Is Matt Hancock denying care homes Covid-19 tests to deliberately harm residents?

It seems Matt Hancock doesn’t think care home residents have suffered enough. Hancock and the Tory government promised regular Covid-19 testing in all UK care homes on June 8. The testing was considered necessary because residents’ health had been deteriorating after lockdown restrictions meant their relatives were not allowed to visit. Professor Martin Green, chief executive of Care England, said the government had promised weekly testing for staff, and for residents every 28 days. But he described the process as having “fragmented”; some care providers had received kits that had…

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Johnson’s reign of coronavirus confusion: his government wants us to visit parents ONE AT A TIME

What is this lunacy? When you saw Boris Johnson telling us to get back to work on Sunday, did you realise his new idea of guidance means that we can visit family members – but only one at a time, even if they live in the same house? … or something? It’s not entirely clear. Phil and Holly on This Morning tried to explain it on Monday but I was even more confused at the end of it: Holly and Phil Have Had Enough of Johnson They're tired of the confusion.…

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Selfish MP calls for Wales to be abolished so he can visit the beach – and Tories can take control

What a selfish, entitled Tory git. And the people of Shrewsbury have elected him as their MP continually over the last 15 years, with an increasing majority every time. What possessed them? Daniel Kawczynski, Tory MP for Shrewsbury and Atcham, has called for the Welsh Parliament to be abolished so he can visit the beach. Wales has coronavirus-related restrictions that are different from those in England. In Wales, people are not allowed to travel away from their local area and most cannot, therefore, visit the beach; nor can English people travel…

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Part-time PM Johnson booed as ‘traitor’ in flood-hit town after voting down thanks for emergency workers

What did he expect? Boris Johnson went AWOL during the February floods, hiding away in a stately home while thousands of others saw their homes submerged – in stark contrast to his behaviour on the campaign trail last November, when he saw a chance to grab a few votes by pretending to care. We know he doesn’t care, because he and his Tories voted down a motion of thanks for all the emergency workers, Environment Agency staff, council workers and volunteers who actually did turn up to help those affected…

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‘Welfare Persecution’ secretary reduced to sneaking into her own home town

Therese Coffee really is a piece of… work, isn’t she? On March 6, she made a visit to Liverpool, dropping in on the Job Centres at Bootle and Toxteth (recently the subject of a BBC documentary). It’s her home town; she went to school there – but she had to sneak in like a burglar because her views make her hated. She claims to be a Liverpool FC supporter but considers Margaret Thatcher – who blamed Liverpool fans for the Hillsborough disaster – to be a personal hero. She voted…

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Johnson visits Bolton and has nothing to say. Pathetic

Boris Johnson visited Bolton visited Bolton, saw donations of food and clothing, met students who had been affected by the blaze on Friday… but had nothing to say. He didn’t offer any government support, it seems. Nor did he make any pledges to prevent any further fires caused by the same thing. He might as well have stayed at home. Others, like Labour Metropolitan Mayor Andy Burnham, focused on the fact that the Tories in government have done little to address the threat of inflammable cladding on buildings. They provided…

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BoJob booed again as the new PM fails in Wales

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is booed by protestors as he arrives in Cardiff Bay to meet with the First Minister Mark Drakeford — ITV Wales News (@ITVWales) July 30, 2019 Farmers at last weeks Royal Welsh Show demanded answers from new prime minister Boris Johnson about the effect of a “no deal” Brexit which they fear will harm exports and bring a fall in animal welfare and environmental standards – along with a massive cut in funding. If they expected answers when he visited Wales yesterday, they were…

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Messages cut into grass for Donald Trump show everything that’s WRONG with political discourse

How do you explain to the world’s most powerful man that he’s making a mistake? You don’t do it like this: But it is a symptom of the extreme levels to which political discourse has been pushed that people think it appropriate to carve an image of a penis into the landscape on Donald Trump’s approach to the UK as a message to him. It’s the same thinking that has people labelling supporters of the Brexit Party in the recent European Parliament elections as “fascists”. Or, indeed, labelling critics of…

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Freedom of Information response shows Amber Rudd exaggerated claims of Job Centre visits

Amber Rudd has been playing fast and loose with the facts again, according to a response to a Freedom of Information request. Ms Rudd told Parliament on January 7: “I have had an opportunity to visit many different jobcentres since being appointed, and I find universally that the people who work in them are enthusiastic about Universal Credit and passionate, caring and compassionate about the claimants they work for.” But after John Pring of Disability News Service contacted the Department for Work and Pensions to check her claim, he reported…

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London is planning the biggest protest in history – against Donald Trump

London is set to have its “biggest protest in British history” when Donald Trump arrives in the UK, a senior Labour politician has claimed, as thousands expressed their support for a demonstration on social media. Plans for a protest have been mooted since Theresa May extended the offer of a state visit to the UK when she became the first world leader to meet the President in the White House, following his inauguration last year. Since then, campaigners, politicians and celebrities have all spoken out against the plan. After the…

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