Blue Peter – better on racism than BBC News?

When is a Nazi salute not a Nazi salute? When it’s reported on the BBC! Seriously: this is how BBC news was reporting the Nazi salutes we all saw at the far-right rally in London on Saturday (June 13) – Nazi salutes are now being described by the BBC as " raising their arms"🤦‍♀️ — Mrs Czapla (@ms_czapla) June 13, 2020 The rally – which crossed the line into rioting very early in the proceedings – was held to oppose a peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstration planned for that day,…

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Jeremy Corbyn’s speech at the TUC New Deal rally

He said all the right things – didn’t he? Let’s have your opinions. The sound on the following video is really good until around 10 minutes in – then it drops out, but can still be heard (just about). See how you get on with it. Vox Political needs your help! If you want to support this site (but don’t want to give your money to advertisers) you can make a one-off donation here: Here are four ways to be sure you’re among the first to know what’s going on.…

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Only 250? Anti-Semitism demo against Labour flops with tiny attendance – and dodgy speeches

“Who’ll go?” That’s what This Writer asked yesterday (April 7). The answer, we now know, is: Practically nobody: Hundreds of protesters gathered in the rain outside Labour’s London headquarters today for a demo against anti-Semitism. There were shouts of “Corbyn out”, “racists” and “shame”, and boos among the crowd of around 250 people when speakers named the Labour leader. The protest was called by the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, which has regularly criticised Mr Corbyn’s approach. Brilliant. 250 misinformed sheeple, standing outside empty offices, howling lies about one of the strongest…

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Bristolians rise against austerity with ‘Fund our city!’ call

As I write this, the people of Bristol are staging a rally against austerity-driven Tory cuts to funding and services for their city. The event was called by city mayor Marvin Rees – and This Writer (a former Bristolian) agrees with his reasons. Only today, I had to write about funding cuts to another local authority that have endangered Women’s Aid services there – putting lives at risk. Tories don’t care. They think money is more important than human lives. The event’s Facebook page states: “Mayor Marvin Rees has called…

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Tory tweeter who compared Corbyn event with Nazi rallies is owned by anonymous Labour spokesperson

This is the way to put down a mouthy Tory keyboard warrior. Check out the Labour spokesman’s comment at the end of this extract: A Conservative councillor has come under fire for a Twitter comment in which he compared the huge turnout at Jeremy Corbyn’s rallies with Nazi gatherings under Hitler. Cllr Chris Steward, a former City of York Council leader, has been criticised, with a call for him to apologise, after he wrote the comment about popular rallies held by the Labour leader. “You can judge mass attendance at…

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Donald Trump has been advertising for ethnic actors to attend a rally

Are we to expect the POTUS to tell us this is fake news? The bizarre and disastrous presidency of Donald Trump continues, with Trump outed trying to perception-manage his rallies by paying black and ethnic people to attend them. Trump’s minions placed an ad on the Craigslist pages for Central/South Phoenix asking for minorities to attend his rally in the city. Note that only ‘several’ minority people were required – clearly Trump’s people don’t want too many brown faces turning up, just enough to be able to claim there were…

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Farage proved full of wind as ‘100,000-strong’ march on Supreme Court is cancelled

What a pathetic figure of fun Nigel Farage really is. This poster-boy for xenophobia called a demonstration, march and rally for the day the Supreme Court would consider the government’s appeal against allowing democracy into the Brexit negotiations, earlier this month. He said it was to support the government’s attempt to stop Lords and MPs from delaying Brexit, but in fact it would have been a bid to defy democracy. The High Court had ruled that Parliament should have democratic oversight of the Brexit process, with a vote on whether…

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Kristallnacht resurrected – will YOU stand by and let the fascists return?

People do these things because they think they can. Only 15 hours ago, at the time of writing, Jack Monroe tweeted the following: I’m willing to be even Jack didn’t expect America to respond so quickly. It’s a small sign, but could be a portent of bigger things to come. They do these things because they think they can – and the election of Donald Trump means they think they can. But let’s not get holier-than-thou about it; in a few weeks, Nigel Farage intends to lead 100,000 like-minded individuals…

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A mass rally to oppose democracy? Someone should tell Nigel Farage this is the UK, not Nuremberg

Isn’t mass mobilisation behind a single charismatic leader a symptom of fascism? Yes it is. Anybody considering attending Mr Farage’s rally should think very carefully about that. And isn’t the Brexit court case about whether there should be democratic oversight of the Brexit process, rather than blind submission to the dictatorship of the Conservative Government? Yes it is. It has nothing to do with delaying Brexit, other than tangentially – with delays possible if democracy is not upheld. And isn’t it pointless having ‘Leave’-supporting barristers in court when the case…

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Democracy has come to life in Parliament Square – New Internationalist blog

The farcical police brutality towards Occupy Democracy is a sign the authorities are running scared, argues Hannah Martin. A group of people are listening to Caroline Lucas MP discuss democracy and policy. They are listening much like any group of political supporters would do across Britain: the occasional ‘hurrah’ or murmur of assent makes for a warm atmosphere; people are attentive and appreciative. The difference here is that the group has been holding this space in Parliament Square for six days in the face of disproportionate police brutality, unforgiving weather…

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