Starmer stumbles on anti-Semitism: will he kick out Corbyn & make Labour a haven for racists?

Keir Starmer’s hard line on anti-Semitism could make him the most unpopular leader in Labour Party history, haemorrhaging members from his first full day. He has written a letter to the Board of Deputies of British Jews, following up on his pledge to “tear out this poison by its roots”, offering a meeting with groups representing the select group of British Jews who claim there is a problem: He offers a video conference with the Board of Deputies, the Jewish Leadership Council, the Community Security Trust and the Jewish Labour…

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Man assaulted Owen Jones out of hatred for his political views and homophobia, court rules

This Site reported the assault shortly after it happened. It’s good to see justice done and know that the far-right crazies can’t get away with anything they like, just because another far-right crazy is in Downing Street. I don’t agree with Mr Jones about everything he says but he certainly should not be threatened with violence over the opinions he expresses. A man has been found guilty of aggravated assault against the Guardian columnist Owen Jones because of hostility to his leftwing political views and homophobia, following a two-day trial…

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Was Twitter campaign against Owen Jones organised by supporters of Rachel Riley – or of something more sinister?

Left-wing columnist Owen Jones has been the target of a Twitter ‘dogpile’ campaign – apparently organised by supporters of Countdown co-host Rachel Riley, who has attacked him in the past. The aim was to target Mr Jones for abuse on the social media platform, using a hashtag with an offensive title that I shall not repeat here – although you can find it in Mr Jones’s own tweet below, in which he attributes the origin of the abuse campaign to a person going by the handle @SirBasilBrush: This is extremely boring,…

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Lefty journo Owen Jones beaten in ‘blatant premeditated’ assault

Left-wing journalist Owen Jones has suffered injuries to his head and back after a “blatant premeditated assault” as he was celebrating his birthday with friends. Mr Jones, who has reported the incident to the police, tweeted that he was “in no doubt as to what this is”, pointing out that members of the political far right had tried to intimidate him in the past. Here’s his account: This is a bit dramatic, so firstly I’m fine, but last night – when I was celebrating my birthday – I was attacked,…

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Gobby Brextremist Goddard arrested again – for threatening photographer

Remember James Goddard, the pro-Brexit fanatic who got arrested after intimidating incidents involving Anna Soubry, Owen Jones and others on College Green, Westminster, last month? No? Well, it’s hardly surprising. It’s even less surprising that he has been arrested again – this time for threatening a press photographer. It seems a recording exists of him telling Joel Goodman, “I swear to god when there’s no police around here, I’m going to take your head off your shoulders, and all the football lads will as well, your card is marked ……

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Rileywatch: Now offensive Countdown co-host has tried to smear Owen Jones

Look at the state of this tweet from Countdown co-host Rachel Riley: “You (I) have absolutely no good faith whatsoever” This is a dog-whistle @OwenJones84. The #JC4PM brigade will hear “political smear by Jew.” You’re fully aware of this. And no, I don’t support right-wing extremists, but I have been labelled one because of this. — Rachel Riley (@RachelRileyRR) January 27, 2019 She seems to think re-tweeting an image denigrating Owen Jones as “The queen of bellends” is an appropriate way to behave after accusing him of anti-Semitism during Holocaust…

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Tory double standards: Abuse them and the police are called – but they can abuse anyone freely

Conservative MPs have been at their abusive worst in Parliament – heckling Speaker John Bercow over his decision to allow a vote on the so-called Grieve Amendment, and hurling insults at Jeremy Corbyn, ironically as he called for a “safe space” from such behaviour during Prime Minister’s Questions. The hypocrisy comes into sharp focus when one recalls that only two days before, Conservative MPs wrote to Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick, demanding stronger policing of the area outside the Palace of Westminster to prevent abuse of the kind directed at…

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Lefty journo and Tory MP confronted by wall of gammon. Guess who gets Establishment support

Some of what follows is very ugly indeed. The left-wing journalist Owen Jones, together with Conservative MP Anna Soubry and who knows how many others were targeted by right-wing pro-Brexit protesters outside Parliament yesterday (Monday, January 7). They were wearing yellow vests because they have styled themselves after France’s gilets jaunes, protesters against rising fuel prices and taxes who blocked roads wearing yellow high-vis jackets on November 18 last year, sparking a pan-European movement. Think about that for a moment. These anti-EU protesters were aping people who are citizens of…

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Dorries and Jones are wrong – a breakaway party of Labour ‘moderates’ won’t change anything

This is fun – Nadine Dorries and Owen Jones being completely mistaken on Jeremy Vine’s new TV show: Tory MP Nadine Dorries, with commendable honesty: "And that's our biggest dream, as the Conservative Party, is that the Labour 'moderates' breakaway and form their own party because when they do that, it completely splits the vote on the left." — Owen Jones 🌹 (@OwenJones84) September 14, 2018 They are wrong because the so-called Labour ‘moderates’ (in reality far right-wing MPs who joined the Labour Party out of opportunism during the…

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The danger of idle words: Willsman receives death threat after opponents’ anti-Semitism lie

This should be a matter of serious concern to everybody with an interest in free speech and democracy. The faked-up claims of anti-Semitism against Peter Willsman have led to him receiving death threats. Don’t forget that This Writer has been falsely accused of anti-Semitism. I have to raise money to take my accusers to court. Please help by visiting my JustGiving page and pledging a contribution. I would like to hear how Mr Willsman’s accusers justify what they have done, in the light of this threat. What does Marie van der…

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