It’s the season of goodwill – unless you’re a benefit claimant in the power of the Tory government

Are you ready for Christmas? It’s the common question at this time of year; we ask each other if we have secured gifts and/or cards for those who mean the most to us. And it is a time to let bygones be bygones – to let go of enmities that may have built up during the year. One body that won’t be observing the spirit of the season is the Conservative government. I’ve already reported how the Tories have scrapped the Christmas bonus of £10 for benefit claimants – it…

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Food bank opens AT SCHOOL after famished children start stealing from lunchboxes

Now even children are being forced into crime by repressive Conservative government policies. Think it through: Schoolchildren are almost entirely dependent on their parents for nutrition and Conservative policies have pushed 14 million UK citizens below the poverty line. This figure includes four million people who are in work. We may conclude that this is because the Tories have deliberately pushed wages through the floor. Only last week, Tory ex-minister Dominic Raab was ridiculed after he claimed wages were rising at their fastest rate in eight years. They weren’t; and…

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Bradley backtracks: Tory MP sorry for saying benefits claimants should get sterilised

For information, see below. But isn’t it strange that Mr Bradley didn’t mature until after he was 22. One certainly hopes he had grown up by the time he won his first council seat in 2015, aged 25. But I have a doubt. After all, he wasn’t mature enough to delete his unwise blog post before Buzzfeed found it. Ben Bradley backtracked on comments saying the unemployed should get vasectomies [Image: PA]. The Conservative vice chairman for youth has apologised for comments lsuggesting that people on benefits should be sterilised.…

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The voice of Tory youth: ‘Unemployed wasters’ should have ‘vasectomies’

Lovely! This is the man selected by Theresa May to be the ‘voice of young people’. He has already been exposed as having voted against scrapping university tuition fees; against restoring Education Maintenance Allowance, against maintenance grants and nurses’ bursaries; against ending the public sector pay cap, and against increasing the minimum wage. Now it seems he has something to hid in his early life – he has deleted the offending blog post mentioned in the Evolve Politics article quoted below. There’s a lesson here for everyone in the digital age: Be…

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300,000 jobless Britons are not claiming benefits – and the government likes it that way

The Resolution Foundation is right to highlight this – but wrong to expect anything to be done about it. Governments habitually do nothing to inform people of their rights with regard to benefits. They expect the public to be aware of these details, even when none are supplied. The reason is obvious: Another benefit claimant is another drain on the public purse. The current Conservative government would rather these people just die off. In addition, anybody claiming a benefit is then subject to the Tory government’s humiliating benefit assessments process,…

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‘Patronising’ and ‘misogynist’ Tory pilloried for ‘on your bike’ remark

Craig Mackinlay is the only MP to have been charged with electoral fraud after the investigation into spending by the Conservative Party during the 2015 general election. His trial is due to begin on May 14 next year, and you’d expect him to keep as low a profile as possible until then, wouldn’t you? But then, you see, he’s a Tory. So not only does he come out echoing Norman Tebbit, who told people his government had slung out of work to get “on your bike” and travel the UK…

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Censoring Marine Le Pen would be hypocritical when the BBC doesn’t gag UKIP or the Tories

Courting controversy shouldn’t be taboo – although I think the Marr Show producers really should have thought twice about having an interview with a fascist on Remembrance Sunday. Oh, does Marine Le Pen not call herself that? This Writer calls ’em as I see ’em. I wasn’t taking detailed notes but what I got from the interview was that she doesn’t like the European Union, does like Russia, and both hates and likes Muslims, depending on whether they’re immigrants or not. I think she may have been economical with the…

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Council finance chief to investigate ‘workhouse’ scheme

The finance chief at Blackburn with Darwen Council is to consider more deeply the plan to turn a former bus depot into what could be a 21st-century workhouse, it seems, after a Vox Political commenter raised concerns. Andy Kay said he did not disagree that, although a few people could be taken off the street by the scheme, it could be setting a precedent for the government to say anyone who claims housing, unemployment or sickness benefit must work in a workhouse or be homeless, in conversation with commenter Helen…

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A Conservative victory: Now our suffering begins in earnest

If you thought you had it bad under the Coalition then, as someone once said, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” The Conservative victory in last night’s election has left many of us reeling – not just because of its disastrous implications for the future of the UK and its citizens, but because nobody saw it coming. Some have blamed ‘shy’ Tory voters. These are selfish little liars who skew the polls by denying any intention to vote for the Nasty Party. In the case of yesterday’s vote, many will have…

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Tories run from welfare debate after Cameron’s Marr Show disaster

Tonight’s edition of the BBC’s Newsnight did not feature Conservative or Labour Parliamentary candidates in a debate on welfare – because the Conservative Party pulled out at the last minute, according to a tweet from Labour’s shadow Work and Pensions secretary, Rachel Reeves. Fellow tweeter Anita Bellows immediately asked: “What have they got to hide?” including this image as an attachment: The reference is obvious – David Clapson is the benefit claimant whose case was raised by Andrew Marr in his interview with David Cameron on Sunday. Cameron’s responses indicate…

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