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After the nurses, civil servants vote to strike over pay and conditions

Strike call: PCS Union General Secretary Mark Serwotka.

Civil servants in the PCS union have voted to strike, just one day after members of the Royal College of Nursing voted to do the same.

Around 100,000 public sector workers in 126 areas voted to strike, demanding a 10 per cent pay rise, better pensions, job security and no cuts to redundancy terms.

It comes after government announced plans to reduces civil servant jobs by 91,000 and proposals to cut redundancy pay by an estimated 25.9%.

Details of the industrial action will be announced on November 18, the union said – unless the government provides “substantial” proposals to resolve the dispute before that date.

According to the BBC,

In a statement, PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka said: “Our members have spoken and if the government fails to listen to them, we’ll have no option than to launch a prolonged programme of industrial action reaching into every corner of public life.”

Mr Serwotka said that the pressure of the cost-of-living crisis, job cuts and office closures had meant workers had “reached the end of their tethers”.

The PCS, which represents workers employed by several British government departments, said an average of 86.2% of its balloted members voted for industrial action – the highest percentage vote in the union’s history.

The BBC also listed the other strikes that are already known to be taking place, turning late 2022 into an Autumn of Discontent, if not also another Winter of Discontent as well:

The Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen (ASLEF) union has also announced that train drivers working for 12 British operators will go on strike on November 26, and teachers in Scotland have also voted to strike.

Who’s next?