Dismay for Twitter users as #resigning trend DOESN’T refer to Boris Johnson and his Tory government

The word ‘Resigning’ may have started trending on Twitter in the UK for one reason – but you’d be hard-pressed to find out what it is after Twitter users piled in en masse to complain that they had hoped it was about Boris Johnson and his Tory government. The trend – totalling more than 6,000 tweets at the time of writing – signifies a massive ad hoc vote of “no confidence” in Johnson and his cronies ministers. And commenters weren’t holding back: Resigning? This pair of dimwits could do for starters: pic.twitter.com/4Hk5E2xmQ5…

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Distraction tactics: why pay attention to all this right-wing fiddling while your country burns?

We all know bank holiday Mondays are where the news goes to die but August 2020 was particularly bad. Judging by Twitter, the event that caught everybody’s imagination was a poll by right-wing Times Radio that resulted in a nobody presenter – This Writer has never heard of him – having to declare that Jeremy Corbyn is the best prime minister the UK never had. WINNER: Jeremy Corbyn is officially the Times Radio’s best Prime Minister we ever had 🎉 pic.twitter.com/JJfd71ONAq — Ben (@BenJolly9) August 31, 2020 (It means he would…

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This will be awkward – IF Riley libel case gets to court

Take a look at this: I’m not going to comment on the behaviour of the person named as “Tim” in the exchange above, but part of Rachel Riley’s case against me is that it wasn’t “targeted harassment” when Tracy-Ann Oberman sent 18 tweets to a terrified schoolgirl … within a single hour. And those were just some of the dozens of tweets she sent to the same girl over a 24-hour period. I’m looking forward to seeing them explain their way out of that one. But it won’t happen unless I have…

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The BBC exists to inform and educate – not to tweet clips of racist rants for viral hits

The BBC’s treatment of this far-right racist is a perfect demonstration of everything that’s wrong with its current affairs programming. The woman was hand-picked to join the audience of the BBC’s Question Time on February 20, and delivered a fact-free rant during the show. It was followed by an awkward silence, before panellists delivered the fact injection that the general public needed after being exposed to such nonsense. But then the BBC acted really atrociously. Look at the way the Corporation portrayed the moment on Twitter: “We should completely close the borders…

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Oh, Colin! Losing freedom of movement through EU airports is EXACTLY the Brexit you voted for!

Poor Colin Browning! He clearly seems to have voted for Brexit without having the faintest idea how it would work. For example: leaving the EU means UK citizens no longer have the right to freedom of movement between EU countries and their own. Officials had warned before Brexit happened that this could lead to long queues in airports like Schiphol, near Amsterdam. But that seemed to have passed over Colin’s head as he tweeted the following, without a sign of irony: Absolutely disgusting service at Schiphol airport. 55 minutes we…

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Removal of Katie Hopkins from Twitter shows my enemy’s enemy is NOT my friend

Some may say Rachel Riley has done the public a huge service by campaigning for – and achieving – the removal of Katie Hopkins from Twitter. This Writer finds Ms Hopkins, her politics and her behaviour unspeakable. Consequently I have refused to comment on them, often responding to comments about her by others with: “I don’t know who that is.” The last week Ms Riley, along with a representative from the Campaign to Counter Digital Hate (CCDH), visited Twitter bosses, demanded Ms Hopkins’ removal from Twitter, and got it. She’s…

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Pegg pilloried for demanding higher taxes on the rich to combat inequality – by Tory trolls

This man deserves better: Simon Pegg, the actor and writer who brought us Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, has been berated by members of the public for suggesting the rich should pay higher taxes. He is among 120 signatories of an open letter asking millionaires and billionaires to join calls for higher taxes on very wealthy people, and for international reforms to stop tax dodging. Writing in The Times, he stated: “Inequality is not inevitable, it’s a policy choice.” “It’s the product of governments passing policies that favour the very wealthy at the…

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Was Twitter campaign against Owen Jones organised by supporters of Rachel Riley – or of something more sinister?

Left-wing columnist Owen Jones has been the target of a Twitter ‘dogpile’ campaign – apparently organised by supporters of Countdown co-host Rachel Riley, who has attacked him in the past. The aim was to target Mr Jones for abuse on the social media platform, using a hashtag with an offensive title that I shall not repeat here – although you can find it in Mr Jones’s own tweet below, in which he attributes the origin of the abuse campaign to a person going by the handle @SirBasilBrush: This is extremely boring,…

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Tory election lies: Matt Hancock falsely claimed 1,100 more GPs had joined the NHS

Tory election tactics 2019: 1. Make a wildly extravagant claim. 2. Wait for it to be disproved. 3. Quietly delete the claim, hoping that more people will have believed it than seen it isn’t true. This is what Matt Hancock has done. His original tweet – last week – raised outrage from doctors and health groups who pointed out that the number of qualified doctors has fallen. The UK Statistics Office intervened after receiving complaints. Now Mr Hancock has deleted the tweet. Where’s the public apology and retraction? According to The…

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