Tories have wasted £120m in two years trying to tell people they’re not disabled

What a waste of time and money. Over the last two years, Conservative governments have spent more than £120 million in taxpayers’ money fighting disability benefit claims – despite losing three-quarters of tribunal appeals. That means automatic wastage of £90 million – but it is likely that the quarter of claimants who lost their appeals also had valid grounds to claim Personal Independence Payment and/or Employment and Support Allowance but were outflanked by a prejudiced system. The increase in expenditure is far greater than the 13 per cent increase in…

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MP of the Year award attacked over harmful corporate sponsor. Time for a campaign to remove it?

It seems the only element likely to stop Jeremy Corbyn from winning the Patchwork Foundation’s MP of the Year award is the fact that it is sponsored by corporations that have contributed to the oppression of the poor and vulnerable. Mr Corbyn is on the shortlist of MPs for whom the public is asked to vote. But some supporters of the former Labour leader – including his own former Shadow Chancellor – are having nothing to do with it because it is sponsored by firms including KPMG. The controversy sprang…

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Parents are having to re-use ventilator parts for their sick children because of Tory Covid-19 failures

Children are suffering again because the Conservative government is incompetent. Back at the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis we learned that, despite having been warned that a flu or flu-like pandemic was on its way and they should stock up on ventilator equipment, successive Tory governments under David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson ignored the advice. They didn’t buy ventilators, causing a crippling shortage of equipment when the inevitable happened and the virus hit us. Then, when the EU generously offered Boris Johnson a chance to join a bulk-buying scheme…

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Try telling Errol Graham that ‘Black Lives Matter’. Oh you can’t – he’s dead

What? You think Errol Graham only died because he was ill? Your Conservative government is multiply-prejudiced and can ensure that people die for any number of trumped-up and ridiculous reasons. Consider this: Murdered by the State. Little news coverage. No public interest. No outrage, protests or riots. Some Black Lives Matter more than others. — Michael Marshall (@michael53021960) June 3, 2020 Fair point? Errol Graham was starved to death by a prejudiced Conservative-run benefit system. My report on Mr Graham states: He had been receiving incapacity benefit, and then ESA,…

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Coronavirus: Government’s lockdown decision ‘deliberately puts disabled people at risk’

  Remember: the Conservative government was victimising people with long-term illnesses and disabilities, long before Covid-19 came along. The crisis just gives them another opportunity to shift such people into the grave. Researchers from University College London said in a study published in the Lancet that easing the lockdown too soon could lead to thousands of avoidable deaths among people with underlying health conditions such as heart and kidney disease, diabetes and severe obesity. Three days before Johnson’s speech, disabled activist Ellen Clifford, a member of the national steering group of Disabled People…

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DWP accused of ‘discriminating’ against ESA-claiming disabled people in coronavirus pandemic

This is probably what the UN poverty rapporteur, Philip Alston, has been talking about recently. He said the Tories spent 10 years insisting that austerity was vital when it only harmed the poor, but when the coronavirus put the country into lockdown they suddenly turned on the taps and had cash flowing like water. But he said countries like the UK were still finding ways to harm the poorest – and this seems to be one of them: Tory ministers raised Universal Credit by £20 a week in 2020/21 to…

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Coronavirus: Tories don’t know number of NHS deaths but are BLAMING the health workers they are working into the grave

Matt Hancock and his team should resign in disgrace, if only that wouldn’t upset the government’s handling of coronavirus – what little there is! At the latest press conference, Hancock was asked if he knew how many NHS staff have died of the coronavirus. To his everlasting shame, he didn’t: The absolute state of this. A journalist rightly asks how many NHS workers have died, the Health Secretary passes the buck, the chief nursing officer offers platitudes and no answers. No follow-up question. This cannot be let go. —…

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Do Tories think disabled people are cannon fodder in the fight against coronavirus?

Can we really say the Tories are taking coronavirus seriously when their chief advice to stop its spread is “Now Wash Your Hands”? And stopping its spread seems to be the Tories’ only policy – which is strange because contagions like this tend to sidestep such measures with ease. What can we deduce from this, if not that the Tories’ health system simply isn’t capable of handling the increased care needs of people who are more susceptible to the disease? In other words: are we to consider people with underlying…

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Huge rise in homelessness among ill and disabled people is no accident

The Tories have been stepping up their hate campaign against sick and disabled people, with a 53 per cent increase in homelessness over the last year. People with long-term illnesses who can’t work can claim Employment and Support Allowance, but the government has tightened criteria to the point at which assessments might as well start with an official telling the claimant they are lying – or deluded – about being ill. Disabled people can claim Personal Independence Payment (PIP), even if they can work – but the Tories have tightened…

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Chorus of derision greets announcement that Iain Duncan Smith is to be knighted

Former Work and Pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith is to be knighted – presumably for his services to genocide and eugenics. This is the Tory who made changes to the assessment procedures for sickness and disability benefits that assumed anybody claiming them was either lying or deluding themselves. Result: Countless deaths (literally. The Conservatives have point-blank refused to count the number of deaths caused as a result of these policies). Mr Duncan Smith – IDS, as he is sometimes called (or RTU on This Site; he was in the army…

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