New pub closure rules can only increase Johnson’s lockdown muddle

Boris Johnson’s ‘local lockdown’ plan is degenerating into incoherence as each tiny part of the UK adds new – and conflicting – Covid-19-related restrictions. The latest addition to this babble is a restriction on pubs, bars, restaurants and other hospitality venues in England, forcing them to close at 10pm, starting on Thursday (September 24). Why’s that? Does Covid-19 only come out for a drink after 10 o’clock? It doesn’t make any sense at all – and in fact will only add to the confusion. Look at Wales, where six local authority…

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#Whitty and #Vallance TV briefing shows incompetent Tories failed to contain #Covid19UK while causing maximum public inconvenience

There’s no way around it: Boris Johnson and his gang of Tory nincompoops have really cocked up the Covid-19 crisis. That’s the message This Writer took from the televised briefing by chief medical officer Chris Whitty and chief scientific adviser Patrick Vallance. Here’s a summary of what they said, courtesy of that great critic of the Johnson government, Piers Morgan: BREAKING:Key points from covid presser:1) If cases accelerate at current rate, we'll be at 50k-a-day by mid-October. 2) Hospitalisations rising, & deaths will too. 3) Coronavirus not getting weaker.4) Only…

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Tories took donations from oligarch linked to Putin. Is this why they never investigated Russian interference in UK politics?

Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party has definitely taken donations from people linked to Russia’s President Putin – and provided private meetings with the last three UK prime ministers in return. The money totalling £1.7 million came from Vladimir Chernukhin via his wife Lubov, according to the so-called FinCEN files – leaked “suspicious activity reports” by banks. According to BBC News, Leaked files show her husband received $8m (£6.1m). The money initially came from a politician facing US sanctions due to his closeness to the Kremlin. A leak of banks’ “suspicious activity…

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#Whitty and #Vallance to appeal to the public over #Covid19 – because nobody trusts the Tories any more

Trust in Conservative ministers has eroded so badly that they have been forced to hand over a televised update to the UK’s chief scientific and medical officers. Patrick Vallance and Chris Whitty – who was last seen shouting at performing monkey prime minister Boris Johnson and his boss Dominic Cummings in a photograph published in The Spectator – will make an appeal to the public to stick to new rules on Monday (September 21). Whitty and Vallance are likely to compare the UK with other European countries such as France and Spain,…

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If #JeremyHunt thinks #Covid19 restrictions are #CrushinglyUnfair then why is he writing about it and not getting the Tories to change?

Jeremy Hunt seems to be revelling in the fact that he Matt Hancock has replaced him as “Worst-ever Health Secretary”. After being removed from the government by Boris Johnson, he’s now a backbencher, albeit one who chairs the Commons Health and Social Care committee. One would have expected him to toe the Johnson line, having been responsible for much of the harm done to NHS healthcare in the last 10 years. Instead, he seems to be trying to carve out a new careers as a ‘voice of reason’ in the…

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#PoorBoris – UK citizens give what sympathy they can to PM ‘complaining about money’

If you behave more like a performing monkey than a prime minister, you get what you deserve when you complain. It seems the UK’s performing monkey – Boris Johnson – is complaining, as his fans in The Times explain: On the personal front sources say Johnson is complaining about money. He is still supporting four out of his six children, has been through an expensive divorce and had his income drop by more than half as a result of fulfilling his lifetime ambition — The Times (@thetimes) September 19, 2020 The…

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#CorridorsOfPowder – hypocritical Tories will force big employers to do random drug tests. What about Westminster?

It seems Priti Patel has picked up on Tory London Mayor candidate Shaun Bailey’s plan to force firms that employ more than 250 people to subject the workforce to random drug tests. Her endorsement follows one by Iain Duncan Smith last month. But how strange that the UK Parliament, where the House of Commons alone employes around 2,040 people – not counting MPs, is to be exempt from any such legislation! The Conservative government are planning to introduce legislation which would force big employers to carry out random drug tests on…

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Worried that you can’t get a #Covid19 test? ‘Stop carping’ says #JacobReesMogg

Jacob Rees-Mogg thinks we should “stop carping” about his government’s failure to set up a Covid-19 testing system worthy of even the most technologically-backward banana republic. Complaints have been rising because people have been sent miles – sometimes hundreds of miles – out of their way for tests. This Site reported a few days ago that the government seems to have ordered some testing centres to shut, even though they still had usable tests. Apparently the only way to be sure of a test in Rees-Mogg’s Tory UK is to…

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Daily #Covid19 infections are now nearly 4,000, with more than 1,000 schools infected. Do you feel safe?

The coronavirus has reached a height not seen since May 10, with nearly 4,000 people found to be infected in a single day, while more than 1,000 schools have now suffered outbreaks. 3,991 cases of CV19 in the UK today. Our highest in 130 days No ifs or buts, opening schools has been a disaster. A disaster Keir Starmer & Boris Johnson must share the blame for. — Tory Fibs (@ToryFibs) September 16, 2020 1,011 UK Schools with confirmed coronavirus infections among school population resulting from a CV19 test. —…

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#DavidCameron says austerity made us better-prepared to tackle #Covid19. Phew, what a loony!

Can somebody please put David Cameron back in his box? He turned up out of nowhere to criticise Boris Johnson for planning to break international law – something that Cameron himself did on a regular basis – and now he seems to think he can run around pronouncing judgements on all and sundry as if he still matters. He wants us to think that his austerity policies made us better-prepared to tackle Covid-19, when in fact they crippled the UK’s response. Worse still, he personally presided over the dismantling of all…

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