festival last year by Pointless’s Richard Osman. The interview was a review of the state of television. And Boyle made it very clear that he though British television was being held back by the desire of TV…

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Bad government: Their idea of ‘wrong’ isn’t the same as yours!

This is the last article in the quartet about private organisations carrying out public duties – and the government ministers who employ them – focusing on what happens when things go wrong. (This was delayed from yesterday because yr obdt svnt developed a splitting headache. It seems that a trip to the gym and a three-hour drive, taking a sick neighbour to get help, isn’t conducive to writing four articles in a day!) It should be noted that, in some cases, the error is clear and a logical solution is enacted.…

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Hapless Jeremy proves yet again what a… Hunt he is

It is not a good time to be Jeremy Hunt. “When is?” I hear you cry. Fair point. The reactions of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh certainly seem to have put the Health Secretary in a state. He was at a smart Buckingham Palace event, arranged to thank everyone involved in the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, which took place while he was Culture Secretary. He decided this was the moment to put his greatest talent on display. Clearly, it wasn’t his wit. No, I refer to his talent for…

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Suicide rate is now the strongest indicator of unemployment

Iain Duncan Smith has been crowing about the private sector after the official unemployment figure dropped from 8.2 to 8 per cent of the workforce. He reckons we should take our hats off to private sector employers for providing the new work. Well he would, wouldn’t he? His attitude conforms with the narrative the Tories have been trying to build since 2010, that the private sector would rush in to fill the jobs gap left behind after the Coalition cut the public sector to ribbons – providing decent, gainful employment for…

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Corporal punishment be damned – this Hinds needs to be smacked

Conservative MP Damien Hinds has launched a scurrilous attack on teachers’ union the NASUWT, after it told its members not to do unpaid work after-hours (for example on after-school sports). Mr Hinds, a member of Parliament’s Education Select Committee, said, “If everyone in Team GB worked to rule like the NASUWT we would have fewer medals than Australia”. What a shame this ignorant Tory nit-picker had to bring political point-scoring into the Olympics! To Mr Hinds, I can say only this: Crawl away and die, you fetid little maggot. The…

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Culture secretary and well-known misprint in bell-end catastrophe

When your name has already been linked with a well-known, if distasteful term, for female genitalia, the last thing you need to have happen to you is a mishap with your bell-end. However, this is exactly what happened to Culture, Media and Sport secretary Jeremy C- sorry, Hunt, while in his capacity as minister for the Olympics he was celebrating the opening of the London games today. (July 27) Here’s the clip: [youtube=] Enjoy the Olympics, everybody!

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Public sector – good/private sector – bad

Many of you may be aware that I live in a large county called Powys, that has a small population. This means that the amount of money the local authority receives from central government and local taxation is always stretched very thin, in order to provide the services required across – what is it? – 6,000 square miles. Given that context, it should come as no surprise at all that some of the information I have been receiving about the way that money is being spent has raised concern. It…

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