We should all support McCluskey over Labour ‘anti-Semitism’ payouts

Len McCluskey has the right idea: if Labour is going to waste its funds, then its funders should pull the plug on the party. All left-thinking unions – and what’s the point of being in a union if it isn’t left-thinking and doesn’t look out for its members? – should agree. New Labour under Blair, Brown and Miliband gave us 20 years in which members’ wishes were scorned for a bland, tepid watering-down of Tory policies. It would be an outrage if Labour’s supporters let Starmer take the party back…

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Responses to leaked Labour report shows the party – and unions – must kick out the racists

Why are elements in the Labour Party, along with unions like the GMB and Unison, trying to protect people in their ranks who have been shown committing vile acts of racism? Not only is this behaviour highlighted in the leaked Labour report on how factions in the party’s staff dragged their heels over complaints of anti-Semitism in order to discredit the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn… … but it seems miscreants in the party are now trying to protect the apparent racists – and attacking right-thinking people. So ITV News is…

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Brexit HAS united the country – just not in the way the Tories wanted

The Conservative Party’s cack-handed tackling of the UK’s departure from the European Union is the biggest disaster this country has faced in decades – and people on all sides of the political divide know it. That’s why outrage has been building on the Left, Right and Centre. Take a look at these three self-explanatory exclamations, all of which appeared on This Writer’s Twitter feed yesterday (September 2). The first is the image at the top of this article. Now, here’s a right-wing view: former West Dorset Conservative Peter Reynolds’ resignation…

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Nuclear workers will strike after Tory promises on pensions prove worthless

Here are another couple of arguments against privatisation: Private firms raid your pensions. Oh, and a Tory government will always make promises about the conditions in which privatisation is taking place – and then those promises will be broken. Usually at huge cost to workers, the state… anybody apart from the people responsible. Nuclear workers will go on strike after this month, Unite union has confirmed Workers at the Atomic Weapons Establishment are to stage two 48-hour strikes in a long-running dispute over pensions. Unite said 600 of its members at…

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Coyne’s words won’t pay off as he short-changes members on immigration

I can’t say I’m sorry to see Gerard Coyne making a fool of himself. This is a man whose sole purpose is to undermine his trade union and the support it provides to plans for a better future – not just for Unite members but for workers across the United Kingdom. The organisations mentioned in the article – representing workers born abroad but working in the UK – are right to oppose his comments. But This Writer is sure that other workers are – and should be – equally incensed…

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Britain’s biggest trade union supports Corbyn’s bid for Labour leadership

Unite, the UK’s largest trade union and the Labour Party’s biggest donor, has urged its members to support Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour leadership campaign. The union’s decision is believed to be a reaction against the other leadership candidates’ support for policies of fiscal austerity. Corbyn wants the party to reject austerity. Britain’s largest transport union, the RMT; the train drivers’ union, Aslef; the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) and the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) have also backed him. Unions are expected to have less influence on this…

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Named and shamed: The government MPs profiting from NHS sell-off

Here’s a new wrinkle on an old story: The social media have been publishing lists of MPs with shares in private healthcare companies – and therefore have their noses in the trough as these companies profit from NHS contracts – since before the Health and Social Care Act 2012 was passed. Now the Unite union has published its own list and the mainstream media have got involved. Good for Unite – at last this corruption is receiving the attention it deserves. Named on the list of 71 Coalition MPs (64…

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Don’t be naive, Len – Cameron WANTS to lock privatisation into the NHS

Unite’s secretary general Len McCluskey would be naive indeed to think David Cameron is ever likely to heed his call for the National Health Service to be kept out of the EU/US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. McCluskey has warned that the NHS could be sued by American healthcare multinationals if a UK government tried to return services to state control; they would argue that such renationalisations interfered with their potential profits, in breach of the trade agreement, as has been discussed on this blog in the past. His appeal…

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Cometh the hour, time for a party

A new political party has been launched – on International Workers’ Day – to represent the interests of people whose opportunities in life have been restricted because they earn low wages. The Underpaid People’s Independence Party – UPIP – will campaign for better pay, better rights and a better say on behalf of all those who currently earn less than they need in order to pay their own way. The new party has announced several policies already: A living wage for every working person, ensuring that the overburdened benefit system…

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UKIP and the Conservatives – more similarities than differences?

Isn’t it interesting that the first of the large political organisations to descend into UKIP-style racism is the Conservative Party? The BBC has reported that both have lost council candidates after they made anti-Islamic comments on the social media. From UKIP, Harry Perry (candidate in the Offerton Ward, Stockport) was suspended after calling for Pakistan to be “nuked”, saying David Cameron was a “gay-loving nutcase”, Muslims were “devil’s kids” and homosexuality an “abomination before God”. UKIP’s official line is that it has started disciplinary proceedings against this man and did…

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