Raise taxes on the rich, voters tell Johnson. They’ll be disappointed – it was never in his manifesto

The Independent reckons Boris Johnson is facing a dilemma after a survey found voters who gave him his election landslide want him to raise taxes on the rich. There’s just one problem: That was never a Conservative manifesto promise so he’s under no obligation to do anything of the sort. Did these people not realise that they were voting for the promises the Tories put in their manifesto? Voters have never had the right to make demands on a government after putting it in power. And I know it must seem unfair,…

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Another humiliation for Johnson – this time over claim life expectancy gap is narrowing

How many times does Boris Johnson have to make a fool of himself before we can do something about it? Let me answer that: We’re 44 days into his new Parliament, meaning there are a potential 1,783 days of humiliation to come. And it’s always possible that he’ll manage to make himself look a berk more than once per day. Conclusion: It’s going to be a long five years. The current humiliation concerns his claim that the gap in life expectancy between the rich and the poor is narrowing; it…

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Tax offices refuse to charge rich people with evasion – to avoid reputational damage

How sympathetic of our tax guardians! And if I get caught evading my tax responsibilities, will I receive the same treatment? No? Then this is unfair and must end. It also seems contradictory. Look: A senior HMRC official admitted that the UK tax authority panders to the rich and powerful when chasing them for tax evasion so they can avoid “reputational damage“. If you ever had any doubt that in Britain there really is “one rule for them, and another for the rest of us“, this utterly astonishing admission by the…

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Tory policies are intentionally worsening the strain on the health service – and our health in general

The evidence is conclusive, wouldn’t you say? We know that Conservative policies have caused a regression in the nation’s health, generally. People have less cash, which means they are less able to feed themselves properly, leading to malnutrition. This, in turn, has led to the return of the so-called ‘Victorian’ diseases – gout, TB, measles, scurvy, rickets and whooping cough. The Conservatives are undoubtedly delighted by this, as they have long desired a return to Victorian-era values. Employment policies mean people are finding it extremely hard to earn more cash,…

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Plutocracy in the UK: It seems the only qualification to rule is a massive bank account

The Tories can protest innocence all they like; what do YOU think these millionaires and billionaires discuss at these meals with ministers that they have bought with their hefty donations? Call This Writer a cynic if you want, but I simply don’t think they discuss the weather. Common sense suggests that, having spent a pretty penny propping up the Tories financially, these people will want a say in what those Tories do. Sir Michael Hintze, the Brexiteer hedge fund billionaire is a regular at these lavish meals. He's handed out…

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‘Help to Buy’ is helping the very rich. Did you think the Tories would do anything else?

It is astonishing that we have the Daily Mail to thank for this revelation (although This Writer had a feeling this is what was happening; I couldn’t find the information, though). Not only is ‘Help to Buy’ pushing up house prices as the supply of homes diminishes, it is also helping the rich buy houses, rather than those who don’t have the funds to buy a first home – the people for whom the scheme was said to be intended. £££ billions of Help to Buy subsidy taken by the…

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The super-rich may be avoiding billions in tax but HMRC has prosecuted just one of them

… And the story doesn’t say whether the prosecution was successful. This revelation will certainly re-kindle claims that HMRC is concentrating far too much of its effort on tax avoidance among working- and middle-class people when it should be putting resources elsewhere. But the simple fact is that it is easier to detect tax avoidance among the less wealthy classes – because they don’t enjoy as many – legal – opportunities for avoidance. This is a story about corruption in Parliament, where super-rich MPs simply won’t simplify tax in a…

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The poor pay more tax than the rich – and Tories want to cut the highest rate

The UK’s poorest families give more money to the government in tax than any other income group – and almost half of Tory MPs want to increase the inequality by cutting the top rate of tax yet again. According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the poorest fifth of households paid 37.8 per cent of their income in taxes last year, while the richest fifth paid 34.8 per cent. That’s not the whole story, of course – if you’re poor and you pay nearly two-fifths of your income in…

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The SNP’s great education betrayal

That’s right – betrayal. For all its bluster about free University tuition, the SNP government at Holyrood seems more interested in providing cheap education for the already-well-off than helping the disadvantaged achieve their potential. Holyrood abolished tuition fees for Scottish universities – but who did that help? According to research by Edinburgh University in 2013, it helped those who were already wealthy. The report on widening access to higher education was submitted to the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) after Ferdinand von Prondzynski, the university principal hand-picked by SNP ministers to…

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A message for rich tax-avoiders from The Last Leg

This is preaching to the converted (obviously) because Vox Political readers all pay their taxes, even those few of you who are actually rich, as currently defined in our society. Right? It is therefore with a sense of sharing that VP is posting the “Rich people – pay your tax!” rant by Adam Hills (with Alex Brooker, Josh Widdicombe and Jonathan Ross) from last night’s Last Leg. Please – if you know a rich person and suspect they are avoiding paying their full whack of tax – share this article with…

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