This grandmother DIED weighing just three stone because the Tories LIED about reviewing benefits for the terminally ill

Christine McCluskey did not have to die in the humiliating way your Conservative government demanded. The 61-year-old grandmother had suffered long-term health problems most of her adult life including Crohn’s disease – which left her with a colostomy bag – osteoporosis, arthritis, a stroke and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This housebound lady had a feeding tube and a painful fistula that leaked through her abdominal wall, she was severely malnourished and was being investigated for a worrying cough at the time the Department for Work and Pensions assessed her for…

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Did 3,000 people HAVE to die penniless while the Tories fought court case over PIP for the terminally-ill?

It is one year since the Tories pledged to review their rules on which terminally-ill people could claim Personal Independence Payment – and it seems more than 3,000 would-be PIP claimants had to die before they were forced to do it by a court ruling. They died without receiving PIP, because they could not predict when they were likely to die. This Site celebrated like many others when Lorraine Cox won her case demanding a judicial review of the rules that said only people with particular terminal illness could claim PIP…

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Terminally ill woman forced to fight for benefits as it’s uncertain if she’ll die in six months

A woman from Derrylin, in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, has challenged the legal definition of a terminal illness after she was refused access to benefits due to uncertainty over her lifespan. Lorraine Cox has Motor Neurone Disease. Lorraine was required to still look for work months after she medically retired because of her condition. The 40-year-old then underwent a medical assessment for both ‘Universal Credit’ and ‘Personal Independence Payment’ (PIP) due to a rule which states that those who qualify for payment are expected to die within a period of six…

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Tories have not improved benefit support for people with terminal illnesses BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT TO

Charities including Marie Curie Cancer Care are calling on the Conservative government to pull its collective finger out and speed up a promised review of benefit support for people with terminal illnesses. They haven’t got a hope. Current benefit rules state that claimants can get their benefits fast-tracked if a doctor says they have less than six months to live, but campaigners argue this is too restrictive, and want benefits to be accessible as soon as a terminal illness diagnosis is made. Then-Work and Pensions secretary Amber Rudd promised in…

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This man is terminally ill – but is backing Mike’s libel fight. Have you done the same?

This contribution to my CrowdJustice campaign to fight false claims of libel by Rachel Riley absolutely staggered me: “I have a terminal illness and wish to do my bit. I hope that the case is resolved before the inevitable so I see the smirk wiped off Ms Riley’s face.” What a stunning example to set – and right at the end of this phase of the fundraising campaign. The bad news is that the current crowdfunding campaign will end on July 30. I’m hoping it will have raised £32,000 by…

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Terminally-ill benefit claimants are demanding an end to re-assessments – and here’s a very good reason

People with terminal illness have explained why ministers must end the “arbitrary and outdated” rules that force many of them through a “demeaning” and “insensitive” benefit assessment process, according to Disability News Service. But if you want the best reason, look no further than the following story from Welfare Weekly: “A distraught and angry wife took her husband’s ashes to court in a heartbreaking attempt to finally seek justice for a man who had worked all his life before becoming ill. “Ann Dale was determined to prove the DWP was…

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The suffering forced on people with terminal illnesses by the Conservatives is inhuman and has to end

“Terminally ill people – who had just been told they were dying – were forced to go to battle with the Department for Work and Pensions for paltry financial support,” says Drew Hendry, SNP chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Terminal Illness, and he’s right. “The Universal Credit system also meant they had to prove their life would end within six months to access special assistance. “There isn’t a drop of compassion on offer at the DWP – leaving thousands of terminally ill people to navigate through an inflexible…

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Terminally-ill woman called for reassessment by DWP – as she hasn’t died quickly enough?

The letter Krissy Johnson received from the DWP stated, “One of our health professionals has looked at the information you sent to the DWP. “After doing this we have decided that we need to see you for a face-to-face consultation to discuss you health condition or disability further.” Ms Johnson said it was the third time she had been called to attend a review, where she would have to prove her condition was terminal. There can be only one conclusion: The DWP wants to know why she isn’t dead yet.…

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Nurse given a year to live will use it to stop Tories ‘killing’ the NHS

I don’t know David Bailey – but it seems he is well-known to others. So let’s see what they have to say about this: [email protected], it was an honour to meet you in the summer. I'm so sorry to hear of your illness. Your dedication to our NHS is an inspiration. I hope we can stand together again soon to defend our precious NHS that cares for us all. — Jeremy Corbyn (@jeremycorbyn) January 27, 2018 The extraordinary courage and humanity of @originaldbailey, a man I am honoured to know,…

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Yes, Iain Duncan Smith – Vox Political HAS accused you of ‘outrageous action’. PROVE US WRONG

Iain Duncan Smith can’t prove us wrong. He deliberately refuses to collect the statistics that would confirm his claims – or ours. Instead, he has claimed that This Blog (and presumably others) has accused him of “outrageous action”, without providing a scrap of evidence against the allegation. This Writer is delighted that the Gentleman Ranker has tried to defend himself. I am currently working on a book covering this subject and his words may provide an excellent introduction. The man we like to call RTU (Return To Unit – a…

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