If Labour rebels are planning to back BoJob’s Brexit deal, they’d better have their CVs typed up

How nice of Lisa Nandy to indicate that she may be minded to support Boris Johnson’s latest flawed attempt at a Brexit deal – and let’s hope she has her letter of resignation as a Labour MP prepared. I’m not suggesting that she should go for supporting a deal, or Brexit in general. The official position is that the public voted for it and Parliament should follow the will of the people. But any Labour MP supporting BoJob’s latest effort – and it is said that 40 are considering it…

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Lib Dems drift further to the political right in possible deal with Tory rebels

If this is true (and it’s a Sunday Times report, so that’s debatable), then it confirms the Liberal Democrats’ rightward drift since Jo Swinson took over as leader. Remember last week, when former Tory Phillip Lee crossed the floor of the House of Commons to sit with the Liberal Democrats – prompted the party’s LGBT representative, Jenny Rigg, to quit? She tweeted her anger at what she saw as her party’s capitulation to Toryism. And it seems she was right: Rebel Tories expelled from the party are in talks with the…

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Did Boris Johnson really cancel Parliamentary passes of rebel Tory MPs? And what did drunken Dominic do?

We all know that Boris Johnson has withdrawn the Conservative whip from 21 Tory MPs – but rumours are emerging that, in a fit of spite, he has also cancelled their Parliamentary passes, making it harder (but not impossible) for them to get into the House of Commons and vote against him today (September 4). Commentators are suggesting this was on the advice of Dominic Cummings, Dictator Johnson’s chief advisor and Brexit guru. Consider: Tory rebel @SamGyimah says "coming in here this evening, it looks like they've also disabled our…

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Tory rebels are set to call Dictator Johnson’s bluff

Tory MPs who say they will not support Boris Johnson’s “no deal” Brexit may stand as independent Conservatives if he goes through with his threat to withdraw the whip from them – effectively expelling them from his party in Parliament. The Dictator’s warning is already seen as an empty threat by many, as he would lose his majority in Parliament if he goes through with it. And if BoJob’s government falls as a result, then he will not be leader and will be unable to follow through his threat to…

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Coercion: Now Dictator Johnson is saying Tory rebels will be barred from being election candidates

It’s another step into dictatorship – and it makes the Labour de-selection row look pale in comparison. Boris Johnson has said any Conservative MP who votes against his plan for a “no deal” Brexit on October 31 will be barred from standing as a Tory candidate in the next general election. He’s saying he will end their careers if they do what they think is right for the country. Here‘s The Sun (of all places) reporting it: ANY Tory MP who votes for the extension legislation next week will not be…

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Blue-on-blue war as Johnson’s Parliament shutdown splits the Conservatives

Senior Tories are splitting away from Boris Johnson and preparing to support moves to stop the “no deal” Brexit he is trying to achieve by closing down Parliament for five weeks. This is hugely important as Mr Johnson has a working majority of just one MP. If all opposition MPs vote to stop him and Tory rebels help them, he cannot win a vote in Parliament and his plans will fall. A significant number of Conservative MPs have said they are now prepared to back legislation to be brought by…

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Tick tock, Tory Theresa, is your time up?

It’s looking bad for Theresa May. She may be ousted on the eve of the European Parliament elections she promised we wouldn’t have to hold. After the disaster that was the introduction of her third (and final?) attempt to get an EU Withdrawal Bill passed by Parliament, it seems she may be facing a full-scale Cabinet revolt and demands for her resignation. Very senior MP tells me the word from the Cabinet corridor in the HoC is that the PM will resign tonight, Andrea Leadsom is poised to resign to…

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The Conservatives have painted themselves into a corner; this simple question reveals their stupidity

Can you believe that Tory rebels have been asked if Theresa May’s resignation would motivate them to support her Brexit deal. Boris Johnson, Iain Duncan Smith, Jacob Rees-Mogg and others were asked for their opinions in private sessions with Downing Street advisors at a meeting in Chequers over the weekend, it has been alleged. One has to ask the simple question: Why? Mrs May’s deal was voted down twice – firstly in the biggest defeat for a sitting government in history, and secondly in the fourth-biggest such defeat – not…

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Now Conservative donors are saying they’ll rebel – but will they? Really?

We’ve had multiple claims from Conservative MPs that they’ll rebel against Theresa May’s government and all – but one – came to nothing because Tory MPs are spineless. They’ll only act in large numbers because they fear being singled out as traitors (one supposes) by a snubbed leadership that’s still in place. Now the Telegraph is saying businesspeople who have given millions to Tory funds are planning to boycott the Black and White Ball – the Tory party’s fundraising playtime, due to take place in February. Here’s what we can see…

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Tory rebellion inflicts historic defeat on government over ‘guerilla’ bid to stop no-deal Brexit

At last! They took their time about it but 20 Conservative MPs have finally shown that they have spines and rebelled against Theresa May’s threat to inflict a no-deal Brexit on the UK. They supported Yvette Cooper’s amendment to the Finance Bill (that’s the Budget, isn’t it?) that means the government will have to seek approval from Parliament for tax changes in the event of a no-deal Brexit. You can find their names here – and they include some high-ranking grandees, although Oliver Letwin and Kenneth Clarke are likely to…

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