Distraction tactics: why pay attention to all this right-wing fiddling while your country burns?

We all know bank holiday Mondays are where the news goes to die but August 2020 was particularly bad. Judging by Twitter, the event that caught everybody’s imagination was a poll by right-wing Times Radio that resulted in a nobody presenter – This Writer has never heard of him – having to declare that Jeremy Corbyn is the best prime minister the UK never had. WINNER: Jeremy Corbyn is officially the Times Radio’s best Prime Minister we ever had 🎉 pic.twitter.com/JJfd71ONAq — Ben (@BenJolly9) August 31, 2020 (It means he would…

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Hysteria as ONE poll puts Starmer Labour level with Tories. Why isn’t he 20 points ahead?

Apparently The Guardian reckons Keir Starmer’s Labour Party has gained 26 points in the opinion polls to draw level with the Conservatives on 40 each. This is nonsense. In fact, I think it’s a flat-out lie. My reasoning is obvious: Labour has not fallen to 14 points on the opinion polls this year. When Starmer took over as leader, I am reliably informed the party stood on 32 points. So, if The Guardian was right, Labour should now be 18 points ahead. And that’s still not the 20 points ahead that Labour right-wing cuckoos…

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Humiliation for centrists: Starmer falls nine points behind Tories when they said he’d be 20 ahead

It has all gone horribly wrong for the Labour centrists and their figurehead Keir Starmer. His plan to fool left-wing, traditional Labour supporters into electing him as leader and then push them out of the party succeeded a treat. The problem is, the rest of his strategy – to ditch the left-wing policies he used to woo those voters as no longer needed, replace them with centrist (read right-wing/sub-Tory) policies and win support from Lib Dem/Tory voters – has failed utterly. In what should be his honeymoon period, Starmer’s new…

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Isn’t it his own influence – rather than public opinion – Johnson is spending a fortune on?

It is good that someone is asking why Boris Johnson is spending £2 million this year on opinion polling – even if it is only Parliament’s toothless public accounts committee. Critics have claimed the Tory – and his government – has been trying to understand public opinion in order to follow it, in order to gain our approval by doing so. But isn’t it more likely that he is trying to use these polls to tell us what to think, rather than for us to tell him what to do?…

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POLL: as Boris passes the buck, would YOU send a child to school on June 1?

Boris Johnson has refused to take responsibility for deciding what should happen if teachers don’t turn up when schools reopen on Monday. In that case, he can hardly hope to impose any authority on parents – one would imagine. Johnson announced on May 10 that he hoped to be able to reopen schools for Reception and Year 6 pupils at the beginning of June. We all knew this meant schools would be reopening then, even if a second wave of Covid-19 infections had broken over the United Kingdom, causing chaos;…

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Poll shows public trust in Tory handling of coronavirus pandemic has plummeted

How interesting that this came out the day before Boris Johnson traipsed back to work. Yes, the latest poll says the public has lost faith in the way the Tory government has handled the coronavirus response in the UK. The Opinium poll for The Observer showed: 57 per cent of people believe the government has handled the key issue of coronavirus testing poorly; only 15 per cent thought it had been handled well. 71 per cent think the level of testing was not enough – while only seven per cent thought…

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Lord Steel quits over failure to report child sex abuse claims. Is that really enough? [POLL]

Lord Steel has resigned his membership of the Liberal Democrats and announced his intention to resign as a Lord after damning criticism by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. In a 190-page report, the inquiry accused Steel of “abdication of responsibility” after he failed to act on allegations about the late MP Sir Cyril Smith’s sexual interest in children. Smith, who died in 2010, was investigated by police in 1969 over claims he sexually abused teenage boys at a hostel in Rochdale – and admitted he had acted as…

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Is Vox Political on this Home Office list of left-wing ‘extremism’?

Take a look at this: The Home Office has lumped together left-wing groups and green campaigners with neo-nazis and white supremacists in literature and posters supposedly designed to educate officers about extremism. The Counter Terrorism Policing (CTP) document has categories including white supremacist and nationalist groups, left-wing and “associated single issue groups,” animal rights groups, and environmental campaigns. The left-wing and environmental groups listed include the Communist Party of Britain (CPB), Stop the War, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), Extinction Rebellion (XR)…

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Job done: BBC got the Tories re-elected and now Tory pollster is softening us up for privatisation

Did you enjoy a lot of TV over Christmas? Did Worzel Gummidge tickle you? Or was Dracula more to your taste? How about that classic-with-a-new-face, Doctor Who? BBC output – and not just drama – appears to have won the Christmas ratings war, but the corporation itself is in danger of being destroyed by politicians. Boris Johnson said in the run-up to the general election that he thought the BBC in its current format – as a public service broadcaster supported by a licence fee paid by all television users –…

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Starmer early favourite for Labour leadership – according to poll by Tory-run organisation. Trustworthy?

‘Centrist’ Keir Starmer, who has taken much of the blame for Brexit policies that are thought to have lost Labour the general election, is now the top candidate to become the party’s new leader, according to a poll that should not be trusted at all. Why shouldn’t it be trusted, you ask? Because it was produced by YouGov, the polling organisation co-founded by current Conservative MP Nadhim Zahawi. Who would have an interest in getting public support behind a leader likely to alienate Labour’s more left-wing supporters? I’d suggest that…

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