Theresa May is a serial LIAR about homelessness – and must now face an investigation

The prime minister of the United Kingdom has again presided over an attempt to mislead Parliament – this time using false statistics that she has already been ordered not to mention. Look at this speech by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn at Prime Minister’s Questions on Thursday: This Government is in the pockets of property speculators and rogue landlords. #PMQs — Jeremy Corbyn (@jeremycorbyn) December 13, 2017 He was reacting to the following outburst from Theresa May. Pay particular attention to the comment by Peter Stefanovic, following the clip: You…

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Zac and Sarah don’t exist – why should we believe anything from the DWP?

How can we trust the Department for Work and Pensions’ figures on incapacity benefit claimants’ deaths when we’ve had scandal after scandal from it over falsified evidence? The Department for Work and Pensions has been caught out in another lie – this time over the existence of people in two fake ‘case studies’ used to promote its cruel, unfair and vindictive sanctions regime. ‘Sarah’ was quoted praising the DWP for threatening to withdraw benefits if she refused to complete her CV, while ‘Zac’ praised the new benefit rules, which had…

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BBC propagandists are busted again over NHS claims

The BBC is sticking to its guns over a report that falsely claimed the Coalition government has increased spending on the NHS during each year it has been in office. In its article on Harry Leslie Smith’s extraordinary speech to the Labour Party conference, the BBC News website desecrated his words by claiming: “The Conservative and Lib Dem coalition government has increased NHS spending each year during the current Parliament and both parties are committed to the founding values of the NHS that no-one, regardless of income, should be deprived…

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Critics of Miliband’s speech have forgotten the magic words: ‘Check against delivery’

It really is staggering that the UK Statistics Authority has criticised Ed Miliband for a claim made in a draft of a speech that went out to reporters but was not, in fact, used. Speeches – especially those made by politicians – are checked by several people, not just the author or the person delivering it (these are not necessarily the same person), and even then, the speaker can decide to omit parts or include new information in the moment. That’s why the words “Check against delivery” appear at the…

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OH Insist: Atos bullies demand dismantling of critical Facebook sites

Disability campaign groups have started receiving threatening messages from OH Assist, the new face of Atos Healthcare. The messages have been posted to Facebook pages belonging to the Welfare News Service, Black Triangle Anti-Defamation Campaign in Defence of Disability Rights, The People Vs Government, DWP and Atos and Atos Miracles (so far). They state: “We ask kindly that you remove this page as it incites hatred towards our staff and members. Thank you.” The wording carries an implicit threat of litigation, as an administrator on Atos Miracles explained: “They are…

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Flood defence lies have put lives at risk

The BBC has actually dared to run a story criticising the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition government! Perhaps its editors are worried that the social media are getting a better reputation for news reporting. It seems the UK Statistics Authority has attacked the Treasury for giving a “false impression” of government investment in areas like flood defences. The government chart, released with the Autumn Statement, appeared to show an even spread across sectors, but used a ‘logarithmic’ scale – with gaps between £1 million, £10 million, £100 million, £1 billion and so…

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DWP’s shame: Facts reveal how ministers duped the press

Today the DWP finally released its press release claiming that huge numbers of people who wanted Employment and Support Allowance have been found fit for work instead. Interestingly, the DWP story differs from that published by the BBC, even though the corporation must have used a version of the press release provided to it in advance. In the BBC story, released on Saturday, “More than a million others withdrew their claims after interviews” – but the DWP press notice, released today, claims “More than a million others withdrew their claims before…

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BBC confirms ‘Tory mouthpiece’ accusation with updated lies about ESA

I have complained to the BBC and the UK Statistics Authority about this disgrace. Today (January 25) the BBC published a scurrilous little screed claiming that “nearly a million people who applied for sickness benefit have been found fit for work”. Needless to say, the figures come from the Department for Work and Pensions and aren’t worth the time it took to type them in. The story states: “The DWP claims 980,400 people – 32% of new applicants for Employment and Support Allowance – were judged capable of work between…

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Iain Duncan Smith: Big on belief – lacking in truth

I believe that Chris Huhne really wasn’t a crook I believe Britannia Unchained is a readable book I’m prepared to believe that the government isn’t leaking And that Boris Johnson sometimes thinks before speaking Yes I believe J Hunt is clever Norman Tebbit will live forever And that GM foods will make us healthier And there were WMDs out in the desert. I believe that Cameron means what he says. And that Michael Gove got good ‘O’ Level grades. And I believe our courts are great; That the NHS is safe: And the…

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