Chancellor’s Budget splurge reveals media hypocrisy

It seems Rishi Sunak has announced spending worth £640 billion in his Budget speech on Tuesday – to rapturous applause from the Tory-supporting media. That’s £140 billion more than the £500 billion offered by Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell in their Labour election manifesto last year – that the same media voices ridiculed in a (successful) bid to get more people to vote for the Tories. What has changed in less than four months, to make the Tory offer praiseworthy when Labour’s was dangerously reckless? And where’s the money coming…

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Don’t believe the Tories. THEIR spending plans are ‘reckless’ and ‘unaffordable’ – because of their Brexit

The Tories are spinning so hard on their spending plans, it must be making them dizzy. The reason? They are lying to you again. Labour’s proposals are sustainable but theirs are not. That’s the verdict from Oxford University economist Simon Wren-Lewis, quoting the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) and the Resolution Foundation (amongst others) in support. Both parties are proposing extra spending, and the Tories are trying to scare you with the scale of Labour’s plan: Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell would leave our country staring down the barrel of bankruptcy…

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Johnson’s Brexit policy means UK will be MUCH better-off under LABOUR

Listen to this: At a moment of national crisis this Government poses a threat to its own people and the economy they rely upon. — John McDonnell MP (@johnmcdonnellMP) October 8, 2019 John McDonnell was referring to a report by the respected Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS), stating that the UK will be £110 billion better-off under a Labour government than with Tory rule, by 2022. The IFS stated that the outlook for the public finances has “worsened dramatically” since the spring and will deteriorate further if the UK leaves…

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Tory post-Brexit spending plans: Strip cash from the poor and give it to the rich

While the candidates in the Tory leadership contest try to bribe their voters with castle-in-the-air promises, they are all plotting to take funding away from areas of genuine need and give it to the richest. It is shocking, but it is also exactly what we should expect from a government that is little more than a gang of bandits. A study by a coalition of community leaders and charities called Communities in Charge has shown that Tory plans for post-Brexit Britain would withdraw huge amounts of funding from the poorest…

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Tory corruption: They’re planning a law to allow MPs to break electoral spending limits

MPs, election candidates and party officials will be able to break election spending limits with impunity if the Tories pass a new proposed law. The intention is to create a new “test of authorisation” – a buffer between candidates and the current law that would stop them being accountable for funds donated by outside bodies such as national parties. This would, of course, also let Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party off the hook over the funds it may be receiving from foreign organisations intent on perverting the course of UK elections.…

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The staggering decline of government spending on your child’s education

This is self-explanatory, from the ever-brilliant Peter Stefanovic: Seriously embarrassing for Theresa May & Damian Hinds. Official figures show Spending per pupil has fallen 7.5% in Theresa May’s Maidenhead constituency & 5.7% in Education Secretary Damian Hind’s East Hampshire constituency! BBC1 forgot to mention it — Peter Stefanovic (@PeterStefanovi2) May 7, 2019 Have YOU donated to my crowdfunding appeal, raising funds to fight false libel claims by TV celebrities who should know better? These court cases cost a lot of money so every penny will help ensure that wealth…

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UK government spending watchdog confirms what we already knew: There really is NO BREXIT DIVIDEND

This is not news. We’ve been saying this ever since the stupid ‘Brexit bus’, with its lie that £350 million per week would become available for the NHS, was first rolled out. And the Institute for Fiscal Studies made it clear that there is no ‘Brexit dividend’, exactly one month ago – as reported by This Site here. It isn’t even news that known liar Theresa May has used the Leave campaign’s lying ‘Brexit dividend’ claim to lie to the country again. What else are we to expect from a…

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THIS is why the NHS is struggling

Read it and weep: Any questions? Vox Political needs your help! If you want to support this site (but don’t want to give your money to advertisers) you can make a one-off donation here: Here are four ways to be sure you’re among the first to know what’s going on. 1) Register with us by clicking on ‘Subscribe’ (in the left margin). You can then receive notifications of every new article that is posted here. 2) Follow VP on Twitter @VoxPolitical 3) Like the Facebook page at Join the Vox…

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Nobody believes Theresa May: NHS funding is a Tory joke at OUR expense

The problem here is that facts can say whatever people want them to. The BBC’s evening news yesterday (Sunday) referred to real-terms increases in NHS funding since the Conservatives came into office in 2010 of 1.2 per cent, rising to 2.25 per cent in 2016-17. But the average since the NHS was founded is four per cent, so the Tories have lagged far behind. You can see the difference in spending choices in the following graph: The Tories have increased spending, sure – but by a miniscule amount compared with…

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Liberal Democrats fined £20,000 for undeclared election spending. When we will hear about the Tories?

If any Lib Dems scoffed at Labour for having to pay £20 grand because of the ‘Ed Stone’ (and other undeclareds), they’ll need to eat a bit of humble pie. This Writer is more concerned that this does not indicate a direction of travel regarding the ongoing investigations into Conservative Party election spending. As far as I can tell, none of the undeclared Labour or Lib Dem expenditure is being suggested as having changed the result of the general election in particular seats. But if the Conservative MPs under investigation turn…

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