Undemocratic, unrepresentative: but the Board of Deputies is gaslighting Labour into thinking it stands up for British Jews

This Writer came in for some flack a couple of days ago after I characterised the Board of Deputies of British Jews as undemocratic and unrepresentative. A person on Twitter claimed that the BoD, that has managed to get eight of the Labour leadership and deputy leadership candidates to sign up to its 10 pledges intended to seal its anti-Semitism witch-hunt into party policies (see my recent articles), is democratic because it has elections. Well, I did a bit of research, going to Jewish sources. According to Jewish Voice for Labour…

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Cameron’s Palestine abstention is just as well. What is his word worth?

The BBC is reporting that David Cameron will abstain on today’s (Monday) symbolic vote on whether the UK should acknowledge Palestine as a state in its own right. If that’s true, it’s just as well. Let’s be honest – with his record for gross dishonesty Cameron wouldn’t convince anybody, no matter which way he votes. Only today, Dr Kailash Chand tweeted the following: You could also check out today’s Vox Political article on the National Health Service. The BBC article states that current UK government policy is that it “reserves…

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