Cameron warns of ‘legacy of debt’ – that he intends to leave

Comedy prime minister David Cameron has urged voters in the forthcoming general election not to pass on a “legacy of debt” to their children. This is clearly advice to vote for anybody but the Conservative Party. His words came as an economic expert finally demolished the claims made in his first, lying, election poster and others pointed out that he has failed to fulfil other key pledges from 2010. David Blanchflower, writing in The Independent, took the Tories to task for the lies on their poster. Starting with the claim…

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Road to ruin: Tories’ campaign poster is electoral suicide

The Tories have fired the first shot in the 2015 general election campaign – and it’s a dud. Their brand-new campaign poster shows a road stretching out through the (presumably British) countryside, and bears the slogan, “Let’s Stay on the Road to a Stronger Economy”. It’s eerily reminiscent of the poster for the 1978 movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind – and there’s about as much chance of our economic chances improving under the Tories as there is of alien visitation. Perhaps the Tories are trying to evoke another…

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#proudtowork – Yet Another Money Grabbing Scam From The Parasites – the void

Here’s an article that ticks many boxes. Johnny Void writes: “The body established to lie on behalf of the fraud ridden welfare-to-work industry have launched a new campaign on the back of a report so breath-takingly dishonest it would make Iain Duncan Smith blush. “According to the Employment Related Services Association (ERSA), the floundering Work Programme has been a huge success and is set to add £18 billion to the economy.  This is based on a report which ERSA commisioned from a consultancy company called Europe Economics who have mangled…

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Jobseekers told to do more to find (non-existent) work

WARNING: This article has been edited using the ‘Guide to DWP euphemisms’ published by Richard Hutton, and with inspiration from it. New rules coming into force at the end of the month mean jobseekers will have to do more to find work – even though there are currently five of them for every job available – the Department for Work and Pensions has announced. Simply ‘signing-on’ for benefits will be a thing of the past under the draconian and repressive new rules. Employment Minister and double-standards queen Esther McVey has…

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Cameron’s ‘mission’ is morally bankrupt

When David Cameron stands up in all his hypocrisy and tells you that tearing apart the basic safety net that guaranteed people would not be left in hunger or destitution is part of his “moral mission”, even die-hard Tories should agree that the country has taken a turn for the worse. When he defends an administration that has become so punitive that applicants who don’t get it right have to wait without food for months at a time, by claiming he is doing “what is right”, even die-hard Tories should…

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Jail the DWP fraudsters who tried to fix UK unemployment figures!

Iain Duncan Smith and everybody else associated with this scam should be facing charges and the possibility of imprisonment, rather than re-election next year. Let’s be honest about this: The government hasn’t messed up by omitting Universal Credit claimants from the official unemployment benefit claimant count – the Department for Work and Pensions messed up by admitting this had happened. It means we may be looking at a long-term attempt to defraud the electorate. The plan seems clear: When the general election finally takes place next year, Iain Duncan Smith would have…

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DWP’s shame: Facts reveal how ministers duped the press

Today the DWP finally released its press release claiming that huge numbers of people who wanted Employment and Support Allowance have been found fit for work instead. Interestingly, the DWP story differs from that published by the BBC, even though the corporation must have used a version of the press release provided to it in advance. In the BBC story, released on Saturday, “More than a million others withdrew their claims after interviews” – but the DWP press notice, released today, claims “More than a million others withdrew their claims before…

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More dodgy numbers on jobs for the disabled from the fake statistics machine

Someone in the Coalition government needs to watch what they’re saying – otherwise people all over the UK might come to unintended conclusions. Take a look at this: “Over 2,000 more disabled people got the support they needed to get or keep their job, compared with this time last year, official figures released today (22 October 2013) show” – according to a Department for Work and Pensions press release. It goes on to say that the number of people receiving support under the Access to Work programme between April and…

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Jobseekers and the self-employment trap

Yesterday’s outburst against Esther McVey and her innovative way of interpreting the benefit claimant statistics proved very popular as readers clamoured to suggest alternative reasons why people who deserve benefits are no longer getting them. One of these deserves an article of its own, because it really is ‘The One That Got Away’ – and doesn’t deserve to. As the commenter who raised it pointed out, it could be a huge scandal. We refer, of course, to the fact that people on Jobseekers’ Allowance are being, let’s call it, ‘persuaded’…

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