#CorridorsOfPowder – hypocritical Tories will force big employers to do random drug tests. What about Westminster?

It seems Priti Patel has picked up on Tory London Mayor candidate Shaun Bailey’s plan to force firms that employ more than 250 people to subject the workforce to random drug tests. Her endorsement follows one by Iain Duncan Smith last month. But how strange that the UK Parliament, where the House of Commons alone employes around 2,040 people – not counting MPs, is to be exempt from any such legislation! The Conservative government are planning to introduce legislation which would force big employers to carry out random drug tests on…

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If this is how Tory MPs regard #socialdistancing they can’t expect us to do as they say

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised: as MPs voted to break international law, they also broke their own rules on social distancing. How can they expect us to obey those laws – including the new “rule of six”, when they set such a bad example? Here’s what happened, via the Enfield Independent: Pass readers in the division lobbies used by MPs to record their votes stopped working. They instead had to queue up, walk through the chamber and pause at the despatch box to announce their name and vote. The problems emerged…

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#BorisJohnson wants to dictate when – and WHETHER – #elections take place – as #VoxPolitical warned you

Remember last December when This Site warned the UK electorate that Boris Johnson’s manifesto said, “We will impose an indefinite Conservative government”? It means he planned to stay in power just as long as he wanted to, with no election unless he felt like it. And the UK electorate ignored the warning and voted for him in what may be the last democratic election to take place in this country. Do you think that’s overstating the case? If so, you haven’t been paying attention. Johnson intends to repeal the Human…

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In UK politics, is an accusation of anti-Semitism really more serious than one of rape?

The gossips have been flaying the skins off the jungle drums since we learned a Conservative MP has been arrested for rape. Much of the chatter has centred on the suspect’s anonymity, which seems to have provoked a lot of confected outrage. This Writer isn’t outraged by it. I’ve been to an awful lot of court cases and I’m satisfied that when matters get that far, it is right for the defendant to be named. It is the victim’s identity that must be protected. Matters haven’t got that far. And…

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Boris Johnson has committed contempt of Parliament and should be expelled

Why is Boris Johnson still a member of Parliament? There is an offence, here in the UK, known as Contempt of Parliament (I’ve mentioned it before). An MP is guilty of this if he or she deliberately misleads Parliament, and any MP accused of the offence may be suspended or expelled. Our odious prime minister is a repeat offender. It is one thing to be “economical with the truth”, as the euphemism goes; it is entirely different to present known falsehoods to the House of Commons as though they were…

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Beyond satire: has Boris Johnson found another way to delay release of the ‘Russia Report’?

We are being asked to believe that the long-awaited report on Russian influence in UK politics could soon be released after Boris Johnson announced his nominations for the Parliamentary committee responsible for it. But how can Parliament approve those nominations when he has nominated legendary dunderhead Chris Grayling to chair the committee? Grayling is quite possibly the stupidest human being ever to infest the Palace of Westminster. His blunders are legendary and installing him as chair of a committee with the word “intelligence” in its title would be a contradiction…

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MPs keep hearing disabled people must fight to live ordinary lives. When will they listen?

This is an old, old story. Successive Tory governments since 2010 have heard evidence of the hardship they have forced on people with disabilities – and done nothing but worsen it. It has been said that one definition of insanity is repeating the same behaviour and expecting different results. So I have to ask why anybody in Parliament possibly thought any good would come of this? Other strategies are necessary now – and have been for years. Let’s talk about them. Disabled people are being forced to fight for their…

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MP falls ill in Commons, days after lockdown eased. What if it’s Covid-19?

The Conservative Business Secretary, Alok Sharma, has fallen ill after contributing to debates in the House of Commons – with symptoms that resemble Covid-19. His illness occurs just days after MPs were forced to return to the House of Commons rather than participate in online debates, in a plan devised by Leader of the House Jacob Rees-Mogg, who claimed that online voting slowed debates unduly. Apparently queuing 2km around the Parliamentary precincts and down the road to vote causes no delay at all. Nobody can say that Sharma caught his…

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New Parliament voting system is a farce that turns MPs into targets

What if a terrorist gets among MPs while they’re queuing to vote, in their “conga line” as the SNP describes it, all spaced two metres apart, two buildings down the road from the Palace of Westminster? I know it’s not entirely likely, what with the Covid-19 lockdown and all, but anybody could go among them and cause chaos. Security is impossible, thanks to Jacob Rees-Mogg and his silly attempt to cling on to tradition. Just take a look at this video by Labour’s Lloyd Russell-Moyles: The daft idiot responsible for…

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UK electors flood MPs with criticism of Dominic Cummings scandal

Congratulations to the Great British (and Northern Irish?) public for refusing to meekly accept the unacceptable from Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings. They – we – expect a higher standard from our elected representatives. If you haven’t written to your MP already – or if you have and fancy adding a bit more – you can do so by visiting Write To Them. The furore over Dominic Cummings’ breach of lockdown rules has prompted tens of thousands of people to flood their MPs’ inboxes in what some described as the biggest…

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