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Nandy appointed Shadow Foreign Secretary: Labour has no plans to regain Scottish seats

Nandy: anti-Scottish?

It’s the only conclusion one can infer from Keir Starmer’s decision to give Lisa Nandy a Shadow Cabinet post: that he has absolutely no intention to even try to regain Labour’s dominance in Scotland.

Nandy infamously said that the UK should “look to Catalonia” for lessons on how to defeat Scottish nationalism.

She was referring to the Spanish government’s use of force to try to stop a disputed independence referendum in Catalonia, in 2017.

Starmer’s decision to put her in the Shadow Cabinet is certain to infuriate voters in Scotland, who now see her as hate-filled and violent. Who can blame them?

And it indicates that left-wing fears are correct: Starmer is jerking Labour rightward once again – and he knows that a right-wing Labour Party cannot hope to retake Scotland from the SNP.

It also indicates that he knows his place. Without Scottish seats, Labour cannot hope to win a general election. He stands confirmed as the Labour leader who’ll keep the party in opposition to keep a socialist out of Downing Street.

Source: Scottish independence: Labour candidate Lisa Nandy criticised for Catalonia remarks – BBC News