Will Russia give us its working Covid-19 vaccine if we’re condemning Navalny poisoning?

This is awkward. It seems Russia has developed a Covid-19 vaccine that works – it creates an immune response with no ill effects: Sputnik V, which the Kremlin announced in August would enter mass production this month despite serious international concern, caused no major adverse effects and induced antibodies in all participants in two small rounds of early testing. The results were published in medical journal The Lancet on Friday. If this is true, then it could end the crisis worldwide – if distributed beyond Russia. There’s just one problem. The Establishment here in…

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Whoever says scrapping 213 smaller councils could save £3 billion hasn’t been paying attention to Tory spaffing

It seems some people really do have a blind spot. Whoever wrote the report that says the following, for example: Abolishing 213 smaller councils in England and replacing them with 25 new local authorities could save almost £3bn over five years, a report says. The report for the County Councils Network says one body in each area would reduce complexity and give communities a single unified voice. However, others argue bigger councils are unwieldy and undemocratic. It’s a good point that bigger councils may be unwieldy and undemocratic, but the…

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Leaked report warns of Covid-Brexit “horror show” – remember THIS IS WHAT BORIS JOHNSON WANTS

A Cabinet Office “reasonable worst-case” report on the effects of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit combining with another wave of Covid-19 has laid out exactly what Boris Johnson wanted for the UK when he became PM. Johnson, you’ll remember, did not want any trade deals with the European Union after the UK leaves that bloc. It was widely believed that this is because the hedge fund managers who supported his bid to be Tory leader have bet heavily on the UK going into recession, with many big-name firms going out of business.…

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Was the scheme to rehouse the homeless during the Covid lockdown another big Tory dud?

It seems homeless people really are invisible – to the media, at least. The Tories told us they were putting people who sleep on the streets into temporary accommodation – with a scheme called “Everyone In”. Except it turns out that everyone wasn’t in. Even by the Tories’ own estimation they only managed to bring 90 per cent of then-existing homeless people out of the open air and behind closed doors. And that estimation comes from Robert Jenrick. What are his words worth? Not a lot, it seems: In June, the Office…

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Senior Labour staff urged to publish WhatsApp messages IN CONTEXT if they think #LabourLeaks report misrepresented them

I haven’t contributed to the so-called Forde Inquiry into the allegations in the (also so-called) #LabourLeaks report because I think it’ll be a stitch-up. My own court case against Labour will go to trial on October 2 and I’m happy to let Mr Forde QC come to his own conclusions, which I may then find easy to use against the party if my own legal action is successful. You will understand why I see no point in contributing when I make this point: if Mr Forde’s inquiry was above-board, why did…

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Tories are stalling on social care because they don’t want you to have it

Is it really any surprise that the Tory response to Covid-19 in social care situations has been a massacre? They have no interest in using public funds to provide care for people who need it; they don’t think the money is meant for that. Also, of course, anything with the word “social” in its title is like garlic to a vampire for them. For example, has Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock got round to reading a report that stated – in July 2019 – that the social care system needed…

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It seems the UK’s Equalities watchdog is a racist organisation. How can we believe its report on Labour?

A common tactic among right-wingers, when a document is about to be published  or a claim made that attacks them, is to undermine the validity of the issuer of that document in some way beforehand. We’ve seen that happen many times over the last few years, haven’t we? Often the critical claims have been proved untrue later. Consider all the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn. Now, with the Equality and Human Rights Commission soon to release its report on alleged anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, that organisation is being buried under…

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Is Boris Johnson hoping we’ll forget bullying claims against Priti Patel? We won’t!

Downing Street is refusing to publish a full report into bullying claims against Priti Patel – and has postponed it until after the summer. It is nearly a week since the Prime Minister’s office said he had decided he would not allow the full report to be seen by the public. What does Johnson – let alone Patel – have to hide? At the time, Boris Johnson’s spokesman refused to say whether the report would be published before Parliament went into recess. Well, that happened on Wednesday (July 23) so…

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Russia report: If Russian influence over the UK is ‘the new normal’, shouldn’t someone be charged with treason?

Now we can all see why Boris Johnson did not want the so-called ‘Russia Report’ released before the general election last year. The report – released today (July 21) by Parliament’s new Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) – shows that successive Conservative governments have welcomed Russian oligarchs “with open arms”, giving them access to political figures “at the highest levels” – and made absolutely no attempt to investigate Russian interference in referendums and elections; in fact, the Tories “actively avoided” doing so. This has led, the report states, to the…

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Floundering Johnson outflanked over publication of ‘Russia Report’

Any hope Boris Johnson may have had that he could further delay or hide the revelations in the so-called ‘Russia Report’ on interference by that country in UK politics must now be gone. And that’s a good thing for British democracy! A panicking Johnson furiously threw Julian Lewis out of the Parliamentary Conservative Party after he joined Labour and SNP members of the new Intelligence and Security committee to get himself elected as its chair instead of Johnson’s choice, the incompetent Chris ‘Failing’ Grayling. And it seems Johnson is considering…

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