A job only half-done: Tories SAY they are dropping ESA and PIP Mandatory Reconsideration targets

The claim that there has never been a Mandatory Reconsideration target for upholding original decisions is, of course, not true. The Mandatory Reconsideration system was introduced on October 28, 2013, and This Site reported in 2015 that the proportion of ESA decisions overturned by MR had fallen from 35 per cent to 20 per cent – in line with the DWP’s then-secret target. By the 2016-17 financial year, 87 per cent of MR requests were resulting in the original decisions being upheld. The fact that the DWP had a target…

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Bankers’ bonus cap could be scrapped after Brexit

Is this the reason certain people in the financial sector are so keen on Brexit? Bankers caused the crash and subsequent Great Recession, around a decade ago, but Tories tried to blame it on the Labour Party in an attempt to divert attention away from the huge bonuses that were still being paid out. It wasn’t until 2014 that a cap was introduced on bankers’ bonuses. Now, it seems, that cap could be removed with our departure from the EU, making it possible for bankers to fleece the rest of…

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Labour demands scrapping of tuition fee increase – but who will support it?

Let’s be honest: Tories who asked Theresa Maybe to cut student fees will squirm – and then vote to increase them, like the good little poodles they are. And the DUP? Sorry, students, but £1.5 billion in their hands will mean more to them than cutting your debts! Excuse This Writer’s cynicism, but this vote will turn out to be an opportunity for the Conservatives and the DUP to remind us all that they cannot be trusted with government because they have no principles at all. These crawling invertebrates will…

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Labour plan for vote to scrap public sector pay cap is great politics

Hear, hear. We know that Tory backbenchers (and perhaps even some of the Cabinet) are wavering over the wisdom of the public sector pay cap. This vote will establish where they really stand. If they don’t bother to vote, or vote with the minority Tory government, they’ll be marked as “spineless” and their chances at the next general election will be reduced (because we have long memories now, thanks to the social media). If they vote with Labour’s motion, then the minority Tory government will be shown up as one…

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As outsourcing contracts collapse, Tories are talking about charging for NHS services

This is where our money is going. Because the Conservatives are keen to give public money to private enterprise, two NHS trusts banded together to become a service provider for older people and those who were mentally ill – and failed. That means they were being paid our money for a service they couldn’t provide – so the people who needed the service didn’t get it. They still need the service but the money has gone. And now a Conservative MP has proposed charging people for NHS services. No. This…

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Another Tory U-turn: Gove scraps ‘nonsense on stilts’ criminal courts charge

The justice secretary, Michael Gove, has scrapped the mandatory criminal courts charge after more than 100 magistrates resigned in protest. The abrupt U-turn ditches a money-raising scheme introduced by the previous justice secretary, Chris Grayling, that only came into force in April this year. Imposition of the criminal courts charge is due to end on Christmas Eve. The swift decision implies that early returns from the criminal courts charge did not deliver the anticipated income of up to £135m a year that Grayling’s officials initially promised. Gove made the announcement…

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Taxpayers’ Alliance: ‘Cut pensioner benefits now – they’ll be dead in 2020 anyway’

Following on from the Torygraph‘s revelation that Conservatives believe us all to be selfish, backstabbing and stupid, here’s the Tory-supporting Taxpayers’ Alliance, displaying all three of those qualities at once. The TPA, if you recall, exists to cut the tax bill (primarily – and selfishly – for the very rich, hence the close connection with the Conservative Party) – and has called for the Conservative Government to cut pensioner benefits right now (backstabbing) on the grounds that either they’ll be dead or won’t remember what happened by the time of the…

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Benefit assessments now proved to make sick people worse

We now have a system of benefit assessment that has been independently shown to make the sick and disabled worse – both physically and mentally – while denying them the income they need to survive – and for which they have paid taxes and National Insurance all their working lives. Only yesterday (March 19) we heard about a man (who did not want to be named) being forced to sell his home after suffering a stroke that left him with memory loss and unable to walk or speak properly. This…

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What was that about the NHS again, Nigel?

Thanks to our friends on the social media for flagging up the following: Nigel Farage has admitted he still wants the NHS scrapped in favour of US-style insurance scheme But in a new BBC interview that was set to be aired this morning (January 20), Mr Farage said ditching the NHS is “a debate we’re going to have to return to”. He clarifies that it was only abandoned as official UKIP policy due to pressure from worried pals. Mr Farage said: “I triggered a debate within UKIP that was outright rejected by…

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UKIP would scrap Childrens Centres & SureStart! – John D Turner

Well, well, well … Who knew it? ukip’s latest policy on welfare was out there all the time! Basically, they aim to be tough on those in poverty and well to the right of IDS when it comes to social policy, writes John D Turner on his blog. How do I know this? I was chatting with someone the other day about ukip’s all things to all men (women know your place!) Bedroom Tax policy and I mused about where they stood on other Social Security issues. My friend sent…

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