Raise taxes on the rich, voters tell Johnson. They’ll be disappointed – it was never in his manifesto

The Independent reckons Boris Johnson is facing a dilemma after a survey found voters who gave him his election landslide want him to raise taxes on the rich. There’s just one problem: That was never a Conservative manifesto promise so he’s under no obligation to do anything of the sort. Did these people not realise that they were voting for the promises the Tories put in their manifesto? Voters have never had the right to make demands on a government after putting it in power. And I know it must seem unfair,…

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London NHS patients to have essential care rationed under new Tory plan to save cash

More than two million Londoners are set to have their NHS services rationed in a scheme to save cash that may do little for their health. The Tories are using North West London as a testing ground for the scheme that will deprive patients of essential NHS services in order to save £60 million. That’s right – unlike previous schemes that targeted elective treatments, this round of cuts will take away services that patients need. I recall reporting on the rationing of hip operations in 2017. At the time I…

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Divided nation: Reaction to video of soldiers shooting Corbyn poster shows danger to democracy

This is a media-led scandal; if the Tory-dominated mass media had not spent the last four years demonising Jeremy Corbyn, members of our armed forces would not have used an image of him as target practice. And supporters of the armed forces would not have voiced their own hatred of Mr Corbyn. Consider the comments of Trevor Coult, founder of ‘For Our Veterans’ – and the organisation’s own comments in support of him: Hmmm 🤔 pic.twitter.com/3zZCgyE4KD — The Ennuiasel (@SonOfGibbo) April 3, 2019 People are outraged that British war veteran charity…

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New council chief gets £55 for UNCONTESTED elections – and there’s no money for services

What a barmy contradiction! Powys is, geographically, the largest county in Wales – with the smallest population. It habitually receives the least extra cash in the annual settlement from the Welsh Assembly. As a result, it struggles to provide services – partly because private companies that carry out many of those services assume local authorities have money to burn and charge accordingly (I had that from a council officer). It must be true, the reasoning runs, because just look at the salaries paid to the council’s chief officers. And salaries…

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‘Compassionate’ Conservatism has led to this: Council must slash £750,000 children’s service bill

This is the result of Tory cuts. Underfunded councils prove unable to attract qualified full-time social workers but have a statutory duty to provide the service, so they have to hire agency staff instead. This costs more, so council then have to cut the number of staff they employ, meaning those who remain are faced with a larger workload. They won’t be able to cope. Result: The collapse of the service and increased abuse of children. Anyone who voted Conservative in 2017 wanted this. The council department [in Coventry] which…

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Brexit Secretary still thinks he can dictate to the EU, after giving in on every point in negotiations so far

Isn’t there a saying that madness may be defined as doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results? In that case, David Davis is not only stupid but mad as well. He has repeatedly stated the Tory government’s demands to the EU27 on what Theresa May and her cronies want from Brexit. He has been rebuffed, every time – but now he is coming back with more of the same. And isn’t it charming of him to try to say what other people must do – when…

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Greedy Tory councillors cut children’s services – then give themselves a £1,000-a-year pay rise

Conservative priorities: Take from the poor to give to themselves. The authority comprises 84 councillors – that means they are taking an extra £84,000 a year from the council’s budget. This year, because they are backdating the rise to May, that amount rises to £120,000. The contrast with their attitude to the people they are supposed to serve could not be more stark – on the same day they awarded themselves this entirely-undeserved raise, the Norfolk Tories voted to cut vital children’s services. And they have decided the council will…

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Tory twit(terer) undermines seven years of government economic policy – in ONE TWEET

It takes a special kind of genius to (metaphorically) shoot your own mouth off and shoot every Tory MP of the last seven years in the foot – at the same time. That is the achievement of a Twitter user who, with stunning insight, calls him- or herself “Voice of Reason”. This person clearly set out to undermine Labour’s answer to this week’s Budget statement, which Conservatives have tried to reduce to a claim that John McDonnell would borrow so much money, he would bankrupt the country. That is impossible in a…

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It isn’t the NHS keeping service cuts secret – it’s the Conservative minority government

Shame on The Guardian for accusing the NHS of hiding planned service cuts. The health service is run by the minority Conservative government and must do what it is told. Its spokesperson is right to say it must work within its budget. As for the information it releases – that’s up to the Tories. So let’s be honest – it’s not the NHS hiding the facts; it is the Conservative Party. Again. The NHS has been accused of keeping the public in the dark about controversial plans to plug a £250m…

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Disability discrimination as Social Services remove son from mother

Not only is this a story about a council’s Social Services department overstepping its bounds, but it also shows how government works to deny valid diagnoses of illness for its own purposes. The details are being serialised on Jayne Linney’s blog site, here, and This Writer would strongly urge you not only to read the original but to follow the site, as further evidence will be published there. In her message notifying me of this article, Ms Linney wrote: “This is a true story of what seems to be disability…

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