Starmer’s stand on schools and The Sun is so wrong he should be shamed out of the Labour Party

Keir Starmer seems to be going out of his way to upset the population of the United Kingdom. His latest howler – in a long series going back to his very first day as Labour Party leader – is an article in the Daily Mail – the Heil, for crying out loud! – demanding that Boris Johnson ensure that all pupils are forced back into school in September, whether they are safe from Covid-19 or not. Starmer was responding to the Tories’ manipulation of ‘A’ level results – Education Secretary Gavin Williamson fiddled…

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Humiliation for two more newspapers that falsely accused Vox Political of anti-Semitism

The Sun and The Express have joined the growing ranks of newspapers that have been ordered to publish a “clarification” after falsely accusing me of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial. Press regulator IPSO published the rulings against those publications on January 3. So now, with one ruling left to be published the score stands as follows: Vox Political – 4, libellous newspapers – 0. The full ruling against The Sun can be found here. It has been ordered to publish a clarification as follows: “A previous version of this article reported that…

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Did Walker movie bomb threat arise from bitchiness by The Sun over Momentum ban?

Remember Jackie Walker, the former vice-chair of Momentum who was ousted from her position and suspended from the Labour Party on the basis of spurious claims of anti-Semitism concocted by the Jewish Labour Movement, Israel Advocacy Movement and complicit “news”papers? It seems Ms Walker turned her experience of being smeared as an anti-Semite into a stage play, The Lynching – and now film-maker Jon Pullman has created a full-length movie about it, entitled The Political Lynching of Jackie Walker. Shot in the UK and Europe, with commentary from friends and foes, the…

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‘Journalists’ whine as Momentum bans ‘The Sun’ from Labour conference fringe event

This is what years spent abusing privilege gets people. Journalists (and I use the word with tongue firmly planted in cheek) from the mass-market news media think they have a right to go where they want and behave as they please. They don’t. People organising events with limited admission are well within their rights to bar certain people from admission – and Momentum had a very good reason for telling reporters from The Sun to do one. Here‘s the issue encapsulated by iNews: “Momentum has banned The Sun newspaper from attending its…

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Tory rag revives ‘benefit scrounger’ lie to smooth over DWP’s bad publicity

The state of this: This Writer suspects that the editors of The Sun have run this story because the Department for Work and Pensions has been shown up for denying benefits to people who deserve them, in order to meet a quota. The policy has caused a huge amount of suffering – both due to deprivation and damage to mental health. So The Sun runs a piece attempting to remind the easily-led that benefit claimants are an underclass in Tory Britain, worthy only to be ‘nudged’ off-benefit and toward death. “And,” as…

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Right-wing press must shape up or shut up after Abbott targeted for abuse AGAIN

When right-wingers- especially right-wingers running newspapers – find a metaphorical dead horse to flog, they really put their back into it, don’t they? Editors of the Daily Mail, The Sun and the Daily Express took it upon themselves to misrepresent Diane Abbott after she spoke up about rioting that has taken place in London after the death of Rashan Charles, a 20-year-old man who died after being “restrained” by police. The trouble started shortly after around 150 people gathered in Dalston, near where Mr Charles was tackled by officers on July 22. Protesters…

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Sad postscript to Jo Cox murder trial as ‘newspapers’ turn to racism to justify her murderer

Pathetic, isn’t it? Thomas Mair killed Jo Cox in what her husband Brendan described as “an incompetent and self-defeating act of terrorism” and the Judge, Mr Justice Wilkie, said was “carried out to advance a political cause of violent white supremacism, associated with Nazism”. But The Sun and The Mirror want you to believe it was because his mother married a black man, and the Daily Mail would rather blame the phantom threat of immigrants taking his home. What utter drivel. There is no evidence that Mair’s family history contributed…

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Do you support Gary Lineker in the migrant row? Then vote for him!

It’s amazing that, in the UK, in the 21st century, we have to defend a man against members of Parliament and a national periodical… for showing compassion. Incredibly, Gary Lineker has been attacked by Conservative MPs – and The Sun, which should not be called a newspaper – for tweeting that the treatment of young refugees has been “hideously racist and utterly heartless”. The Sun responded with a vicious personal attack, calling Lineker a “leftie luvvie” and demanding that he be thrown “out on his ears” from the BBC. Tory…

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Sun forced to print front-page correction over Corbyn claim

Oh dear, how sad. Just when Rupert Murdoch is chumming up with David Cameron again, his biggest newsrag has been ordered to publish a front-page apology for misleading the public with a political story. Bang goes any credibility the Dirty Digger might have had. It’ll be a blue Christmas (in more ways than one) for him. And a merry Christmas for Labour. The Sun has been forced to print a front-page correction over a claim that the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was willing to join the privy council because his…

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Ignore the back-seat drivers; Corbyn was right in his behaviour – and his beliefs

Does anybody care that some former First Sea Lord might resign the Labour whip over Jeremy Corbyn’s views about nuclear weapons? Who thinks Nigel Farage should have any kind of say over Mr Corbyn’s behaviour at the cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday? What about The Sun, claiming Corbyn should have bowed more deeply after placing his wreath. What does an exaggerated piece of theatre have to do with respect for the dead? It’s all rubbish, of course. Silly noises made by the chatterers to undermine someone they don’t like. Gossip. Corbyn…

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