Coronavirus: the Tories have LIED about the daily death toll – INCREASING fears. Why?

Take a look at this headline: Is it working? UK records 43 coronavirus deaths in past 24 hours compared to 87 yesterday You can see it in situ by following the link at the bottom of the article. It was a Daily Mail headline on March 25. It’s a lie, of course – but this time the Mail doesn’t seem to be to blame. No, this time it’s the Tory government who seem to be at fault. It wasn’t realistic for the government to claim that the number of deaths had halved,…

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DWP to collect statistics on ‘food insecurity’ – but why should we believe the results?

Has anybody noticed how the Department for Work and Pensions contracts out the dirty work of benefit assessments to organisations that have proved untrustworthy – but can’t even be trusted to collect and release its own statistics in an appropriate way? Congratulations to South Shields Labour MP Emma Lewell-Buck for getting the DWP to agree to measure the number of people who don’t have enough to eat, as part of a national survey carried out every year. It will refer to people who either can’t afford to buy sufficient food or…

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NHS bosses ordered trusts: Lie to the public about scale of winter crisis – claim

It seems we have all been deceived, and the scale of the crisis facing emergency medicine may be greater than first thought. Emails from NHS Improvement told Trusts to boost their treatment figures by including data from walk-in centres, in conflict with guidance issued by NHS England in 2015. It means trusts’ performance since last October, when the first email was sent, may have been artificially inflated. The UK Statistics Authority has demanded an explanation. Crucially, This Writer wants to know who ordered the changes – and why. NHS hospital trusts…

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Labour reports Boris Johnson to statistics watchdog over ‘misleading’ comments about Brexit

Misleading? It’s a downright lie. Here’s the background, from the Daily Mirror: Labour have reported Boris Johnson to the UK’s statistics watchdog, after he said the discredited claim that leaving the EU would mean Britain gets £350m a week extra to spend on the NHS was an under-estimate. The Foreign Secretary claimed the official Vote Leave campaign could have used an even higher figure on their infamous red bus during the referendum campaign. He said: “There was an error on the side of the [Vote Leave] bus. We grossly underestimated the…

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Why did MPs fail to quiz minister on ESA suicide stats?

This seems a reprehensible – but all-too-typical – dereliction of duty by MPs on all sides of Parliament. Labour’s shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, Debbie Abrahams, is usually red-hot on this subject, and I wonder if she has been notified and asked to seek explanation, at least with regard to those members of her own party who – it seems – couldn’t be bothered to ask the obvious questions. Nine MPs on a Commons committee are refusing to explain why they failed to ask the minister for disabled people about…

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DWP ‘manipulated Access to Work figures to hide cuts and harassment’ – quelle surprise

Why is the DWP not under continual criticism for the way it collects and presents statistics?  The intention is always to put forward the best possible impression of the Department – and never to present the facts in a clear, usable way. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has been accused of manipulating statistics in an attempt to hide the ongoing barriers, cuts and harassment experienced by disabled people seeking support from a key disability employment programme. The claims followed the release of new figures which showed the number of disabled…

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We don’t know how many people were wrongly declared ‘fit for work’ – DWP figures are meaningless

Here’s another example of how the Department for Work and Pensions distorts the facts. This organisation is saying the number of cases brought to appeal was only a small proportion of the overall caseload – but we know that the DWP has measures in place to ensure that many wronged claimants are unable to get as far as making an appeal. The DWP’s claims – about the number of successful appeals – are meaningless. Has everybody forgotten about ‘mandatory reconsideration’ – the “delaying tactic” aimed at reducing the number of…

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No, Robert Peston, Osborne was WRONG to impose austerity. Stop distorting the facts!

The BBC’s Tory economics editor Robert Peston is clutching at straws again. He’s trying to persuade us all that everything we thought we knew about the UK’s economy during the Coalition Parliament was wrong, and that growth was much stronger than we thought. He is being economical with the truth, it seems. He writes: “The ONS … says that the economy grew 1.5% in the general election year of 2010, then 2% after austerity bit in 2011 – revised up by the ONS from 1.6% – and then 1.2% in 2012,…

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David Cameron should check his facts properly before spouting nonsense in PMQs

This Tory fiction is getting old very quickly. Today, David Cameron spat out the current Conservative Government line about the people who have died while claiming incapacity benefits. He was responding to Debbie Abrahams, who has been a superb campaigner on the subject. Here’s her question: “Two weeks ago, the Work and Pensions Secretary’s Department not only admitted to falsifying testimonies in leaflets, but published data on the deaths of people on sickness benefit, which showed that they are four times more likely to die than the general population. That…

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On Employment and Support Allowance, Ms Patel isn’t sitting pretty

The new Parliamentary session is going to be very hard on Iain Duncan Smith and his team (if you can call it that) at the Department for Work and Pensions. His skiving employment minister Priti Patel discovered this on her very first day back. Ms Patel, who had the hypocrisy to criticise the UK’s workforce as lazy at a time when her own Parliamentary attendance record was among the lowest in the House of Commons, faced an inevitable series of questions on the government’s botched release of figures relating to…

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