Inquiry demanded into claims Boris Johnson backers will profit from ‘no deal’ – and it can’t come soon enough

The Labour Party has demanded an independent “conflict of interest” inquiry into Boris Johnson, over claims that the prime minister’s backers will profit hugely from a “no deal” Brexit. John McDonnell, shadow chancellor, has written to the UK’s most senior civil servant, Cabinet Office secretary Mark Sedwill, calling for an investigation into alleged collusion with currency speculators. The demand is based on comments by Mr Johnson’s sister Rachel and claims by former chancellor – now an Independent MP – Philip Hammond that speculators were investing in “short” positions – betting…

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The 21 Tories ejected from their party for voting with their consciences

Dictator Johnson has gone through with his threat and withdrawn the whip from 21 now-former Conservative MPs. The list includes extremely high-profile names including Father of the House Ken Clarke and Philip Hammond, who was Chancellor of the Exchequer until only six weeks ago (at the time of writing). Also out are recent Conservative leadership candidate Rory Stewart, Oliver Letwin, Dominic Grieve, David Gauke and Nicholas Soames (who is entirely forgettable apart from being Winston Churchill’s grandson). And Guto Bebb, who said he would vote against the government, has also…

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‘Terrible collaboration’ speech: Johnson flashes his fascist credentials

One of the 14 warning signs of fascism is the identification of enemies as a unifying cause. It’s third on the list in this article, if you need to refresh your memory. Now watch the first minute or so of Boris Johnson’s “People’s PMQs”: “There’s a terrible kind of collaboration as it were going on between people who think they can block Brexit in Parliament and our European friends, and our European friends are not moving. “We need our European friends to compromise and the more they think that there’s…

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Tory backlash against Boris Johnson as ministers line up to resign

Boris Johnson seems likely to be heading a team of B-listers if he becomes prime minister tomorrow. Now-former Foreign Office minister Sir Alan Duncan has flounced out amid claims that he spent all his time cleaning up Mr Johnson’s mess when the Tory leadership candidate was Foreign Secretary. Of course it’s just as likely that Mr Johnson would sack Sir Alan if he stayed on – so this is the optimum moment for the FO minister to… well… go. He is on the record as considering himself to have been…

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The Tories could end austerity now – but you can bet they’ll use Brexit fears as an excuse not to

The Conservative government could use £15 billion to end austerity policies after a surprise boost to the public finances – but you’d be a fool to think that will happen. That’s the view of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, whose director Paul Johnson urged Philip Hammond to make good on the promises the Tories have been making for the past few months. You see, it’s all very well saying austerity is over, but if the services the Tories have destroyed haven’t been restored, then it isn’t. But even Mr Johnson admitted…

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The Tories’ cruel benefit freeze continues – this year it will take £560 from poor families

Still-(just)-Chancellor Philip Hammond’s spring statement included a note of despair for poorer families – including those in work. Anybody receiving benefits will have them frozen for a fourth year running, meaning families will have lost £560 each that would otherwise have been added to their earnings. That’s according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies – but the real-terms loss could be much greater. Brexit is robbing the UK of much of its economic muscle, meaning goods and services are going to be more costly in the future. And the results…

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May condemned from all sides of Parliament for postponing Brexit vote

Theresa May might have gone to the EU to seek help to get her duff Brexit agreement through the UK Parliament, but from the way MPs spoke about her, she would have been well-advised never to return. Jeremy Corbyn’s emergency debate on her decision to postpone the “meaningful vote” on her deal demonstrated that there was little support for her in the House of Commons: Labour emergency debate motion passes, 299-0, confirming Theresa May and her government are a bucket of contemptuous chicken shits with the integrity of a soiled…

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Hammond admits the fact about austerity that This Site has been trumpeting since day one

Have a gander at this infoclip, courtesy of Evolve Politics: The Tory Chancellor @PhilipHammondUK just admitted that his own party's austerity policies are the stupid way to try and cut the national debt, adding that economic investment – such as that proposed by @jeremycorbyn and the @UKLabour Party – is actually the "smart" option. — Evolve Politics (@evolvepolitics) November 8, 2018 That’s exactly what This Site (and other like-minded commentators) has been broadcasting since Vox Political started back in 2011: Austerity as a way of paying off the national debt…

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Chancellor’s billions ‘will not halt universal credit humanitarian crisis’ | Disability News Service

I stated as much on This Site immediately after Philip Hammond’s budget speech, but John Pring provides expert comments. See: The chancellor’s decision to pump billions of pounds into universal credit will not halt the “humanitarian crisis” that will be caused by its systemic flaws, disabled activists have warned. Philip Hammond announced in this week’s budget that he had found £1 billion – spread over five-and-a-half years – to ease the delayed “managed migration” process that will see about three million claimants of “legacy” benefits such as employment and support…

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It’s Phil the Bleak’s FANTASY BUDGET! Would you buy anything he’s offering before Brexit?

Philip Hammond used the last Budget before Brexit pretending to spray a load of policies up the wall because he knows none of it will matter after March 30, 2019. He spent his entire speech talking twaddle like a toddler because he knew he could say anything he wanted in the knowledge that the economy will crash after the UK leaves the European Union. That means he can cancel anything he likes and say, “Times have changed – we must move with the times.” It’s transparent – and sickening. The…

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