Care workers awarded £100,000 in back pay – but why is their NEW employer paying it?

How pleasant to see home carers being awarded the pay they are due! In a court victory, home care workers contracted by Haringey Council in North London were awarded £100,000 in back pay. That’s between them, not individually – amounting to around £10,000 for each of the 10 claimants. It seems the council had given the work contract to a private provider called Sevacare that cheated them out of money they should have been paid for travel time between patient visits. As a result, some of them ended up being…

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The great water privatisation disaster: Tory scheme means England could run out of drinking water

There’s a line in one of the Horatio Hornblower books in which the Admiral of the Fleet tells the young hero it’s every officer’s duty to leave the navy in better condition than when he found it. That’s a good philosophy for any organisation. What a shame the Conservatives don’t have the same philosophy – about anything at all. In particular, we see their actual philosophy – “sell it off and ruin it” – in action in the UK’s water industry, which was privatised by the Thatcher government in 1989. A…

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Does Whately’s scorn for student nurses hide a deeper Tory agenda?

After 25,000 student nurses volunteered to help NHS staff cope with the Covid-19 crisis in April, ‘care’ minister Helen Whately has announced that a new £5,000 grant will not be backdated to allow them to receive it because they are “not deemed to be providing a service”. That’s the information we get from Nursing Notes: The government scrapped the NHS Bursary system for student nurses and midwives in 2015 which subsequently led to a significant drop in the number of applicants. Later this year the government will introduce the NHS Learning…

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NHS coronavirus PPE supply ‘severely undermined’ by private firms

This Site reported that the privatisation of PPE supplies was a serious problem, weeks ago. Vox Political is vindicated yet again. It is alleged that a “dysfunctional” supply chain process and the production of essential PPE by private firms is behind the recent “fiasco” of hospitals not receiving enough protective kit. Authors We Own It, a group of campaigners protesting privatisation of public services, and the Public Services International Research Unit at the University of Greenwich say that part-privatisation of NHS Supply Chain – the government organisation that oversees the supply…

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Tories are accelerating destruction of the NHS, just when we really need it

If you ever needed evidence that the Conservative government is hell-bent on wrecking as many UK lives as possible, this is it. Just when the coronavirus pandemic is proving that the worst thing possible for a nation’s health is a privatised, profit-driven health system, Matt Hancock and his gang are using it as an excuse for more privatisation! Apparently he reckons this is a great chance to push through the changes because they aren’t being subjected to proper scrutiny. In recent weeks, ministers have used special powers to bypass normal…

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Private employment agencies are making a killing by paying nurses a pittance

What do you think of this little racket? Remember when the Conservative government introduced privatisation into NHS procurement? It means the health service in England can hire nurses from private agencies. There is a shortage of nurses, meaning that agencies like Thornbury Nursing can pretty much ask whatever price they fancy, and NHS England will have to pay. The agency then pays its nurses less than half of what it charged the NHS – making the work unattractive to all but those who are most desperate for cash, and perpetuating…

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Extended jail term plan will lead to disaster

Conservatives can’t run prisons. We all know this – right? They tried privatising prisons and the cuts imposed by the privateers (in order to make a profit) meant wardens could not keep control. Consider the failure to control drug use or even to stop drugs being passed into prisons. Overcrowding led to unrest and even the occasional riot. Now Boris Johnson has announced an intention to extend jail terms, meaning even more people will be packed into our limited prison space. Or is he going to build more (like he…

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Johnson’s corrupt plan for the BBC – the propaganda arm of the Tory party

Some might say it’s a good thing BBC director-general Tony Hall has been persuaded to retire early. Robert Peston says it means current chairman David Clementi will have a chance to oversee the installation of a new DG who is not under the influence of Boris Johnson and his svengali Dominic Cummings. But Clementi’s term in the chair is nearly over, and it seems likely Johnson will use the government’s influence over the membership of the BBC board to ensure that whoever replaces him will fire anyone the prime minister…

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RAF hero wouldn’t have spent 12 hours on a hospital trolley if Tories hadn’t messed with the NHS

You’re going to see a lot of stories like this in the future, if you haven’t already. But you need to remember some important facts: NHS staff are busting a gut to keep the health service going for patients in the face of underfunding and privatisation. In 2010, when the Tories came to power, the NHS had its highest ever public approval rating. Look at it now. Look at what the Tories have done to it. — Marcus Chown (@marcuschown) January 10, 2020 What an absolute disgrace … and…

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Rail fares rise by 2.7 per cent – and most of the money will go abroad

Are you aware that, Brexit or no, huge amounts of your money are funnelled into European Union countries – because of Tory privatisation of our national assets? That may seem a strange way to open an article about this year’s 2.7 per cent increase in rail fares – but the point is that the extra money being extorted out of commuters will go abroad, to fund foreign rail services. And the fact is that trains in the UK are now almost entirely state-owned – by foreign countries. Yes, by stupidly…

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