Goats in Llandudno herald takeover of the streets in coronavirus lockdown

The coronavirus lockdown has emptied town streets across the UK – so animals are taking them over. Usually a herd of 122 Kashmiri goats are only known to venture into Llandudno during bad weather. But – see for yourself: This shows what it’s all about. They’re scared of me (a human) in this. They don’t like people. They usually only come down from the Great Orme when it’s windy, and only the back streets at the top of Mostyn Street. Now lockdown means it’s empty, they’re going further than ever.…

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Tory Britain: Homeless children are born on the street – while privileged pensioners have helicopter rides from hospital

This is the truth of Boris Johnson’s brave new Britain: the public purse can pay for the privileged to have helicopter rides home from hospital, while a homeless woman didn’t qualify for hospital treatment until after she had given birth on a cold Cambridge street. The woman, aged around 30, gave birth to twins who were around 11 weeks premature on Sidney Street, outside Trinity College, Cambridge on Monday. Is this the kind of medical care the fifth-largest economy in the world provides to its people? How did this woman become…

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Tory attitude to people in hard times is clear: Candidate says they should be ‘put down’

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that if a new Conservative election candidate thinks people on benefits should be ‘put down’, they all do. Why else would they have selected Francesca O’Brien to be Tory candidate for the Gower in Wales? According to The Guardian: “In [Facebook] posts that have since been deleted, she wrote in January 2014: ‘Benefit Street..anyone else watching this?? Wow, these people are unreal!!!’ “In response to a friend’s comment, she wrote: ‘My blood is boiling, these people need putting down.’ “In further comments under…

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What does Chris ‘people aren’t lying dead in the streets’ Skidmore have to say now?

The Conservative Party’s vice-chairman responsible for policy once said his party’s austerity cuts were not as bad as had been claimed because people were not “lying dead in the streets”. Now that people his party forced onto the streets have started to die, what does Chris Skidmore have to say? Mr Skidmore, co-author of the Tory screed Britannia Unchained, which infamously claimed that British people were among the “worst idlers in the world”, has been challenged over his claim after the death of homeless Gyula Remes, who had been sleeping rough…

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Mystery of the teleporting child OR interview footage ‘doctored’ by BBC to support Theresa May

Here’s a curiosity picked up by Another Angry Voice – it’s an interview with a member of the public who apparently supports Theresa May, in which a child suddenly appears out of nowhere in the background. Check it out for yourself: Truly amazing bit of editing from the BBC to make it look like a member of the public is happy with Theresa May. (note the instantly materialising child)pic.twitter.com/titFlDTpTM — Another Angry Voice (@Angry_Voice) December 13, 2018 And here’s the magic child in super slow-motion: https://twitter.com/lumi_1984/status/1073012693680967680 It seems the BBC wasn’t…

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Children laugh at disabled child in supermarket – and their mum joins in

This is the kind of country Conservative policies have created. Nobody can say the family who laughed at a child with a congenital condition aren’t simply ignorant and stupid, but the atmosphere in the UK – in which it is considered permissible to victimise those with disabilities – certainly doesn’t discourage it. Tories don’t like people with disabilities; they think these people cost money without boosting the profits of Tory-supporting businesses. So they have encouraged the spread of fake information about the disabled – that they are benefit scroungers; that…

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If police face charges for forcing people to die on the street, why not the DWP?

Sometimes reporting these deaths seems a thankless exercise; they keep happening and nobody is ever brought to account for them. Not in this case – perhaps. But if police officers are brought to court to account for their part in the death of Pericles Malagardis, why not Jobcentre advisors working for the Department for Work and Pensions? This Writer knows of at least one occasion in which a benefit claimant froze to death after being sanctioned by the DWP. Their excuse: “We were only following orders” (as used at Nuremberg).…

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If street protests can stop hospital closures, get your banners painted now

There is nothing “sustainable” about the Tory “transformation plans” for the National Health Service. A commenter on This Blog’s Facebook page made this excellent point yesterday: “So what’s the Tory solution to overstretched A&Es in two Shropshire hospitals? Shut one of them down! “Currently both of these hospitals are understaffed, underfunded and overstretched. If only one is kept open, most patients from the other area will have a minimum of an extra 20 minutes on their ambulance journey. “Patients will die en route and the remaining A&E department will be…

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How Labour turned the tables on the Tory Thatcher tribute

Can anyone imagine the kind of row we would have seen this week if Labour had blocked the recall of Parliament to pay tribute to Margaret Thatcher? It was well within Ed Miliband’s rights to put the mockers on it. Recalling Parliament is a move that has previously been reserved only for national emergencies, and past precedent states that tributes should have come when Parliament returned – as normal – next Monday. That was also the understanding of the Parliamentary officials charged with planning for the former Prime Minister’s death.…

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Goodbye, Baroness Thatcher – perhaps now we can put ThatcherISM to rest as well

It isn’t every day that a former Prime Minister dies – and even rarer that we witness the death of one who affected the UK in such a fundamental way as Baroness Thatcher. As I write this, the outpouring of tributes and discussion of her achievements in the mass media are in full swing – mostly concentrating on what their editors would define as the ‘good’ she did for our country. Most of the TV channels and papers are run by right-wingers, of course – so you can expect them…

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