Legal action over Russian intervention in UK politics? Let’s hope it happens before Johnson gags the courts!

Using an ad-blocker? PLEASE SWITCH IT OFF My ads don’t cost you anything but they do provide me the money I need to live. Using an ad-blocker on this site is as bad as stealing. A group of MPs has threatened court action to compel the Johnson government to investigate allegations in a report on Russian intervention in UK politics. Well, let’s hope they follow it through soon because Johnson is acting to stop the courts from having any power over his government. Yes, that is dictatorship. You voted for…

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TOO LATE, Clive Lewis – the two-faced politics of Starmer has already been very well defined

Labour’s Clive Lewis has warned that the politics of new party leader Keir Starmer needs to be defined quickly, before others do it. Too late! Commentators on the decline of Labour under Starmer already know perfectly well that he represents a backslide into two-faced Blairism and are making a public impact with their revelations. He said definition of ‘Keirism’, with “broad themes” and “red lines”, “needs to be done because if you don’t, other people begin to define you or try to define you, and that’s already happening.” It sure is…

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Also seen online… other stories in today’s news

I haven’t had time to write about these but they are of interest: Ending free transport 'will hit disadvantaged children returning to school' Teachers and pupils say suspending free transport will force some students to stay at home because they can't afford the cost — Peter Stefanovic (@PeterStefanovi2) July 12, 2020 Revealed: Dominic Cummings firm paid Vote Leave's AI firm £260,000 — Clare Hepworth OBE (@Hepworthclare) July 12, 2020 This one should come with a health warning: Matt Hancock promised a “world-beating” track-and-trace app for mobile phones, didn’t…

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Do you believe Downing Street’s story that the Russia report may soon be published?

Parliament’s committee responsible for publishing the report on Russian interference in UK politics may be reconvened “imminently” – according to Downing Street sources. Do you believe that? Or do you think that, even if it happens, it’s only because Boris Johnson has found another way to delay the report – or hide what it says? According to the BBC, the government is denying that Johnson has stalled the process: A source close to the process has told me they are hopeful the committee will be confirmed by Downing Street “imminently”.…

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Johnson is feeling the pressure to publish report on Russian interference in UK affairs

Boris Johnson and his government are facing mounting pressure to publish a long-delayed report on Russia’s influence in UK politics. The report was finalised by Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee last October – but Boris Johnson refused to sign it off before the general election. The committee itself was dissolved in advance of that poll, but has not been reconvened since – because Mr Johnson has not approved the Conservative Party’s nominations of members. Here’s the BBC’s Nick Eardsley: Ultimately, members are appointed by the prime minister. But political parties…

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MPs from all parties say failure to release Russia report is ‘affront to democracy’

If a week in politics is a long time, how would you describe eight months? An eternity? That’s the length of time Boris Johnson has been sitting on the report into Russian interference in UK democracy. He says it cannot be released because the UK’s Intelligence and Security Committee has not been reconvened since it was dissolved for the December 2019 general election and has no members. But this is a feeble excuse when one realises that the only reason for this is, Boris Johnson nominates everybody on this committee…

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Vox Political scrapbook: June 7

Imagine if you called firefighters and they just beat the shit out of you instead of putting the fire out — Ethel Furuta (@Ethelmonster) June 5, 2020 The Metropolitan Police has joined the government in losing public confidence after reacting with violence during a peaceful anti-racism protest: Solidarity with the people protesting outside Parliament today. The death of George Floyd in the United States was an atrocity. But police brutality is real here in the UK. Stay safe #blacklivesmatter #LDNBLM — Diane Abbott MP (@HackneyAbbott) June 6, 2020 Officer…

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Coronavirus scrapbook: June 6

Every day This Writer trawls Twitter for items that may form the basis – or part of – an interesting story for This Site. Currently I’m seeing far too many related to the Covid-19 pandemic for me to write about them all in a sufficiently in-depth way. So I’m going to deposit a few of them on the site – just in case they become relevant to events in the future. You may find them interesting too. There’s no order to them, mind. George Floyd death: UK protests are 'unlawful'…

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Is the UK’s Chief Rabbi more concerned with supporting Israeli racism than Jewish people?

What the blazes was UK Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis doing, making a speech to US pro-Israel (by which we mean pro-Israeli-government) lobby group AIPAC? Critics of the organisation have described it as an agent of the Israeli government with strong links to Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party and the Republican Party in the US. By making a speech there, Mr Mirvis was also making a clear declaration of political partisanship – as he was when he attacked Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn during the general election campaign last year. We can see…

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How is the Church of England going to stop unmarried people from having it off?

Apparently the Church of England has issued advice saying that only heterosexual, married couples should have sex. Firstly, it is hypocritical for a religious organisation to try to tell the rest of us to abstain, considering the number of sex scandals caused by priests – of all denominations. And secondly, as a friend of mine just pointed out: “How are you going to stop us, Justin?” I am reminded of Billy Connolly’s reaction to Presbyterianism in Scotland (which I’ll censor slightly for the Vox Political audience): “John Knox, a f*cking…

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