#CharlieElphicke sex assault sentence exposes the privilege of the ruling class

Charlie Elphicke is not the alleged “Tory rapist” who’s currently still a member of Parliament although barred from participating in debates. That matter has yet to be concluded. But his two-year sentence for sexually assaulting two women reveals several damning truths about the UK’s justice system and how it cushions convictions against the privileged few. Here’s the story: Ex-Conservative MP Charlie Elphicke has been jailed for two years for sexually assaulting two women. Elphicke, 49, the former MP for Dover, was convicted of groping the women in similar situations, nine…

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If Tories don’t support abusers, why does Universal Credit push people to stay in abusive relationships?

Twisted Tory rules mean that people are financially encouraged to stay in abusive relationships rather than claim Universal Credit. The Conservative government has deliberately weighted the conditions under which the so-called benefit is paid to make it more difficult for people to survive by claiming it than by living with an abuser – even if this means endangering their own lives. People with disabilities are particularly at risk. But then, those of us who are familiar with the Tory record on disability have come to expect that. Unite the Union has…

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Lord Steel quits over failure to report child sex abuse claims. Is that really enough? [POLL]

Lord Steel has resigned his membership of the Liberal Democrats and announced his intention to resign as a Lord after damning criticism by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. In a 190-page report, the inquiry accused Steel of “abdication of responsibility” after he failed to act on allegations about the late MP Sir Cyril Smith’s sexual interest in children. Smith, who died in 2010, was investigated by police in 1969 over claims he sexually abused teenage boys at a hostel in Rochdale – and admitted he had acted as…

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Tories: MP implicated in ‘sexual touching’ complaints; councillor suspended for Islamophobia

People say the Conservatives don’t live up to the name any more but there’s one thing you can rely on them to conserve: Their bad character. Remember the talk of the Tory sex dossier, back in 2017? It made many mentions of MPs being “handsy”. Ross Thomson was not listed among them, but the Aberdeen South Conservative MP is alleged to have been involved in an incident of “sexual touching” in the Strangers Bar at the Palace of Westminster on Tuesday (February 5). According to The Independent, police spoke with three…

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Toby Young is now a Tory crisis. Here’s how he became one

If you haven’t seen my video blog on the crises afflicting the UK – thanks to our Conservative government – you should probably have a gander before you come back to this. All done? Good. So: How did Toby Young become a major issue for the Conservative government? Well, perhaps it was because of this: The Tories today appointed writer Toby Young, who complained about the ‘ghastly inclusivity’ of wheelchair ramps in schools, to the board of their new higher education watchdog. The Office for Students (OfS) legally come into…

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‘Dead cat’ allegations against Clive Lewis have been dropped

It’s no surprise the sexual harassment allegation against Clive Lewis has been dropped. It served its purpose – it distracted us all from what the Tory government was doing back in October. That was the time the Tories ignored a Parliamentary vote demanding the pausing of the Universal Credit rollout until its many problems are fixed; when Theresa May confirmed she would not spend a single penny to make tower blocks safer after the Grenfell Tower inferno; and when the Tories had been caught charging people without any money at…

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Female staff forced to give sexual favours for promotions at scandal-hit ambulance trust | Telegraph

The Tory MP sex scandal seems to have gone quiet – apart from Damian Green, of course – but it’s important to remember that sexual harassment isn’t confined to Westminster. I would certainly hope that nobody actually thought that in any case but this story from the Telegraph appeared in This Site’s Facebook messages and seems worth a mention. Female staff were groped and forced to give sexual favours for promotions at a scandal hit ambulance trust, a damning report has revealed. Women at South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation…

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Unfair: Politicians facing sex crime accusations were both denied knowledge of what the claims were

British justice really has hit a new low. I blame the Tories and their ‘secret courts’, where defendants aren’t allowed to know the charges against them. I’m aware that Charlie Elphicke isn’t facing criminal charges yet – nor was Carl Sargeant – but the principle should still hold true; if a person is being investigated for an offence, they should be told what the offence is and the circumstances of the accusation. The shocker here is that both Labour and the Conservative Party have equally appalling policies here. Both refused…

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Serious paedophilia allegations are levelled against former PM Heath

It seems staggering revelations are about to take place, when the findings of Operation Conifer are released on Thursday (October 5). Yet we are constantly told there is no substance to allegations against top politicians – particularly top Conservatives. What are we to make of this? Is it a conspiracy to cover up the facts, which would also be an abuse of authority, considering the fact that Conservative politicians have been heavily involved with these inquiries (and have been responsible for the loss of important information)? Or do the forthcoming…

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Let’s give these Kippers a chance to come clean

Back in 2006, UKIP’s then-Members of the European Parliament voted against a resolution calling on member states to legislate against violence on women, including marital rape. According to at least one UKIP supporter, this was done “simply because of their opposition to the EU and all its works”. How unfortunate for UKIP, to be seen to support the continuation of domestic violence – including marital rape – simply because the idea of making laws against it was put forward by the wrong people. That isn’t statesmanlike – it’s childish. Now…

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