Former Tory triggers row by trying to blame Labour for the Grenfell Tower inferno

As ‘Third Sector Workhouse’ suggested on Twitter: “There is no sewer the Lib Dems will not crawl through.” And what could we expect, after Yellow Tory Jo Swinson allowed so many Conservatives into her party? Tories thrive on lies, perversity and falsehood. So we have already seen the London Fire Brigade burdened with the blame for the deaths of 72 people in Grenfell Tower, after its officers followed safety procedures ordered by the Conservative-run local authority. Meanwhile we know the main cause of the deaths was the flammable cladding that…

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Gyimah joins the Lib Dems. Are they now the party of homophobia?

What is happening to the Liberal Democrats? Jo Swinson’s tactic of taking in every waif and stray from the Conservative Party and Change UK may seem to be a sound way to increase her party’s presence in Parliament. But it is changing the nature of that party at the same time. When Phillip Lee crossed the floor of the House of Commons, the Liberal Democrat spokeswoman on LGBT+ issues quit, on the grounds that he was a homophobe. Now Sam Gyimah has – rather dramatically – quit the Conservatives to…

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Lib Dems drift further to the political right in possible deal with Tory rebels

If this is true (and it’s a Sunday Times report, so that’s debatable), then it confirms the Liberal Democrats’ rightward drift since Jo Swinson took over as leader. Remember last week, when former Tory Phillip Lee crossed the floor of the House of Commons to sit with the Liberal Democrats – prompted the party’s LGBT representative, Jenny Rigg, to quit? She tweeted her anger at what she saw as her party’s capitulation to Toryism. And it seems she was right: Rebel Tories expelled from the party are in talks with the…

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The 21 Tories ejected from their party for voting with their consciences

Dictator Johnson has gone through with his threat and withdrawn the whip from 21 now-former Conservative MPs. The list includes extremely high-profile names including Father of the House Ken Clarke and Philip Hammond, who was Chancellor of the Exchequer until only six weeks ago (at the time of writing). Also out are recent Conservative leadership candidate Rory Stewart, Oliver Letwin, Dominic Grieve, David Gauke and Nicholas Soames (who is entirely forgettable apart from being Winston Churchill’s grandson). And Guto Bebb, who said he would vote against the government, has also…

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James Delingpole: clueless Brextremist comes unstuck over ‘no deal’ and WTO rules

In one of the few appearances James Delingpole has made on This Site, he is quoted as saying he smoked cannabis while listening to Supertramp with David Cameron while they were both at Oxford – and one would be forgiven for asking whether he went back on the whacky baccy before appearing on Andrew Neil’s This Week to support a ‘no deal’ Brexit. Mr Delingpole made a short film extolling the virtues of reverting to World Trade Organisation rules on trade and tariffs between countries, and then appeared in the studio for…

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Resignations from Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet – but look at the different attitudes of the leaders!

Prime Minister Theresa May might not have the integrity to say she’ll resign if her Brexit deal is voted down by Parliament – and her attitude to those in her party who do is tragically revealing. Universities and Science Minister Sam Gyimah found this out when he became the seventh member of Mrs May’s government to resign in protest at the deal. He said he supported a second referendum, as “the public will not forgive us if we don’t level with them about the difficult choices”. Mrs May never even…

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