Now the Tories have stopped publishing Covid-19 death figures – with a flimsy excuse

The Conservative government has stopped telling us how many people are dying of Covid-19 every day because it contradicts the plan to lift lockdown. I mean: because Health Secretary Matt Hancock has demanded a review of the way the figures are calculated. But here’s a suggestion: why can’t the figures be published using the current system, until this review is completed and a new method put into practice if necessary? ITV’s news story says researchers have claimed the way deaths are reported across England has led to an “over-exaggeration” of…

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Do you believe Downing Street’s story that the Russia report may soon be published?

Parliament’s committee responsible for publishing the report on Russian interference in UK politics may be reconvened “imminently” – according to Downing Street sources. Do you believe that? Or do you think that, even if it happens, it’s only because Boris Johnson has found another way to delay the report – or hide what it says? According to the BBC, the government is denying that Johnson has stalled the process: A source close to the process has told me they are hopeful the committee will be confirmed by Downing Street “imminently”.…

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Did Tories ignore reports demanding action to prevent deaths of disabled benefit claimants?

When the government is dragging its heels over publishing years-old coroners’ reports that called for measures to protect disabled people from death, what does that suggest to you? To This Writer, it suggests that the Tories ignored the reports and allowed deaths to continue for up to five more years after the first report was written. It is for the Conservative government to publish the reports – unredacted – if it wants to prove me (or any other critics) wrong. If they remain covered up, I think we’ll have to…

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Tory incompetence: Cabinet Office publishes home addresses of Honours recipients

They really can’t complain. We can be sure most of the New Year Honours recipients voted for this kind of Tory ineptitude so they can’t make much of a fuss about having received it. Yes, the Tory-run Cabinet Office has managed to publish the home addresses of celebrities including Elton John and cricketer Ben Stokes, alongside those of police officers, politicians like Iain Duncan Smith and Ministry of Defence staff, and hundreds of “unsung” local heroes. The Tory government even made the details available in an easily-downloadable list – to…

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Tory government breaks ruling ordering it to publish report on UK fracking

The obvious question – asked by Labour’s Jon Trickett in the quoted extract below – is clear: If the Tories will break a legally-binding regulator’s ruling to hide the facts about fracking from the public, what other rules are they willing to break? My guess is: all of them. And if they’re hiding information from you, it’s because they are putting their own interests before those of the nation. That’s no way for a government to behave. The government has refused to abide by a ruling to publish parts of…

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Tories block move to publish Universal Credit briefings. You KNOW what this means

For years, the Conservatives in government have been telling us that Universal Credit is better for everybody, helping the claimant into work and then towards better-paid work at less expensive to the taxpayer in a streamlined system. But the result of Labour’s Opposition Day debate on the controversial system seems to prove one thing: The Tories’ claims were nothing more than the vilest of lies. Why hide the reports otherwise? If they don’t say anything that would turn the public against the Tories, then there wouldn’t be any need to…

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Green Party MEP launches new legal challenge for release of Brexit studies

Molly Scott Cato, Green Party MEP for the South West, writes: There have been letters, Freedom of Information requests, Parliamentary questions and, earlier this week, a letter signed by 120 cross-party MPs – all demanding that the government release studies they are sitting on about the economic impacts of Brexit. But David Davis has remained bullish, refusing to publish the findings. So, I have teamed up with Jolyon Maugham QC, a barrister and director of the The Good Law Project, to demand the Government release these studies within 14 days…

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Momentum’s election of Jackie Walker to its conference arrangements committee is a powerful statement

Jackie Walker was famously framed by activists from the Jewish Labour Movement at the last Labour conference in September, you may recall. They filmed her as she discussed anti-Semitism and Holocaust Memorial Day in a workshop setting that was billed as a “safe space” in which different points of view may be discussed freely – and then they proved this claim to be a lie by publicising her words in an attempt to smear her. The conspiracy was successful, to a certain degree; other members removed her from her position…

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Location revealed for ‘benefit-related deaths’ Tribunal hearing in November

The First-tier Tribunal (Information Rights) has provided details of the venue for the ‘benefit-related deaths’ hearing at which the DWP will appeal for permission not to publish the exact number of people who have died while claiming incapacity benefits since November 2011. It will be at Field House, 15 Bream’s Buildings, London EC4A 1DZ, starting at 10am on November 10 this year. Apparently it’s a five-minute walk from Chancery Lane tube station; those of you with disabilities will need to plan extra time to allow for your conditions (although obviously…

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Iain Duncan Smith accused of planning to ‘fudge’ benefit death stats – Mirror Online

View it as blowing my own trumpet if you like, but This Writer could not let the quiet announcement that the DWP will be publishing its doctored death statistics go by without a splash in the papers. The Daily Mirror has been brilliant on this whole story and its latest article continues the run: The department [of work and pensions] today announced a series of documents will be published on Thursday August 27th, detailing the number of deaths for people on out-of-work benefits, Employment and Support Allowance, Incapacity Benefit or…

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