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Demand inquiry into dishonesty by Tory minister Ros Altmann!

This is clearly an extremely dishonest woman! 

The fact that David Cameron could allow such a person to become pensions minister is a scandal in itself, and we should demand her suspension while a full inquiry is held into the possibility of her participating in any other acts of dishonesty.

It is obvious that she cannot be trusted with a ministerial position and her resignation should be a matter of urgency.

Conservative pensions minister Baroness Altmann has been expelled from the Labour Party after it was found she had been a member for 18 months.

David Cameron made the ex-Saga director a peer so she could become a minister.

But The Huffington Post website revealed Baroness Altmann had been a Labour member for four months after taking up the role and was offered a vote in the party’s leadership contest.

She told the BBC she had also renewed her Lib Dem membership in March.

Source: Tory minister Ros Altmann expelled from Labour Party – BBC News