Court showdown for DWP over Errol Graham – who starved to death after his benefits were axed

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will have to answer questions in court about the legality of its safeguarding policies after a family challenged it over the death of a vulnerable man. The DWP ignored its own safeguarding advice to deprive Errol Graham of his benefits, This Site reported previously. Left with no income, Mr Graham starved to death. He had been receiving incapacity benefit, and then ESA, for many years as a result of enduring mental distress that had led to him being sectioned. The DWP stopped Mr…

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Try telling Errol Graham that ‘Black Lives Matter’. Oh you can’t – he’s dead

What? You think Errol Graham only died because he was ill? Your Conservative government is multiply-prejudiced and can ensure that people die for any number of trumped-up and ridiculous reasons. Consider this: Murdered by the State. Little news coverage. No public interest. No outrage, protests or riots. Some Black Lives Matter more than others. — Michael Marshall (@michael53021960) June 3, 2020 Fair point? Errol Graham was starved to death by a prejudiced Conservative-run benefit system. My report on Mr Graham states: He had been receiving incapacity benefit, and then ESA,…

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Families are going hungry because of Conservatism, not the coronavirus

Why should we be surprised? The Tories have a history of lying when they say we’re all in it together. It seems our caring government has engineered the coronavirus crisis to ensure that the number of households with children going hungry has doubled since lockdown began. Millions of people are struggling to afford basic food items as parents lose income and both the school meal voucher scheme and food banks are overwhelmed: New data … has revealed that almost a fifth of households with children have been unable to access enough food…

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Is Plymouth the first city to report widespread STARVATION due to Tory policies?

This report on Plymouth Live should be shocking – but is it? Some of us have lived with the consequences of Conservative government benefit deprivation for years, and have recorded many, many deaths arising from these cruel and unnecessary policies. Now the food bank at Plymouth is reporting widespread starvation throughout that city. The report states that more than a third of food voucher recipients there are children. And some are in work that does not pay enough for them to afford food after paying off other household bills – once…

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What’s worse – the fact the Tories left a 64-year-old man to starve, or some of the reactions to it?

I was shocked when I saw the images above – as I expect you may be, if you are seeing them here for the first time. They are of a 64-year-old man living in Birkenhead, here in the UK. He had been left to starve by the Conservative government’s barbaric mockery of a benefit system until, at the time these images were taken (Christmas Eve, 2018), he weighed just six stone, had contracted pneumonia and was “at death’s door”. Employment law advisor Terry Craven provides the full story on his…

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Remember Mark Wood? Tories have QUADRUPLED the number of people likely to die like he did

Mark Wood starved to death four months after the then-government sickness benefit assessor, Atos, found him fit for work. His death was never entered in Department for Work and Pensions death statistics as it did not happen within two weeks of his claim being cut off. So the DWP could deny responsibility, even though he plainly was not fit for work when he was assessed. Now it seems government policies are deliberately sending thousands of people to die the same way – poverty-stricken malnutrition. Perhaps ministers think they have found…

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‘Sanctions, starvation and evictions are not entertainment. People are dying’

Are you as utterly sick of televised ‘poverty porn’ as you should be? Night after night, main offenders Channel 4, Channel 5 – and even the BBC – flood their schedules with nonsense films designed to misinform the public about the lives of the deprived and enlist your collusion in their demonization and destruction. It’s time somebody put a stop to it, and the United Disability Resistance Movement (UDRM) wants your help to achieve this. “Some of us have recently been looking at asking our members to write a … letter…

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DWP employees: Do the right thing – because Iain Duncan Smith never will

The effect of Iain Duncan Smith’s ‘welfare reforms’ should, by now, be plain for all to see: Increased poverty – including child poverty, the torture of starvation for people who have been sanctioned off of benefit and cannot afford food, hopelessness, despair, suicide. We saw the signs as long ago as 2012, when the man we call RTU (Return To Unit) and SNLR (Services No Longer Required) launched his famous rant on the subject against Owen Jones. This blog reported it at the time: “Irately wagging his finger in Mr…

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Coalition government condemned over sanctions regime that tortures children

Around 100,000 children were affected by benefit sanctions between the beginning of April 2013 and the end of March 2014, according to a new report. In the same period, nearly seven million weeks’ worth of sanctions were handed out to benefit claimants. The data, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, will feature in this evening’s episode of Channel 4’s Dispatches, entitled Britain’s Benefits Crackdown. The report – Time to Rethink Benefit Sanctions – is published today by the Baptist Union of Great Britain, Church Action on Poverty, the Church in Wales, the Church…

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Unemployment figures are a sanction-based stitch-up, research shows

The Coalition government will be crowing about the latest drop in unemployment today – according to official statistics. What a shame it’s all a load of bunk. New research by Oxford University and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine has shown that only around one-fifth (20 per cent) of people who have been sanctioned off of Jobseekers’ Allowance have actually found work, leaving 1.6 million in limbo; they’re off the benefits system but researchers can only surmise that they are relying on food banks. (Isn’t the Coalition government…

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