One in eight childcare workers in England earns much less than the minimum wage

This research shows all the hallmarks of Tory employment policy: early years workers – predominantly female – are considered to be of low worth and paid less than the minimum wage, and have few career options – and the Covid crisis is likely to make matters worse. It’s Conservative policy, remember: they have victimised women since they got back into office in 2010, with the so-called austerity policies attacking women far more than men. One in eight childcare workers in England earn less than £5 an hour, according to new…

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Civil disobedience: would parents be irresponsible to send their children back to school now?

If English parents send their children back to school on Monday (June 1), they will carry responsibility if their child catches Covid-19 as a result. It seems the Tory government isn’t telling anybody about that part of the law on parental responsibility. This Writer is grateful to one such parent, who writes: You have a legal obligation to not send your child anywhere you believe to be unsafe. If you suspect your child is going to be harmed and you send them anyway and they get harmed, you are legally…

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An INCOMPETENT government released the London Bridge terrorist to kill again: a TORY government

How tasteless of the Tories to try to blame Labour for a tragedy that they caused. People have died and both Home Secretary Priti Patel and prime minister Boris Johnson have tried to turn the atrocity into a political football. For clarity: convicted terrorist Usman Khan murdered two people on London Bridge last Friday (November 29). Both Mr Johnson (see the link below) and Ms Patel have tried to blame the fact that he was free and able to commit these murders on an early release policy which they say was…

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Lords bid to block ‘no-deal’ Brexit as OBR raises recession fears

The possibility of a Tory prime minister trying to prorogue Parliament – discontinuing it without dissolving it – in order to pass a “no-deal” Brexit has been pushed back by the House of Lords. Peers voted by a majority of 103 to ensure Parliament will sit in the weeks leading up to the October 31 deadline, making it impossible for Boris Johnson (or, indeed, Jeremy Hunt) to ensure the deadline can pass without MPs interfering. The vote happened the day before the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) warned that a…

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This teacher set the record straight on who is responsible for rising youth crime: TORIES

The Mentorn TV executive who chooses Question Time audience members may be reviewing the company’s policy after this truth bomb dropped on the April 4 edition of the programme (there is a connection with the Conservative Party, as I understand it): She said what needed to be said 👌 — Momentum 🌹 (@PeoplesMomentum) April 5, 2019 She was referring to the attempt by Home Secretary Sajid Javid – and by prime minister Theresa May, let’s not forget – to palm off responsibility for knife crime among young people onto teachers…

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Boris Johnson’s ‘Garden Bridge’ failure cost you £53m. So much for Tory financial responsibility

Is anyone keeping track of the amount of money these failed Conservative vanity projects are costing the public purse? Boris Johnson cost us £53 million with this silliness alone, but has everyone forgotten his costly water cannon project? Chris Grayling haemorrhages money. The DWP spends a fortune trying to deny help to benefit claimants. I’m sure you can think of plenty of other examples. Under the Conservatives, the national debt has more than doubled, but they have insisted on granting huge tax cuts to the super-rich. The £110 billion in…

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New Tory NHS plan is to tell you your health problems are your fault

It all seemed so positive – until the facts got in the way. Theresa May announced a new “long-term plan” (they like talking about long-term plans; remember their long-term economic plan that sank us into £1.7 trillion of debt?) for the NHS on Sunday. Here’s here Twitter feed: “The #NHSLongTermPlan will reinforce the NHS as a world leading health system when it comes to the money it spends on mental health services and the support and treatment it offers those who need it.” – PM @Theresa_May — UK Prime…

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UK government spending watchdog confirms what we already knew: There really is NO BREXIT DIVIDEND

This is not news. We’ve been saying this ever since the stupid ‘Brexit bus’, with its lie that £350 million per week would become available for the NHS, was first rolled out. And the Institute for Fiscal Studies made it clear that there is no ‘Brexit dividend’, exactly one month ago – as reported by This Site here. It isn’t even news that known liar Theresa May has used the Leave campaign’s lying ‘Brexit dividend’ claim to lie to the country again. What else are we to expect from a…

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Economic forecasts make nonsense of Tory policy – but will be used to hammer the poor again

Commentators like the Financial Times would like to say government plans are going sideways because of “weak economic forecasts”, but the fact is they were always rubbish. Tory deficit reduction ideas that involve squeezing the poor rather than expanding UK productivity and economic output were never going to work. That’s never – not a few years after they predicted. Today we found out that the Office for Budget Responsibility has been over-optimistic in all its productivity forecasts for the seven years since it was formed by David Cameron. Some of us aren’t…

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