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‘Rescind #TonyBlairknighthood’ petition tops half a million signatures

Tony Blair: half a million (so far) say he doesn’t deserve a knighthood. What do you say?

A petition calling for Tony Blair to be denied the knighthood he has been given in the New Year Honours list has received more than half a million signatures in two days.

That’s still fewer than one per cent of the UK’s population, but the number of signatures and the speed at which people have signed the Change.org online petition clearly indicates a huge groundswell of protest against the honour for a former prime minister who led the UK into a war that killed a million people on the strength of a lie, and whose name appears in child sex procurer Ghislaine Maxwell’s infamous ‘black book’.

It is now one of the most popular petitions ever to be hosted on Change.org.

Blair’s nomination to the highest order of knighthood in the UK – the Order of the Garter – is also considered to be a signal to the general public from the UK’s rich and entitled Establishment, that our opinions don’t matter a jot, that they will do whatever they like, and that they will rub our faces in it whenever they get the chance.

Blair was nominated for his honour by Labour leader Keir Starmer, who also nominated Islamophobe Trevor Phillips for a knighthood – for his services to equality!

Starmer really insulted us with that one – having a racist knighted while claiming that his version of the Labour Party is fighting hard against racism.

If you haven’t signed, and this article has encouraged you to do so, please visit Change.org and follow the instructions.