Nandy appointed Shadow Foreign Secretary: Labour has no plans to regain Scottish seats

It’s the only conclusion one can infer from Keir Starmer’s decision to give Lisa Nandy a Shadow Cabinet post: that he has absolutely no intention to even try to regain Labour’s dominance in Scotland. Nandy infamously said that the UK should “look to Catalonia” for lessons on how to defeat Scottish nationalism. She was referring to the Spanish government’s use of force to try to stop a disputed independence referendum in Catalonia, in 2017. Starmer’s decision to put her in the Shadow Cabinet is certain to infuriate voters in Scotland,…

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Outcry as Starmer promotes anti-Semite supporter Rachel Reeves into Shadow Cabinet

Keir Starmer seems to be sending mixed messages at the moment. After practically prostituting himself to the witch-hunters of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Community Security Trust, Jewish Labour Movement and so on – who are keen to see him expel previous leader Jeremy Corbyn from the Labour Party, he has made Rachel Reeves Shadow Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. Ms Reeves is currently infamous for praising Nancy Astor who, besides being the first female MP, was a notorious anti-Semite. Unacceptable that Rachel Reeves has been given…

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Resignations from Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet – but look at the different attitudes of the leaders!

Prime Minister Theresa May might not have the integrity to say she’ll resign if her Brexit deal is voted down by Parliament – and her attitude to those in her party who do is tragically revealing. Universities and Science Minister Sam Gyimah found this out when he became the seventh member of Mrs May’s government to resign in protest at the deal. He said he supported a second referendum, as “the public will not forgive us if we don’t level with them about the difficult choices”. Mrs May never even…

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We must act to make sure that there are no more Daniel Blakes | Shadow Work & Pensions secretary

An important commitment to benefit claimants from Shadow Work and Pensions secretary Debbie Abrahams. Her use of the word “transform” may ring alarm bells, as it is the catchword used by private consultants when they change government systems without making them better. I’ve known Ms Abrahams long enough to believe she means Labour will change the system for the better. This is a promise to achieve that – and for government to stop letting UK citizens down. You can hold her to it. To describe our current social security system,…

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Corbyn appoints his shadow cabinet

Congratulations to John McDonnell, in particular, on his appointment as Shadow Chancellor. Mr McDonnell is a close ally of Jeremy Corbyn and a man who is not afraid to stand up for his beliefs. Reports state that Angela Eagle could have been offered the job, but This Writer is glad that Mr McDonnell took it instead – even if it has led to gripes that nobody in the ‘top four’ jobs is a woman. Instead, Ms Eagle has been named Shadow Business Secretary and Shadow First Secretary of State, meaning…

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It’s time for Labour to talk tough about the benefit-deniers

Here’s a question that gets asked very often in any debate on state benefits: “Isn’t it right that the taxpayer should only support people who really need it?” The implication is that the government of the day is right to restrict benefit provision. The answer, of course, is to point at some of the cases we have known, in which benefits have been taken away from people; cases like that of David Clapson, an ex-soldier who was sanctioned off of Jobseekers’ Allowance and died of diabetic ketoacidosis three weeks into the…

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Chancellor of the Exchequer says tax is ‘not my job’

Slippery as an eel, the submarine Chancellor has surfaced from whatever hiding-place he has been using for the last week or so, insisted that the pursuit of people who evaded tax on advice from the HSBC Bank is nothing to do with him, and re-submerged before anybody could point out that this isn’t entirely true. As Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne doesn’t have a hand in individual prosecutions – but he does set the conditions under which such investigations are undertaken. Alex Little is therefore correct in pointing out that Osborne…

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Rachel Reeves could single-handedly lose the election for Labour

I’ll say it if nobody else will – Rachel Reeves is so stupid she could lose Labour the election. Work and Pensions is a gaping policy open-goal for the Tories but Ms Reeves can’t see this and wants the world to know she’ll out-cut them on the Benefit Cap. “Labour supports a cap on benefits. We will ask an independent commission to look at whether the cap should be lower in some areas,” are her actual words. What stupidity. One can only imagine she is basing these comments on the…

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Labour takes the initiative against ‘Tory Welfare Waste’

At long last, Labour has launched an attack on Coalition – particularly Conservative – ‘welfare’ policies. And it’s a strong one. Perhaps the sustained criticism of shadow work and pensions secretary Rachel Reeves has done some good because her speech today (November 26) attacks the policies of her hopeless Conservative counterpart Iain Duncan Smith in many ways and on several levels – and on all those levels, it works. The catchline is ‘Tory Welfare Waste’, which attacks not only Duncan Smith’s profligacy in wasting no less than £25 billion on his useless…

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Another myth debunked: Labour does NOT support the Tories on fracking

… at least, not without some cast-iron promises about how this gas is to be mined. According to the Sunday Express (of all places), “The opposition says it will not support fracking without transparency about chemicals used in the process, monitoring of groundwater and environmental impact assessments for all drilling sites.” “Shadow energy minister Tom Greatrex, who has admitted shale gas ‘may have a role to play’ in Britain’s future energy needs, warned Labour might yet withhold support. “He told the Sunday Express: ‘If the Government accept our amendments, there…

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