Day of action planned against UKIP hate-mongering

A weekend of action against alleged UKIP hate-mongering is to take place later this month. In the immediate aftermath of the appalling terrorist attacks in Paris, UKIP leader Nigel Farage took to the airwaves to blame immigration and multiculturalism and claimed that there was a “fifth column” operating in this country, according to Hope Not Hate. “We’ve got people living in these countries, holding our passports, who hate us,” the organisation quoted him as saying. He went on to claim that most French cities had “no-go” areas for non-Muslims. “Sadly, he is…

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Why Labour SHOULD be ‘the party of welfare’

What follows is intelligent, adroit and not mine. It was written by Bernadette Meaden on the Ekklesia website and passed on to me by a mutual friend. It constitutes what I think may be a complete answer and refutation of ‘accusations’ that the Labour Party is the so-called ‘party of welfare’. Tories love to bandy this about as though it is an insult. What they don’t tell you is that their alternative is abject poverty for all but an elite few. I’m jumping ahead of myself. Here’s what Bernadette had…

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Failings over race earn Theresa May a figurative rap on the knuckles – twice!

Anyone with an ounce of brain in their head knew the Home Office was going to be banned from using its advertising vans again – the ones telling illegal immigrants to “go home”, in the language of “knuckle-dragging racists”, as Owen Jones so memorably phrased it. That is, anyone except everyone working at the Home Office, including the Secretary of State – Theresa May. The Advertising Standards Authority ordered the Home Secretary not to put the vans on the streets again, saying the phrase “go home” was indeed a reminder of…

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Those of us who are lucky enough not to live in London have yet to see the amazing advertising vans that have been conveying instructions to Conservative-leaning voters, to treat with hatred, suspicion and contempt anybody who is not a white, Anglo-Saxon protestant. It seems clear that these vehicles are intended to promote racism and heighten racial tension, setting British citizens against each other – because the aim is to encourage the suspicion that another person may be an illegal immigrant – in the same way Coalition policy on social security…

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