The Scottish Tories have a new leader – but he seems to be both confused … and prejudiced

The Scottish Conservatives have a new leader – Douglas Ross, who was elected unopposed by party members. This seems a very odd thing for them to do. Consider the evidence in the video below – which I know was created by a supporter of the SNP. Try to ignore the party political message and concentrate on what this says about the person: Who is the latest ScotTories leader Douglas Ross? — Phantom Power (@PhantomPower14) August 5, 2020 The ‘dark money’ claim seems accurate, as the Scottish Unionist Association Trust…

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Tory bids to make her party unelectable north of the border

A Conservative who spoke up in favour of the ‘rape clause’, limiting the number of children benefit claimants can have, may stand to become leader of her party in Scotland. Way to go, Michelle Ballantyne. You’ll make your party utterly unelectable north of the border if you succeed. In 2018, Ballantyne provoked a furious backlash when she defended the so-called rape clause during a Holyrood debate on poverty and inequality. The South Scotland MSP and party spokesman for social security said: “It is fair that people on benefits cannot have…

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‘Survival sex’ scandal prompts call to take benefit powers away from DWP and hand them to Scottish Parliament

Scottish equalities minister Christina McKelvie has called for the Scottish Parliament to have complete control of benefits north of the border, in a bid to stop claimants having to resort to “survival sex”. It comes a month after a report on survival sex was published by the Commons Work and Pensions Committee in Westminster. That document revealed that women were turning to prostitution in order to feed, clothe and house themselves and their children – due to cuts and delays in benefits like Universal Credit. This site has discussed the…

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Crunch time for the UK constitution as BoJob is ordered to follow the law – or else

Supporters of a “no deal” Brexit were celebrating prematurely today, after Scotland’s highest court threw out a legal bid to force Boris Johnson to apply to delay the UK’s departure from the EU. Judge Pentland of the Court of Sessions said there could be “no doubt that the prime minister had agreed to abide by the law”, so there was no need for “coercive orders” against the government or Mr Johnson. So that’s that, as far as the Brexiteers, the ERG and no doubt BoJob himself are concerned. They seem…

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Why the Supreme Court must support Scottish judges against the end of democracy

Consider this: If the executive can suspend parliament whenever it likes, for purely political reasons (it doesn’t like what parliament is doing), then the executive have the power to end our parliamentary democracy. First it is for a few weeks, and then it is for a few years. It is simply nonsense to say that this is a political matter, because politics has been shut down. Parliament cannot even vote no confidence in the Executive because parliament has been suspended. The argument that the law should not get involved in…

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New Tory benefit cuts are plunging even more people into poverty

Cuts to social security spending in Scotland means people on benefits there will lose £500 million in total, according to a report to the Scottish government. According to Welfare Weekly, the 2019 Annual Report on Welfare Reform shows the largest welfare cuts since 2015 are as a result of the benefit freeze, two-child cap, and changes to the work allowance: According to the report, 8,500 Scottish families have already had their income cut by the Universal Credit (UC) two-child limit – and that figure will reach 40,000 at full rollout, pushing up to…

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Scottish judges rule prorogation unlawful. Is it a bit late for that now?

Appeal court judges in Scotland have ruled that Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament until mid-October is not legal. The decision overturns a previous ruling that courts did not have the power to overturn Mr Johnson’s political decision to prorogue Parliament. But they did not issue an injunction or interdict ordering Parliament to reconvene after the prorogation came into effect early on Tuesday morning (September 10). Lord Carloway, Scotland’s most senior judge, said the Scottish tribunal was deferring a final decision on an interdict to the UK supreme court, which will hold…

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Scottish Judge rejects parliament shutdown legal challenge

This is self-explanatory and nothing more than what was to be expected. In any case, events have moved on and the prorogation now appears to be just another mistake by an inept, failed prime minister. A Scottish judge has rejected a bid to have Boris Johnson’s plan to shut down parliament ahead of Brexit declared illegal. The case was brought to the Court of Session in Edinburgh by a cross-party group of 75 parliamentarians, who argued the PM had exceeded his powers. But Lord Doherty ruled on Wednesday that the…

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Companies House finally removes Esther McVey’s name from political campaign group’s details

It turns out Esther McVey wasn’t involved with political campaigning organisation Loyal Scots Company after all. Companies House has removed her name from that organisation’s listing, so we now have no reason to believe that she has been its secretary, as had been previously stated (by the Companies House listing). I had reported on the matter here… And here. Now Evolve Politics, which broke the story after it was uncovered by Alex Tiffin, has reported: UPDATE: Last year we published an article reporting that Esther McVey was listed as Company Secretary…

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Esther McVey says she has been falsely connected with a campaigning company. Why is she trying to shoot the messenger?

We always knew the Work and Pensions secretary, Esther McVey, was a bully – this proves it graphically. Alex Tiffin is an independent journalist who runs the Universal Credit Sufferer blog. On the morning of November 3, he tweeted an extraordinary announcement about Ms McVey, following research at Companies House. The Company Director is Williams Throw who owns this account; @ThowWilliam. The Company lists itself as an IT Consultancy despite being a political lobbying and campaign group. It's a registered Ltd company and most recent accounts show a share valuation of £20…

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