Support nurses’ campaign for fair pay!

Yes, that means you! The Royal College of Nursing has launched a campaign to pressure the government into paying nursing staff what they’re worth. Here’s what’s happening and how you can get involved: The RCN wants nursing professionals to be valued for their high level of knowledge, expertise and skills with pay that reflects the complexity of their roles and the impact of their work. This means campaigning for an early and significant pay rise for NHS staff and influencing independent health and social care employers, so they recognise and reward nursing…

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Bread and circuses: why should we be uplifted if £100 million of our cash is spent on a new royal yacht?

Typical Tories: faced with a choice between helping people who need it and spaffing a fortune on a boat for a super-rich toff’s jollies, they will always make the wrong decision. This is the third time a Tory has tried to foist a new Royal Yacht on us; the twist this time is a proposal to split funding three ways between businesses, the public and the National Lottery (so the public pays twice). This time the idea is being suggested by Lord Jones of Birmingham, formerly Digby Jones, who ran…

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Harry and Meghan step down as senior Royals – because of bad press?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex – that’s Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (still) to most of us – have announced their intention to step back as senior members of the UK Royal Family and work to become financially independent, while still fully supporting the Queen. It seems they are unhappy with certain aspects of the job – one of which appears to be the way their activities are reported in the press. In that respect, This Writer thinks they’re right up with the rest of us. Complaints and criticism…

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Psychiatrists try to defend failure to speak out on ‘abusive’ Universal Credit project

The Royal College of Psychiatrists has tried to explain its reasons for failing to object to a pilot project in Cornwall in which Job Centre advisors – with no training – decide whether claimants need mental health care. This Site reported on the project in August: The department… is trying to cut doctors working on mental health out of the benefit system by claiming that rank-and-file Job Centre advisers are just as able to spot mental health problems – and recommend the best treatment. They aren’t; they can’t. It’s just…

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Dictator Johnson’s latest anti-democratic scheme – call an election and shift the date

It’s one dastardly scheme after another in Dictator Johnson’s regime. The latest, according to certain sources, is that he’ll mitigate the effects of any legislation to stop his “no deal” Brexit by calling a snap general election – some time within the next three days (so before the end of September 5). It seems a motion to stop “no deal” Brexit will be seen as a motion of “no confidence” in BoJob’s bodge-up of a government. Laura Kuenssberg suggested it on the BBC’s Politics Live: There are "very real, very live…

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What he thinks they want to hear: Farage attacks Royals in speech to far-right Aussies

This is typical populist behaviour. Nigel Farage told Australian Conservatives what he thought they wanted to hear. So he praised up the Queen, but then attacked other Royals for social justice and environmental campaigns because he knew that this would be popular with his audience. Did he mean what he said? Who cares? The only thing that matters to Mr Farage will be the effect his words had on his audience – that they leave their conference believing what he has told them about the UK, and that he is their…

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Labour would halt RBS privatisation – in return for investment

  This looks like Labour’s plan for a national investment bank, writ smaller. A Labour government would halt privatisation because it would not profit the state. This makes perfect sense – far more than the current Tory plan to sell to the rich at a loss for the poor. But the offer is only to delay continued privatisation of RBS – and only if the bank commits itself to lending money to the regions, and to small businesses. For This Writer, it is not enough. RBS played a large part…

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Remembrance Day travesty: While Corbyn pledges to house homeless veterans, his critics carp about his coat

  . Anybody catching this year’s Remembrance Day ceremony on television this year will have spotted Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn wearing an anoark rather than the black overcoat worn by many of his fellow wreath-laying political leaders – as you can see in the image above I did. I wasn’t actually taking part in any events this year so I had a chance to sit down and watch it instead. I was pleased to see Mr Corbyn’s choice of coat because it meant he stood out from the crowd…

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Why should you and I pay for Buckingham Palace renovation? We don’t live there

That’s right – the public purse is being opened to pay for a £369 million renovation of Buckingham Palace. Why? The Royal Family is worth a fortune and the money could – and should – be spent on things that are far more important to the national good. But this just shows how twisted Tory morality is. Faced with a choice between the national interest and paying more money to people who are already filthy rich, they hand the money to the monarch every time. People are responding, as they…

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