Does Whately’s scorn for student nurses hide a deeper Tory agenda?

After 25,000 student nurses volunteered to help NHS staff cope with the Covid-19 crisis in April, ‘care’ minister Helen Whately has announced that a new £5,000 grant will not be backdated to allow them to receive it because they are “not deemed to be providing a service”. That’s the information we get from Nursing Notes: The government scrapped the NHS Bursary system for student nurses and midwives in 2015 which subsequently led to a significant drop in the number of applicants. Later this year the government will introduce the NHS Learning…

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Tories are accelerating destruction of the NHS, just when we really need it

If you ever needed evidence that the Conservative government is hell-bent on wrecking as many UK lives as possible, this is it. Just when the coronavirus pandemic is proving that the worst thing possible for a nation’s health is a privatised, profit-driven health system, Matt Hancock and his gang are using it as an excuse for more privatisation! Apparently he reckons this is a great chance to push through the changes because they aren’t being subjected to proper scrutiny. In recent weeks, ministers have used special powers to bypass normal…

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Extended jail term plan will lead to disaster

Conservatives can’t run prisons. We all know this – right? They tried privatising prisons and the cuts imposed by the privateers (in order to make a profit) meant wardens could not keep control. Consider the failure to control drug use or even to stop drugs being passed into prisons. Overcrowding led to unrest and even the occasional riot. Now Boris Johnson has announced an intention to extend jail terms, meaning even more people will be packed into our limited prison space. Or is he going to build more (like he…

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Job done: BBC got the Tories re-elected and now Tory pollster is softening us up for privatisation

Did you enjoy a lot of TV over Christmas? Did Worzel Gummidge tickle you? Or was Dracula more to your taste? How about that classic-with-a-new-face, Doctor Who? BBC output – and not just drama – appears to have won the Christmas ratings war, but the corporation itself is in danger of being destroyed by politicians. Boris Johnson said in the run-up to the general election that he thought the BBC in its current format – as a public service broadcaster supported by a licence fee paid by all television users –…

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When is a public health service NOT a public health service? When it’s run by TORIES

The Conservatives will swear blind that the National Health Service is still a publicly-owned, universal system because it is free at the point of use – falsely. It isn’t a universal system any more because, after some services were sold off to private firms, those firms have chosen not to provide them in certain parts of the country. And it isn’t free at the point of use any more – obviously – because patients who have been left high and dry by the privateers in the NHS have been forced…

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Did you know that the Tories are seducing English GPs into an American-style health system – RIGHT NOW?

I’ve only just found out about this and it is scandalous. The Conservative government is pushing a new “GP contract” on local medical practices in England, demanding that your family doctor should sign up to the creation of “Primary Care Networks” based on a US-style model of “integrated care”. The traditional doctor/patient relationship will end. You will lose the right to see your GP. Continuity of care will end. Your GP may think they are signing up for something better, as doctors are being promised more money and more nursing…

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Labour would halt RBS privatisation – in return for investment

  This looks like Labour’s plan for a national investment bank, writ smaller. A Labour government would halt privatisation because it would not profit the state. This makes perfect sense – far more than the current Tory plan to sell to the rich at a loss for the poor. But the offer is only to delay continued privatisation of RBS – and only if the bank commits itself to lending money to the regions, and to small businesses. For This Writer, it is not enough. RBS played a large part…

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How can we trust the Tory government when its ministers behave like this?

  Matt Hancock is a naughty boy, isn’t he? It seems his fat ministerial salary isn’t enough for naughty Matt, and he’s been taking donations – from a think tank dedicated to the end of the National Health Service. And he’s the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care. The Independent reports that after becoming an MP in 2010, Mr Hancock has received regular donations of between £2,000 and £4,000 from millionaire currency manager and Conservative Party donor Neil Record. Mr Record heads the board of free market group…

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American firms should run hospitals for profit after Brexit, says group supported by Trade minister

At last the plan to sell off the NHS to private companies is out in the open, after years of being denied. This think tank, the Initiative for Free Trade, should probably be thanked for allowing naked greed to get the better of tact and giving the game away too soon. It is an organisation that has the support of International Trade minister Liam Fox, so you can be sure that it will be Conservative Party policy in the near future. Mr Fox has already come out in support of…

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Want to know what Brandon Lewis’s privatised fire service will look like? It’ll look like this

<RING RING!> <RING RING!> <RING RING!> <click> “Nine-nine-nine emergency; which service do you require?” “Fire service, please.” “Thank you! Your fire service today will be provided by G5S/CrApiTOS. Putting you through…” <click> “Hi! Your fire and rescue services today are sponsored by U-None Insurance – when U need a payout from us, U get None!” “At last! I need you to come to -” “One moment, caller! How will you be paying for today’s service? We take Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, PayPal, Bitcoin or blood.” “Huh?” “We take-” “Forget it. It’s…

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