NHS Wales should be praised for employing agency nurses to keep care standards high

A Freedom of Information request by the Welsh Conservatives has revealed that NHS Wales had to spend ¬£190 million on agency doctors and nurses in the last four years. Shame on NHS Wales, right? Well, no. This merely demonstrates the cack-handed way the Conservatives have been running the health service since taking office as part of the Coalition Government in 2010. Does anybody remember¬†reports last year that the Conservative-led Coalition Government had dumped 4,000 senior nurses since 2010, considering them to be “disposable” and “a quick way to save money”?…

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Tory attack on the poor spreads from the disabled to the elderly and children

For once, the Daily Mail‘s indignation is right on the button. It reports today that district nurses are being asked to encourage elderly people to sign their lives away. These ask if people have a preference to die at home when their time comes – and go on to suggest: Do you agree to a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) notice? In other words, if they suffer a life-threatening health risk and doctors could bring them back, will they tell the medical professionals not to bother? Nobody knows how long an…

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