One in eight childcare workers in England earns much less than the minimum wage

This research shows all the hallmarks of Tory employment policy: early years workers – predominantly female – are considered to be of low worth and paid less than the minimum wage, and have few career options – and the Covid crisis is likely to make matters worse. It’s Conservative policy, remember: they have victimised women since they got back into office in 2010, with the so-called austerity policies attacking women far more than men. One in eight childcare workers in England earn less than £5 an hour, according to new…

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Why are you cheering for Tories who have killed so many and ANNOUNCED a plan to kill many more?

The latest Mainly Macro piece from Simon Wren-Lewis is of course quite right to point out that the Tory expectation of at least 100 deaths per day until spring 2021 is a nightmare. It also make the point that not locking down – as has been demanded by certain stridently opinionated creatures – would have been a disaster of much greater magnitude. He states: We keep being told by the government that they are at a much lower level than they used to be, every graph shows deaths are much lower than…

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Why aren’t Tory voters furious after their party u-turned on free school meals and all their other disastrous policies?

This Twitter user makes a very good point: Tory voters: you voted for hungry children, you demanded hungry children, and now the government you elected to produce the hungry children has let you down. You must be furious. You should write to your MPs and demand children be forced to go hungry, like you voted for. — simon maginn (@simonmaginn) June 16, 2020 Mr Maginn is absolutely right. If you voted Conservative, you voted for a party that would starve your children in the school holidays. Why aren’t you demanding…

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The UK has recorded more Covid-19 deaths in a single day than the entire EU. How is this success?

Read it and weep. Yesterday (June 4), the UK recorded more Covid-19-related deaths – in hospital alone – than all 27 EU countries put together. Yet members of the Conservative government keep claiming that their policies are a huge success! Are they saying their policy is to kill more of their own population than any other country in the world? That seems the logical conclusion… Yesterday more people died from #COVID19 in the UK than in all other European countries added together. Johnson and the lethal Tories continue to call this…

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Blame game: Tories try to shift responsibility for sending Covid-19 into care homes – and fail

Pathetic, isn’t it? The Conservative government has tried to claim that temporary care workers spread Covid-19 between different care homes to cause the huge increase in deaths there. Those of us with a more rational outlook believe the epidemic was more likely caused by the Tory policy of shifting people with Covid symptoms from hospital into care homes as soon as possible – without caring whether those homes had isolation facilities. Which do you think is more likely? Bear in mind that the two possibilities are not mutually exclusive. And…

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His policies gave the UK the worst death toll in Europe but Hancock wants critics to modify THEIR tone

If anybody needs to modify their tone, it is Health Secretary Matt Hancock. He was challenged in the House of Commons to acknowledge that the government’s lack of testing for the coronavirus had led to unnecessary deaths – and he responded by saying the questioner should modify their tone. That was a big mistake – because the person asking the question was Dr Rosena Allin-Khan, who has been working as a doctor in an Accident & Emergency unit, treating coronavirus patients, while Hancock has been sitting in Downing Street with…

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Coronavirus: Higher death rate in poorer areas – because that’s what the Tories want

Well, what do you know? The useless Tory compensation schemes mean poorer people are going hungry, and there’s a higher death rate in poorer areas. Coincidence? Don’t kid yourself. People living in more deprived areas of England and Wales are more likely to die with coronavirus than those in more affluent places, new figures suggest. Office for National Statistics analysis shows there were 55 deaths for every 100,000 people in the poorest parts of England, compared with 25 in the wealthiest areas. Mortality rates are normally higher in poorer areas. But…

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Research shows ethnic minorities more likely to die of the coronavirus in the UK

It should come as no surprise that in a country riven with class division in which ethnic minorities are often among the worst-off… In a country where the government has been caught pursuing racist policies time and again… People from ethnic minority groups are more likely to die during the coronavirus pandemic. Simply put: The system is rigged to ensure it. The government has been urged to recognise that race and racial inequalities are a risk factor for Covid-19 after Guardian research which has revealed that ethnic minorities in England are…

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Coronavirus: Three million people go hungry because the Tories won’t introduce Universal Basic Income

  The Financial Times almost got it right. The bit that says More than 3m people in Britain are going hungry I think we can all agree with. But because of the coronavirus crisis isn’t quite right. The research the FT quotes says that many families have been pushed into poverty because the lockdown means they have suffered “stark drops in income” – but isn’t this because the Tories have tried to cover the loss of employment income with a patchwork of policies that don’t cover everybody and are spectacularly complicated to administrate, rather…

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Coronavirus: Medical groups unite to condemn bulk ‘Do Not Revive’ plan for sick and disabled people

This should be seen as absolute proof that it has been a policy to deny coronavirus care to people with long-term illnesses and disabilities. This Writer has noted some scepticism in the responses to yesterday’s article about the GP practice in Wales that wrote to people with ongoing medical conditions, telling them that equipment used to treat coronavirus is being rationed and they were not likely to be treated if they contracted the disease. Instead, the letter asked them to sign a form directing medical staff not to attempt to…

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