Will Russia give us its working Covid-19 vaccine if we’re condemning Navalny poisoning?

This is awkward. It seems Russia has developed a Covid-19 vaccine that works – it creates an immune response with no ill effects: Sputnik V, which the Kremlin announced in August would enter mass production this month despite serious international concern, caused no major adverse effects and induced antibodies in all participants in two small rounds of early testing. The results were published in medical journal The Lancet on Friday. If this is true, then it could end the crisis worldwide – if distributed beyond Russia. There’s just one problem. The Establishment here in…

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The Tories are attacking the Electoral Commission. What are they trying to hide?

Boris Johnson’s onslaught against the rule of law is building up speed. His Conservative government wants to either abolish or significantly reform the Electoral Commission – the independent organisation that regulates political donations, spending and other areas, and has the power to undertake its own investigations, and fine parties and officials for breaches of the rules, although more serious matters are passed to police. The Liberal Democrats reckon this is an attempt to prevent the exposure of “embarrassing funding connections to Russian oligarchs” – and This Writer finds it a more convincing…

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Legal action over Russian intervention in UK politics? Let’s hope it happens before Johnson gags the courts!

Using an ad-blocker? PLEASE SWITCH IT OFF My ads don’t cost you anything but they do provide me the money I need to live. Using an ad-blocker on this site is as bad as stealing. A group of MPs has threatened court action to compel the Johnson government to investigate allegations in a report on Russian intervention in UK politics. Well, let’s hope they follow it through soon because Johnson is acting to stop the courts from having any power over his government. Yes, that is dictatorship. You voted for…

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Tory treachery: these are just TODAY’S reasons to regret voting ‘Conservative’

Anybody who voted ‘Conservative’ last December in the belief that they would be better-off must be really kicking themselves now. Today we have learned that the Tories took money from Russians and then looked the other way while Russia interfered with our general elections – and possibly the Brexit referendum. The arrogant Tories have said they won’t even bother with a retrospective investigation of what happened (in case it incriminates them, perhaps). Within the last 24 hours, the Tories voted to ensure that the National Health Service will be part…

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Russia report: If Russian influence over the UK is ‘the new normal’, shouldn’t someone be charged with treason?

Now we can all see why Boris Johnson did not want the so-called ‘Russia Report’ released before the general election last year. The report – released today (July 21) by Parliament’s new Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) – shows that successive Conservative governments have welcomed Russian oligarchs “with open arms”, giving them access to political figures “at the highest levels” – and made absolutely no attempt to investigate Russian interference in referendums and elections; in fact, the Tories “actively avoided” doing so. This has led, the report states, to the…

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Floundering Johnson outflanked over publication of ‘Russia Report’

Any hope Boris Johnson may have had that he could further delay or hide the revelations in the so-called ‘Russia Report’ on interference by that country in UK politics must now be gone. And that’s a good thing for British democracy! A panicking Johnson furiously threw Julian Lewis out of the Parliamentary Conservative Party after he joined Labour and SNP members of the new Intelligence and Security committee to get himself elected as its chair instead of Johnson’s choice, the incompetent Chris ‘Failing’ Grayling. And it seems Johnson is considering…

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Beyond satire: has Boris Johnson found another way to delay release of the ‘Russia Report’?

We are being asked to believe that the long-awaited report on Russian influence in UK politics could soon be released after Boris Johnson announced his nominations for the Parliamentary committee responsible for it. But how can Parliament approve those nominations when he has nominated legendary dunderhead Chris Grayling to chair the committee? Grayling is quite possibly the stupidest human being ever to infest the Palace of Westminster. His blunders are legendary and installing him as chair of a committee with the word “intelligence” in its title would be a contradiction…

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Do you believe Downing Street’s story that the Russia report may soon be published?

Parliament’s committee responsible for publishing the report on Russian interference in UK politics may be reconvened “imminently” – according to Downing Street sources. Do you believe that? Or do you think that, even if it happens, it’s only because Boris Johnson has found another way to delay the report – or hide what it says? According to the BBC, the government is denying that Johnson has stalled the process: A source close to the process has told me they are hopeful the committee will be confirmed by Downing Street “imminently”.…

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Johnson is feeling the pressure to publish report on Russian interference in UK affairs

Boris Johnson and his government are facing mounting pressure to publish a long-delayed report on Russia’s influence in UK politics. The report was finalised by Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee last October – but Boris Johnson refused to sign it off before the general election. The committee itself was dissolved in advance of that poll, but has not been reconvened since – because Mr Johnson has not approved the Conservative Party’s nominations of members. Here’s the BBC’s Nick Eardsley: Ultimately, members are appointed by the prime minister. But political parties…

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