Supporters up in arms that HS2 might not be allowed to ruin irreplaceable natural habitats

The HS2 high-speed rail link between London and the north of England could divide and destroy “huge swathes” of “irreplaceable” natural habitats – but supporters are reportedly devastated that part of it may be scrapped. So much for our concern for the environment. Nobody cares that any number of rare species could die out, as long as they get to their destination 20 minutes faster. And after all the warnings from David Attenborough. I wonder how he feels, now he knows he was wasting his breath on the general public.…

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Rail fares rise by 2.7 per cent – and most of the money will go abroad

Are you aware that, Brexit or no, huge amounts of your money are funnelled into European Union countries – because of Tory privatisation of our national assets? That may seem a strange way to open an article about this year’s 2.7 per cent increase in rail fares – but the point is that the extra money being extorted out of commuters will go abroad, to fund foreign rail services. And the fact is that trains in the UK are now almost entirely state-owned – by foreign countries. Yes, by stupidly…

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Letdown on rail accessibility for disabled people shows the Tories’ are still siding with big business

The Conservatives’ recent election manifesto stated that the UK didn’t need to renationalise the rail network; it just needed to make it accountable. What a shame that won’t happen. It is the second failed promise within days of the Conservatives being returned to office after the election. So far, they have not delivered on any of their commitments. The rail letdown concerns accessibility for disabled people. Private rail firms were given 10 years to make all trains accessible for people with disabilities – 10 years ago. They are not going…

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Rail fares to rise yet again – this time by 2.8 per cent

This is more evidence to support Labour’s plan to re-nationalise the UK’s railways. Regulated train fares are set to rise by 2.8 per cent next year, in line with the July rate of Retail Prices Index (RPI) inflation. Commuters from the new transport secretary’s constituency will pay an extra £84 a year to get to work in London from the start of 2020. Grant Shapps is MP for Welwyn Hatfield. From January next year, the price of an annual season ticket from Welwyn Garden City to London will rise from £3,016 to £3,100.…

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Grayling’s failings are piling up – rail fiasco adds to his Brexit ferry woes

Chris Grayling is failing as Transport Secretary, just as he failed as Justice Secretary and as a minister for employment. His latest disaster is the latest increase increase in ticket prices on Britain’s railways – most of which are owned by foreign companies and all of which have creamed £3.5 billion in profits off of us, while failing to provide adequate services. The Mirror describes it as a “gravy train” for the privatised rail operators, which were once a national utility owned by all of us. Its report stated: “Private train…

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Carillion crash means public may have to subsidise Tory privatisation yet again

Isn’t that a contradiction in terms? Back in the 1980s, Margaret Thatcher sold us a pup. She told us private companies could run public services more cost-effectively than government. Either she was badly mistaken or she was lying. Most voters believed her, though, and in the decades that followed, she and her successors have sold off as many public utilities and services as they could, hiring private contractors in to run crucial aspects of most of the others. The Carillion case is indicative of what happens next. The outsourcing company,…

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This Week in Toryland – your copy-and-keep guide to Conservative news

Welcome to This Week in Toryland! Feel free to copy the guide below and share it anywhere – with a link back to This Site, of course. This Week in Toryland a regular feature. If you find a piece of news you think should be included, please send it to the Comment column marked “This Week in Toryland”. Join the Vox Political Facebook page. If you have appreciated this article, don’t forget to share it using the buttons at the bottom of this page. Politics is about everybody – so…

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Tube strike is about maintaining good service. Don’t let selfish people tell you it’s about selfishness

The London Underground is in a mess due to cut by the Conservative Government and poor management by Boris Johnson Conservative administration. Sadiq Khan, the current (Labour, he says) Mayor of London appeared on Radio 4, to oppose the strike, but is arguments do not ring true. His administration may be working to limit the damage but the service is suffering now, and changes imposed by Johnson and the Tories may be hard to reverse. The strike was called because of ticket office closures and the loss of 800 staff…

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The ultimate insult: Tory privatisation means European state-owned rail firms profit – not you

We’ve established that the citizens of the UK – whether we use trains or not – are subsidising rail companies by nearly £4 billion a year. We’ve also established that £3.5 billion of that money is used as profit by the railway operating companies. Now you have proof that most of the £3.5 billion goes to German, Dutch and French nationalised railway services. It makes their services better while we are given trash. This is the ultimate result of Conservative privatisations. They LOVE it! Tories don’t care where your money goes,…

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Transport secretary told to resign – by fellow Tory

Chris Grayling is facing calls for his resignation as Transport Secretary after it was revealed that he opposed handing over control of suburban rail routes to Transport for London (TfL) because it would put the service in the hands of a Labour Mayor of London. He made the admission in a private letter to Boris Johnson three years ago, while Mr Johnson was London Mayor. As Justice Secretary (at the time), Mr Grayling had a seat on the Cabinet, where any decision would have been made. As Transport Secretary, he…

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