NHS blows £21 million on consultants telling them how to cut costs

If they want to save money, why not dispense with the consultants and think for themselves? Who are the experts, after all? Health and social care bosses across England have spent £21m on management consultants to help draw up plans to overhaul regional NHS services. A Pulse investigation, based on Freedom of Information request to all 44 ‘Sustainability and Transformation Partnership’ (STP) regions, found that some areas have spent millions of pounds on external consultants to help them draw up the plans, which in many cases involve cutting frontline services.…

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Health/Wellbeing Boards, Councils unanimously reject NHS ‘sustainability’ plan | The SKWAWKBOX

A commenter to this Blog has suggested that there is “no opposition” to the Conservative Government. What’s this, then? The ‘Health and Wellbeing Boards’ (HWBs) of Liverpool and Cheshire West and Chester, together with Wirral Council’s ‘Overview and Scrutiny Committee’ and Sefton council in the north of Merseyside, have unanimously rejected the government-imposed ‘STP’ (Sustainability and Transformation Plan) for Merseyside and Cheshire. Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson has indicated that Liverpool City Council will also reject the plan, which will involve reducing the area’s NHS budget by a staggering £540 million over the…

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A&E, cancer and maternity units to close in major vandalism on NHS by Tories and their stooges

This is not an overhaul, because overhaul implies improvement. This is an act of vandalism on England’s life support machine. You don’t close down a unit that could give valuable life-saving treatment to somebody – when it matters – and tell them to trek who-knows-how-many-miles down the road instead. They’ll be dead on arrival. Sir Bruce Keogh can say whatever Jeremy Hunt tells him to, and I’ll call him a Tory stooge, because that’s what he is – and a dangerous liability to the health service, and the health of…

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If street protests can stop hospital closures, get your banners painted now

There is nothing “sustainable” about the Tory “transformation plans” for the National Health Service. A commenter on This Blog’s Facebook page made this excellent point yesterday: “So what’s the Tory solution to overstretched A&Es in two Shropshire hospitals? Shut one of them down! “Currently both of these hospitals are understaffed, underfunded and overstretched. If only one is kept open, most patients from the other area will have a minimum of an extra 20 minutes on their ambulance journey. “Patients will die en route and the remaining A&E department will be…

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